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  1. Kenshin shook his head.

    No, it is fine. As a member of the party, I would like to hear about the concerns you all have.

    He bowed to them.

    Regarding the spice... I can share with you that from my letter, I have learnt that it is not the Daidoji... rather not the official Daidoji who are doing it, if they are even involved.

  2. Kenshin’s eyes widen as he quickly sheaths his blade before ran over.

    Hekasu-san! We need to get you first aid immediately! 

    The male yelled as he rushed to support the male who had hurt.


    can kenshin make a medicine check? Using i think fire, since he is thinkin on the spot to think pf something he can do to help hekasu. [\spoiler]


    kenshin will prefer to do a iaijutsu battle, with whoever winning the first strike winning the duel. But if both either miss/is blocked etc etc, he doesn’t mind a first blood duel. I think we should do a one roll duel, to make it quick and snappy, so the others don’t have to wait. Unless the others converse with the daidoji as we fight? Then we can probably do a long hand duel. [\spoiler]

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