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  1. Tino turns to Arvel. I see what you mean by he loves to show off. He said simply before nodding. I can go with the plan. But if I feel anything done against me, I will not hesitate to sell you out.
  2. As of now, she’ll tell the clones to hold the line for the civilians to get away and support each other as much as possible and most importantly to never give up.
  3. Tino yelps as he is lifted, stumbling slightly as he lands on the ground. W-whoa... He gasped before he turned to his ship. Who ever’s in there, I want you to get out now!
  4. Akua leadership roll: 1eP+2eA+2eB+4eD+2eS 1 failure, 3 advantage Ooooffff...
  5. Whoops. Forgot to say that was akua’s leadership check btw.
  6. Tino narrows his eyes at everything Elias says. Prove it to me then. He says. And who’s aboard my ship?
  7. : 1eA+1eP+2eD 2 successes, 2 threat oof. I hope akua doesnt die charging out like that XDDD
  8. @Rabobankrider, any check i should make or anything? Can i do a leadership check as a manuever and on my action, i attack something? Or am i too far? I can use a enchanced athletics to jump there.
  9. The female giggled at Gunslinger’s comment, before turning to face the sergeant. I see... hmmmmm... The miraluka’s “eyes” look around. Is someone able to radio the upper levels for assistance? If someone can get through to Commander Fox, we should be able to get some help. For now, just hold out as best as you can. She said before drawing her lightsaber. I trust you with the civilian evacuation and backup sergeant. She smiled before running forward to the front, lightsaber snapping ablaze.
  10. Lol, is everyone ok with akua’s plan btw? Feel free to comment on it cause i rlly dont think im gd at all with this kind of strategy XD
  11. Eep! Akua yelps as the chip flies towards her. Tino narrowed his eyes before reluctantly holstering his blaster. Look. I don’t want any trouble. I just want to get my job done and go back to get my pay. However, if anyone tried to probe him, they would be able to find excitement and curiosity in him.
  12. Heya! I’m Akua! The female beamed and waved her hands. Your Tino arentcha? The chisd stepped back. How do you know my name!? He exclaimed. Why, cause you are force sensitive! Akua beamed.
  13. Tino, after thinking about it, relented and opened the door, though he had his blaster pointed at them. Stay there and talk.
  14. Akua crossed her arms, going into a thinking pose as she tilted her head slightly. Her lack of eyes made her seem like she was staring off into soace as she thought. Hrmmmmm... I can really only think of getting the commander, disrupt their orders and take them out in the confusion... she sighed. Sergeant, can I trust you and a small group of clones to get these civilians out of here? If we can, I’ll authorise the use of grenades and that way, we can fight back more efficiently... She then turned to Gunslinger. May the force be with you. She smiled warmly as she gently patred his shoulder. Please come back safely...
  15. Hmmm, is it possible for the clones to cover each other? @Rabobankrider, is there maybe a map of the area or something I can see to maybe think of other ideas? XD
  16. @Rabobankrider, does tino need to make a check to intimidate elias or smth?
  17. Akua smiled. Good then! Let’s go meet him! Tino stared at the door warily. State your business and who you are then!
  18. While waiting for the Cyclones to reply, Akua scans the area. Lieutenant, can you make a second barricade from the scrap that is tall enough for the clones to hide behind? And I want gun holes in the barricade which allow the clones to hide and shoot. Any grenades should be used on the droid force too. Are there any tanks or other big guns? Are there any remaining machine guns or cannons with us? Scrapper, do you think you can set up some traps and gun emplacements too? If you can set some traps behind this current line, we can retreat behind the second barricadeand let the droids spring our traps.
  19. Akua pouted slightly but nodded. Cyclones, do you wish to rout the droids or try and see if the lift is working?
  20. Oooh! New allies! Akua exclaimed. Is he... force sensitive? She then asked Elias. As he made his way down, Tino spotted a First order shuttle next to his landing pad. Awww crap. he cursed. This mission was already hard. Now I have the bucket heads here too...
  21. Okie, thanks. Akua gon lead some people: 1eA+1eP+2eD 2 successes if anyone has anyother ideas on what the cyclones should do, feel free to say in here or in ic i honestly dont think i myself am good at leading XD
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