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  1. Akua smiled. Good then! Let’s go meet him! Tino stared at the door warily. State your business and who you are then!
  2. While waiting for the Cyclones to reply, Akua scans the area. Lieutenant, can you make a second barricade from the scrap that is tall enough for the clones to hide behind? And I want gun holes in the barricade which allow the clones to hide and shoot. Any grenades should be used on the droid force too. Are there any tanks or other big guns? Are there any remaining machine guns or cannons with us? Scrapper, do you think you can set up some traps and gun emplacements too? If you can set some traps behind this current line, we can retreat behind the second barricadeand let the droids spring our traps.
  3. Akua pouted slightly but nodded. Cyclones, do you wish to rout the droids or try and see if the lift is working?
  4. Oooh! New allies! Akua exclaimed. Is he... force sensitive? She then asked Elias. As he made his way down, Tino spotted a First order shuttle next to his landing pad. Awww crap. he cursed. This mission was already hard. Now I have the bucket heads here too...
  5. Okie, thanks. Akua gon lead some people: 1eA+1eP+2eD 2 successes if anyone has anyother ideas on what the cyclones should do, feel free to say in here or in ic i honestly dont think i myself am good at leading XD
  6. Is there a way to check for any damage furthur up? Akua then asked. And call me Akua. She smiled.
  7. Spanner, is the turbolift operational to bring us up to the upper levels of Coruscant? Akua then turned to ask. For now, I think our best bet is to use the rubble and debris to have a makeshift barrier, and post clones along it to cover the retreat of the civilians. However, unless we have reinforcements, we will lose that way, so Cyclones, do you think you can find a way to hut the droid army from behind and take their commander out?
  8. Btw, can someone explain the innate talent(braces) mod to me in the strength enchancing mod?
  9. Alua puffed her cheeks as she thought. I still stand by the idea of ambushing them while we can to as Elias said, clear out this problem. It’ll be tricky... but I think we can do it. Tino flew his ship through the atmosphere of Gorse, heading for a landing pad.
  10. XD my plan is to evacuate the civilians using cyclone squad as their guard, while the remaining usrd covers their retreat. Once the civies are out if the area and are safe, the cyclones can come back but behind the enemy if possible in a pincer attack, where martha can unleash h*ll from behind them XD for now, Akua will try her best to defend the clones.
  11. Oh... bye An-an... Akua said softly as she waved. Upon reaching the next level and seeing the battle, Akua immediately leapt forward. Cyclone, group our civilians with the big group there and protect them. If possible, looks for a way to herd then out of the area. Turning to the clone near them, she then asked. Who’s the next highest commanding officer here?
  12. Akua clapped her hands excitedly as Spanner got the lift to work. Amazing, amazing! You’re so good at this kinda stuff! She beamed.
  13. Ooh...! Lemme lemme! Akua exclaimed as she hopped over to the control panel. Not even 10 seconds passed before she spun around and shook her head. Nope, nevermind!
  14. So I know I’m to this topic late, but if I wish to stat a NPC with mandalorian armour, what should I use? Cause the mando will be a boss of sorts for my campaign and I’m not sure if the crafting and stuff would apply in my scenario.
  15. But what if the bounty is large enough to cover repairs or is something the hunters really need? Destroying their ship might not dissuade them, but provoke them. That’ll be even worse then before. Akua retorted.
  16. Btw, @Rabobankrider, did I miss your post with Tino landing on Gorse? I completrly forgot about him XD
  17. Take care @Kymrel! I promise I will take good care of cyclone squad!
  18. Akua leaned her chin on her hands as she regarded the two. Hmmmmm... this is why we set off the ambush! The female beamed. I know it sounds stupid, but if we act as if we do not know they are there and walk into their trap, they might be lulled into a false sense of security and thus, we can beat them.
  19. Akua smiles and sent a beaming smile towards Gunslinger before she skips off, heading to the rear of the column. Ok, time to go everyone! Keep together, make sure you don’t carry anything you don’t need and most of all, don’t worry! We’ll keep you safe! The female beamed. Despite her cheery attitude, she had strategically placed herself in a position where if any ambush happened at the back, the civilians would be protected directly by her, with a lightsaber and without.
  20. Oh... yes I did. Akua smiled. Master Yoda was... the best.
  21. Akua laughed. These fries are amazing! She exclaimed before she dug in. What do you mean by dangerous...? She then asked Elias.
  22. Akua cheers along with Arvel, clapping her cup against his before gulping the contents down. Ahhhh... that's good... Hmmm... first lesson... well... I don't know. Akua laughed. Well, the first thing I would teach though is... that you must enjoy your time with your comrades as much as you can... spend time with them because... you never know whether it's the last chat you have with them... The female said softly, a haunted and sad look flashing across her face for just a split second. So eat and drink up! Let's have a good time tonight!
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