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  1. Ahhh XD. Well, akua probably doesn't know that and well, she cares for all the clones under her command, so she would try to defend him unless he says he has something.
  2. Akua smiled. Well... she wishes for all the force sensitive children to be gathered for their protection... in case that old ugly man comes for them. Akua replied. And well I guess... somewhere in our hearts, we all wish for another group of jedi knights huh. She smiled wistfully. Someone who will stand in front to guide and encourage others even when all hope seems lost...
  3. Jedi were forbidden to marry because it was thought that through marriage, a jedi would have passion... and if that passion overtakes them... to the darkside you go. Akua chipped in. As for why I'm here, well Leia asked me to grab that list of force sensitive children we had in the base on Yavin 4 and I met them on the way here, one thing led to another, and we were all running from Karr. Akua smiled. And well, you are one of the children on the list. She then said softly. Akua then walked forward slightly amd placed a hand on Arvel's shoulder. Honestly... I'm not helping gather force sensitive children so that they can be trained to fight Snoke... I'm gathering them because I want to spread hope. Yes, we have a good purpose in this battle, thus many people wish to help fight. But what's the point of fighting if people lose their will? Trust me... fighting day after day, month after month, year after year will... damage you in a way that is hard to repair. So... all I want to do is to spread hope. Give people a reason to push on, so this war will be over. After all... rebellions are built on hope aren't they? Akua smiled warmly at the male. So will you join me Arvel? To spread hope and peace throughout the galaxy? Akua smiled gently at the male, but the warmth and hope could be clearly felt through it. Oh and did you see the holovid of me of me on Hoth? I think I was pretty good. The female then smiled playfully.
  4. @Rabobankrider, does Tino nees to make a check for piloting? And what ship does he have?
  5. Akua smiles abit and waves at Arvel. Do you want my identification? She cheekily asked as she smiled. Tino headed back to his ship, making sure the cargo was secured in the landing area before he got back into his ship and started the take off sequence.
  6. @Rabobankrider, I'll probably have Akua move over to Spanner to help by taking the attention of the droids(unless someone else is better suited to it, cause I don't have reflect, but I havn't suffered any wounds so far). What's the difficulty of the lightsaber check I'll make? If I'm not wrong, I'm attacking squad 5 and spanner is attacking squad 7? I can use quick strike to add a boost die too. And on another note, does anyone wish to develop a romantic relationship with Akua? Akua as you can tell from her ic is abit of a fiesty and tomboyish girl, which results in her not really following the code at times and I feel a romance would be a good way to express it. She'll not know that she likes the pc till the pc confesses though. She'll feel happier when she's near the pc(which means she'll want to spend more time with the pc etc which will be kinda noticeable), but due to her innocence, she won't know that it's love till she is told that what she feels is love, where she will then accept her feelings and confess or smth.
  7. Don't worry, I still have my command code. He'll recognise me. Akua smiled as she patted a small pouch which contained her proof of rank in the Resistance. Gorse huh... Tino muttered. I guess I can do it... send me the coordinates?
  8. Why thank you, my valiant knight! Akua yelled to Spanner before twirling away from the squad, in the process slicing another as she engaged another squad of droids, lashing out with the other side of her lightsaber at another, leaving Spanner to deal with the droids she had been fighting just a moment ago.
  9. Yup. I'm trying to clear up the 1st droid squad, so we can focus on the other 2. Is anyone targetting squad 5 atm?
  10. Hey guys, I just need 3 more people for the 2nd squad in my game! Hopefully some of you guys can join! https://gamersplane.com/games/1471
  11. Here is Akua's attack roll Akua attack roll: 3eP+2eD+1eS 2 successes I'll be attacking squad 5, dealing 6 damage per droid, hitting 2 droids?
  12. There's no one here! Akua yelled as she scrambled back to the cockpit, settling in one of the seats. So uh. If we have no where to go, I remember there is a New Republic base at Gorse. We can head there if you want She then smiled at the males.
  13. Alright, thanks. Will do so. Btw, where can I find the table for critical injuries? I'm not able to find it for some reason.
  14. Sadly I don't have enuf xp in move to throw anything, but if spanner is coming my way, I was thinking using my action to attack the droids one last time and a enchanced athletics manuever to jump out of the way. What's the difficulty of the new squad of droids? And quick check, which squad is Akua currently fighting? Sorry I'm abit lost cause I missed some of the earlier messages
  15. @Rabobankrider, do i need to make a check to move out of @KungFuFerret's way?
  16. Heya everyone! I made my own version of this game's concept on a website called Gamersplane. I hope some of you would like to join! currently I have space for 5 clones/enlistees. here is the link to the game: https://gamersplane.com/games/1471/ Hope you guys will join!
  17. Heyo everyone! So I have my own SWFFG on gamersplane, and I was wondering if anyone would like to join. I have space for 5 more clones/enlistees in the GAR. The story is basically 2 squads of 5 clones/enlistees with a jedi padawan. The starting arc will be training on Kamino and once that is done, the 2 squads will be sent out to fight in the actual war. The 1st squad is completed and I hope some of you guys could join the 2nd squad! Thanks! Here is the link: https://gamersplane.com/games/1471/
  18. Ah bollocks. Akua sighed as she stared at the droid before her lightsaber flew up to deflect another shot. Uh... maybe I could get some help here? she exclaimed before yelping as she ducked another bolt.
  19. This day just keeps getting better and better... yay me... Akua grumbled under her breath as she closed her eyes and relaxed, playing the act of a stormtrooper who did not care. Once she opened her eyes again, she fastened her gaze under her helmet on Elias, making sure he was always in her view, since she knew that Excla'ur was beside her. Yeah, I'm here Loosa. Sorry, had abit of... trouble... Tino replied his comlink as he holstered his blaster. Some weequay thugs just tried to rob us. But I managed to drive them off. He smiled as he replied, partly to sound confident to impress the female and partly to prevent her from finding out about the jawa who had helped him who had mysteriously disappeared.
  20. Akua began to walk towards the village, trying to act the part of a First Order stormtrooper. Mechanical and robot like. Urgh... this feels so weird... She muttered more to herself than anyone.
  21. : 1eA+2eP+3eB+3eD 2 successes, 2 advantage Will change the 2 advantage into 2 boost for the next dantooine player.
  22. : 3eB 1 success, 2 advantage Ok, so total wld be... 1 success and 1 advantage?
  23. Whoa! Akua yelped as her lightsaber was reflected and she stumbled away back to safety. What are those things made of!? She yelled.
  24. @Rabobankrider Akua disc check: 4eP+2eC+3eD 0 successes, 1 threat I'm fine with sneaking into the village what's the check difficulty?
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