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  1. Zalen sat quietly, already trying to think of ways to escape from the area. He looked around quietly, trying to observe anything out of the ordinary.
  2. Sorry for the delay. Yup, i’d say coordination over athletics though, as you needa grab onto the animal and settle it down while keeping yourself on it. U can just stealth onto it. Will be easy stealth check, average coordination.
  3. Kenshin bows to everyone. A pleasure meeting everyone again. He said, still smiling at them all. And yes, I am Kenshin. The male replied to the courier. You have something for me...?
  4. Srry. Zalen can’t do much since he’s being restrained XD. He’s gonna sulk wherever he is floating XD
  5. Kenshin continues to walk, spotting the party ahead of him. As he walks, he takes out the letter he had received, preparing to show it to the guards if needed.
  6. Srry fr the delay, got exams the nxt 4 days. Rabo, you’ll be able to creep up on the beasts, and see that they are Skalders and can be ridden, if you can get on them. That would be an average athletics.
  7. Hmm @Rabobankrider, what’s the chance of zalen scamming a arms dealer into thinkin the stick has creds and running off wif a shatter rifle?
  8. : 1eF 1 Dark Side the 3rd sense check i’ve done... i rlly cant believe this HAHA
  9. The roof...? Isn’t that abit... open? The female then asked. We still don’t know what is coming...
  10. Sorry for the delay. Hmmm... a stealth check should do it. Given the surroundings.... i’ll say its an easy check.
  11. Kenshin eventually reaches the border and looks up from under his straw hat, trying to see if he can spot anyone.
  12. Sure... shall we go...? V smiled as she stood up, looking at the female as she stuck out her hips, waiting.
  13. Slugger? What was that? Akua then asked as she turned to look at the male.
  14. Not sure how to resolve the 2 threat... maybe she becomes... “dangerous”? As in tryin to drag V into smth? Or smth...
  15. : 2eA+1eP+2eC+1eD 4 successes, 2 threat oof.
  16. : 2eA+1eP+3eC 1 success yayyy it actually succeeded XD
  17. I just realised i meant to write felucia as the planet, my bad. But its ok, we can just say that we are in the jungle part of florrum.
  18. @Rabobankrider, i assume this can really help me now though XD : 2eA+1eP+1eD 1 success, 3 advantage Oh ok, thanks.
  19. Gunfire... someone attacked? Akua muttered before she turned to the hologram.
  20. V smiled. Oh, just to hang around. I heard that this place was fun, and fun is something I’m looking for~ V winked at the female, running a hand through her hair seductively.
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