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  1. @Rabobankrider, do i need to make a check to move out of @KungFuFerret's way?
  2. Heya everyone! I made my own version of this game's concept on a website called Gamersplane. I hope some of you would like to join! currently I have space for 5 clones/enlistees. here is the link to the game: https://gamersplane.com/games/1471/ Hope you guys will join!
  3. Heyo everyone! So I have my own SWFFG on gamersplane, and I was wondering if anyone would like to join. I have space for 5 more clones/enlistees in the GAR. The story is basically 2 squads of 5 clones/enlistees with a jedi padawan. The starting arc will be training on Kamino and once that is done, the 2 squads will be sent out to fight in the actual war. The 1st squad is completed and I hope some of you guys could join the 2nd squad! Thanks! Here is the link: https://gamersplane.com/games/1471/
  4. Ah bollocks. Akua sighed as she stared at the droid before her lightsaber flew up to deflect another shot. Uh... maybe I could get some help here? she exclaimed before yelping as she ducked another bolt.
  5. This day just keeps getting better and better... yay me... Akua grumbled under her breath as she closed her eyes and relaxed, playing the act of a stormtrooper who did not care. Once she opened her eyes again, she fastened her gaze under her helmet on Elias, making sure he was always in her view, since she knew that Excla'ur was beside her. Yeah, I'm here Loosa. Sorry, had abit of... trouble... Tino replied his comlink as he holstered his blaster. Some weequay thugs just tried to rob us. But I managed to drive them off. He smiled as he replied, partly to sound confident to impress the female and partly to prevent her from finding out about the jawa who had helped him who had mysteriously disappeared.
  6. Akua began to walk towards the village, trying to act the part of a First Order stormtrooper. Mechanical and robot like. Urgh... this feels so weird... She muttered more to herself than anyone.
  7. : 1eA+2eP+3eB+3eD 2 successes, 2 advantage Will change the 2 advantage into 2 boost for the next dantooine player.
  8. : 3eB 1 success, 2 advantage Ok, so total wld be... 1 success and 1 advantage?
  9. Whoa! Akua yelped as her lightsaber was reflected and she stumbled away back to safety. What are those things made of!? She yelled.
  10. @Rabobankrider Akua disc check: 4eP+2eC+3eD 0 successes, 1 threat I'm fine with sneaking into the village what's the check difficulty?
  11. Ok, thanks! Another question, how is critical attacks and injuries calculated?
  12. @Rabobankrider, how close is the sith to akua and elias? Or do i have to make a check to do that? I was thinking using move to shift something in a classic distraction tactic then hopefully it will ease the difficulty of the stealth check.
  13. So sorry! I was super busy. All my written papers are over now and I only have 3 mcq papers left :). I think Akua will leap over to attack from behind. Do I need to roll a force die to do a jump over?
  14. Attaaaaaack: 3eP+2eD 1 success, 2 advantage Gotcha, I can pass on one advantage as boost right? What can i do with the other?
  15. Can i hop over to the droids and start swinging my saber? or will i be in the clones' way?
  16. Akua crouched down, hiding beside some of the clones. Time to watch mama show her skills! She joked.
  17. Aww that ain't good... Akua muttered as she ran after Elias, worried for everyone in the fighter. Is everyone alright? Whew... that was close... Tino smiled as he stood up, waving at the Jawa. Thanks for your help!
  18. So sorry! My exams have started and they last till 19 November. Akua stealth roll: 3eA 5 successes Akua cool check: 1eA+1eP 2 successes, 1 advantage
  19. Would you guys prefer akua to use a move(if it succeeds) to draw the droids nearer with a sound? Like just tossing something to make a sound for the droids to come to. Or would you prefer her sneak behind the droids and attack from behind? She has no reflect atm.
  20. I got a quick way to those coordinates! Akua then proudly declared. Come on, I'll show you! There's a lift, we can get everyone up safely too, as we can stay together! She beamed childishly.
  21. Sorry ive been off for so long. Will try to reply as much as possible.
  22. Waaaaah! You guys are really good shots! Akua beamed as she watched the clones take down all the droids. She had been helping some people walk to safe positions and missed the firefight.
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