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  1. Not sure how many were passed on to me, so @Rabobankrider? Do i convert my advantages into successes or do i roll some boost die?
  2. I probably have to convert the 2 advantages into successes right?
  3. @Rabobankrider Sorry i took so long, i have exams the next few weeks so, yeah. Stealth check: 2eP+1eA+2eD 1 failure, 2 advantage
  4. I'm not doing 3 force jumps so i won't leave elias behind XD. I can always do another force action. I have move and other stuff. I can try to move as large an object as the roll will allow me to move when i roll.
  5. Akua force leap: 3eF 4 Light Side, 1 Dark Side Is there anything I can do with the extra pips other than distance atm? I use 2 to travel the same distance as Elias.
  6. Finding cover: 1eS+1eD+1eC+2eP+1eA 1 success, 2 advantage Here ya go @Rabobankrider
  7. Of course I can, I'm a jedi after all... Akua smiled as she stretched abit
  8. @Rabobankrider, do i need to post anything in the ic for my inner peace?
  9. I'm not sure 86, nice spotting though. Akua smiled. She then motioned for a trooper to go and pick it up, while she motioned for the rest to cover him and look around
  10. Akua stealth check: 1eA+2eP+3eD 4 failures, 4 advantage Well then XD If ls pips r a prob, i can use inner peace once per encounter to flip 1 ds pip to ls and decrease 1 conflict. I havnt used it dis encounter, so i can now.
  11. Padawan Tar...? Oh Anler? Akua tilted her head, remembering the boy. Sure we can link up. I would hope to too! We got civilian casualties here, who seem to be killed by heavy blaster fire, so when you land, make sure you're alert and stuff. Be ready for anything. The female said as she motioned for a trooper to pick up the droid they had seen.
  12. Perception check for akua: 2eP+1eB+1eD+1eC 2 successes, 2 threat The force isnt with me XD. The only threat i can think of is that we get noticed by rioters and get ambushed by them at the same time?
  13. ****! Akua cursed as she saw the bodies. Form up closer, I want everyone on a code red alert! This is not just a riot anymore, treat it as a planned attack against the Republic.
  14. Akua ran after Elias, weaving through the backstreets and alleyways.
  15. Just gonna add that akua was alive and was a general in the cw era, learning the jedi code directly from masters like windu and yoda. So i think she would have a slightly more knowledgeable view of the jedi than korrath. Just saying
  16. Uh well, actually akua isnt dat innocent either XD. She's a jedi but she did have a romance before during the cw. So... yeah. I dun think we should seperate people actually, i agree with what everyone has said.
  17. Ah, no need to call me sir. Akua will do. Akua smiled. I want everyone to be ready for any possible combat situations. For now, let's priorituse the areas that the reports say have the most rioting. Let's go boys.
  18. Possible, but we can't rule out the option that the seppies caused people to riot. Maybe a sleeper cell or something...? Akua suggested as she tilted her head.
  19. Yo Elias, let's go! Akua yelled as she turned to prepare to sprint away
  20. @Rabobankrider, would you like to decide what's on the pad? Or can i just make something up?
  21. Sven, 88. Over here! Akua yelled from her gunship. As she made space for the 2, she was also busy scrolling through the reports given by witnesses. What do you two think? She asked, passing over the datapad.
  22. Ok, i guess my athlwtics check will be used for the sprinting then?
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