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  1. Ahhh ok my bad. Will remake the xp parts later when I have my computer. How about the weapons? Is there anywhere I can look to find the stats, encumbrance etc?
  2. I wonder what's with the commotion... Akua said as she looked towards the door. With a sigh, Tino turned back and pushed the crates forward, hoping this would be done with so he could get off the planet.
  3. Oh oops. I just followed the amnt of xp I had for akua, 310. What's the proper total xp then?
  4. @Rabobankrider, here is my clone. Not sure abt the stats of his weapons though... http://swsheets.com/c/r91bw4waw-ct-368766--ace-
  5. Hello, nice to meet you Elias and Chemdat Windrider. My name is Akua. Akua Serendine. I'm sure we'll all be glad to join you for a meal. The female Miraluka smiled as she bowed slightly to the 2 brothers.
  6. @EliasWindrider, wasn't teetoe, excal'ure and akua still in the remote settlement? Teetoe found the arc there and is tryin to get it started so all 3 of us could fly to garang?
  7. You guys do have my payment... right? Tino chuckled nervously at the 2 weequays
  8. You sure you can fly this thing? Even I don't know how. Akua asked the young boy sceptically
  9. Yeah sure no prob! Master Windu is normally stationed on coruscant too, so that would fit in perfectly.
  10. I do not mind skipping forward to garang. Maybe the 3 of them decided to take the arc fighter to farang, then land it(maybe someone can make a checkto see whether the imps will spot it) and then we head to @EliasWindrider, before we have to make our escape shortly?
  11. Sure! Maybe you could do a small intro thing so she wouldn't just pop in without a reason? XD
  12. Btw, could someone do a very quick overview of the 22 pages in ic for me XD that way i think ill be able to post better
  13. So, you guys ready to go? Akua asked Teetoe and Excal'ure as she briught her speeder towards them
  14. Btw @Rabobankrider, just wanna check if akua was ok to start already? Still making my clone, but maybe can start with smth like what you did with anler? http://swsheets.com/c/zbflk2ty7-akua-serendine-
  15. Well, blame that crime lord for remaking his ENTIRE castle. Intel didn't expect that! You gotta admit though, it was smart of me. I mean we were in the morgue and I came up with the best idea I could. Which was that we were doctors employed by the big boss to investigate the death of one of his guards. It did get us through didn't it. Akua said with a laugh
  16. Btw @Stormbourne, what happened on lanthrym? XD not sure if u made it up or smth actually happened
  17. Hey it wasn't THAT bad... thanks though. Akua grinned at her fellow jedi before heading out to her speeder. So, what will you guys be taking?
  18. Nice to meet you Teetoe. From what I felt, I felt no malice at all. Plus it was I who initiated the probe, but I felt no particular danger to me. So I feel that they can be trusted. Even if they are inquisitors, I think the two of us together do stand a goodchance don't you?
  19. I was here to collect some info on force sensitives I had heard of in the old Rebellion base here. As I was there however, I felt someone land on the planet. Two of them in fact, both force sensitives. One of them has invited me to dinner in Garang. Would you like to come? I can see that you've met someone too. Akua said as she smiled.
  20. Btw for the force sensitive emergent tree, does it have any career skills at all? Other than the insight talent?
  21. Excal'ure? By the force it really is you! Akua smiled as she went forward to greet her old friend from the Clone Wars. How have you been? It's been so long since we last saw each other! For Tino on Tatooine, he was getting nervous about the silence from the 2 Weequays, his hand inching closer to his blaster just in case.
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