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  1. @Rabobankrider, would you like to decide what's on the pad? Or can i just make something up?
  2. Sven, 88. Over here! Akua yelled from her gunship. As she made space for the 2, she was also busy scrolling through the reports given by witnesses. What do you two think? She asked, passing over the datapad.
  3. Ok, i guess my athlwtics check will be used for the sprinting then?
  4. @KungFuFerret, akua's on coruscant and i think your on the cruiser with anler? If im not wrong? So their in two diff places... XD
  5. Akua grinned sheepishly as the clones looked at her. Hi boys. Glad to meet you all. Let's go out there and finish our mission ok? Make sure you all stay sharp and alert. I don't wanna hear anyone crying out for their moms ok? Akua joked as she felt slightly nervous looking at all the clones.
  6. Akua ran forward slightly, using the force to grab the door and throw it again at the group of stormtroopers, aiming for the mandalorians
  7. Well, just don't regret what you wish for! Akua said. Race ya to the speeder! She then yelled before taking off
  8. Ok sure, will move forward. Can i use the athletic check i alr did? Or must i roll a new one?
  9. Guess we should head back eh boys? Akua smiled at the two clones who she had gotten to know as friends.
  10. Sure, made the move check just in case it was needed. For the sprinting, akua has no talent for rough terrain, so what is the dc?
  11. Nope, sadly I do not. Let's enter the barracks and see if we can find someone who can give us a job, shall we? Akua grinned at the two.
  12. Enchanced sprint with Akua: 3eF+2eP+1eA+2eD 4 successes, 2 threat, 3 Dark Side Really needa get some more fd... nearly all force checks ive made so far have been negative. With empty soul, add 1 lsp. Force move to throw random object: 3eF+4eP 5 successes, 2 advantage, 1 Triumph, 4 Light Side, 1 Dark Side Finally XD. add 1 more lsp with empty soul
  13. You may call me Akua. It's nice to meet you Sven and... uh... can you repeat that? Akua asked with a small laugh as she scratched the back of her head. We should find a name for you asap. She smiled
  14. Getting out of the speeder, Akua walked forward to the two clones and bowed. It is nice to meet you. My name is Akua Serendine. How about you two?
  15. Akua bowed to master Windu before turning and leaving the building. Hopping onto the speeder, she made her way towards the garrison, eager to start her assignment
  16. @Rabobankrider, i plan to do a stealth check for tino to see if he can unlock the ship's auto cannons and aim them at the weequays. And for akua, she'll just do a hard enchanced athletics check? For sprinting thru the debris left by the arc 170
  17. Tino raised his arms slowly into the air, cursing himself for his chasteness. Look. Let's make a deal ok?
  18. Ok. @Rabobankrider, what is the difficulty of the check so i can make the roll to see whether akua is succesful in her force enchanced sprint? It'll be a manuever right?
  19. @EliasWindrider, you just mean a basic enchance check right? For athletics?
  20. Running it is then. Did you manage to find a route to escape?
  21. I thought it had to be done with an athletics check?
  22. So Elias, how do you plan for the two of us to escape? Akua asked
  23. Ok, I can go with that. Is my enchanced leap check ok? I'm thinking of using it to jump into the fray and if i remember correctly, i had some advantages so maybe I could use that to blow away some troops?
  24. Hearing this, Akua could not help but squirm abit in excitement. I see Master. When will I be leaving?
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