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  1. Hearing this, Akua could not help but squirm abit in excitement. I see Master. When will I be leaving?
  2. No problem. Would be agood chance to really stretch my legs. Akua said as she smiled
  3. Cool check for akua initiative: 3eP+1eA 3 successes, 2 advantage, 2 Triumph Here is the roll
  4. Btw, a initiative js a vigilance check with 2 difficulty dice am i rite? Kinda forgot XD
  5. Hopefully akua could have a go at the man? Mace taught her to always know her enemies as best as she could and she adopted the echani way of thinking, feeling that knowing someone comes best from fighting them, so she wants to fight him now XD. Sorry she's just a bit of a combat nerd like me irl XD
  6. @Rabobankrider, hope this suffices for my force enchanced jump. Will be using 1 ls pip to succesfully enchance the jump(using it as a manuever), how far is the range if it is more than short range, will use another ls pip to increase the range(shouldn't be more than medium right?) and i'll use the other 2 to add advantages to my jump. Maybe I catch the guy off guard and cause some troopers to be blown back? Athletics enchanced jump to reach the black robed man: 1eA+2eP+3eF+2eD 1 success, 4 Light Side, 1 Dark Side
  7. With pleasure. Akua released her telekinetic hold on the door as she crouched down, prepared to jump forward.
  8. If you can, please do... though don't hide me yet... I know it sounds contradictory but... I would like to size this threat up... Akua calmly said as she faced the door.
  9. He's not a inquisitor... he's more. Akua said seriously. I do not doubt your abilities, but I am afraid it might not be enough. No offense my friend.
  10. I'm not sure that will be as easy Excal'ure... the man in black is... strong and he's arriving soon. Akua said as she reached out with the force. We either scoot outta here or fight. Even fighting, we'll have to escape eventually.
  11. Seeking the man in black to derive how close he will be to attacking: 4eP+3eF 6 successes, 1 Triumph, 2 Light Side, 2 Dark Side Use 1 ls pip to seek out successfully. Can i add 1 advantage with the remaining ls pip? @Rabobankrider, what can the success and triumpg be used for?
  12. They've been good. Akua said as she sat down. I've managed to use this time to do some furthur reading in the Jedi Library
  13. Guess akua is just slightly older than ahsoka then XD. Or did she graduate early?
  14. Looking around, Akua did not find anything suitable to reinforce the door and thus had to draw her lightsaber, which made a melodious bell sound as it activated. She stood beside Elias, both her blades activated as she entered the stance she had learnt so long ago from her master, Master Windu
  15. XD Yeah. Hopefullt can get her to her 5 fr asap. Can the successes be used for anything though? I'll pass the 1 advantage to the next person for a boost die
  16. Yeah XD well, maybe that tiny thing i slap on just might cause the hanger door to hold XDD. What can i do with the successes and advantage? I think the advantage allows me to add a boost die to the next person who makes a check right?
  17. Moving items to block door: 4eP+3eF 3 successes, 2 advantage, 3 Dark Side Seems like the force isnt with me XD. But with the empty soul trait, i add a ls pip, so i can move some stuff
  18. @EliasWindrider, @Rabobankrider which stat should i use for reinforcing the door?
  19. Noticing Elias' conflicted expression, Akua asked Trouble? As she asked him the question, her hand slid to her lightsaber, ready to activate it to protect herself and the rest here.
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