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  1. Sorry for being inactive, been quite busy. I dont think we needa redeploy atm... akua needs to get close anyway to deal damage, but if you all feel that redeplying to have more cover is better, i dont mind.
  2. If you would like, I can speak to Iwata-san, to tell him about our departure? Kenshin then asked the group.
  3. Srry fr the delay, had exams tdy. @Sincereagape, u get on easily. @Beto666, hmmm.. i would say an easy check. @oneeyedmatt87, sure! U can use perception to see if you can spot anything, survival to check out if you can find any details in the surrounding area.
  4. Kenshin looks at the horses, wondering which he should ride. Does anyone need help? He quickly asks, feeling guilty for causing Hekasu to be unable to help.
  5. Kenshin nodded. I see. Is there anything I can help in?
  6. The creature would snort slightly, feeling Djana’s actions. It would then gently butt its head against the female, as if showing affection to the female.
  7. Kenshin shook his head. No, it is fine. As a member of the party, I would like to hear about the concerns you all have. He bowed to them. Regarding the spice... I can share with you that from my letter, I have learnt that it is not the Daidoji... rather not the official Daidoji who are doing it, if they are even involved.
  8. I’m so sorry! Been really busy. And sure thing!
  9. Kenshin’s eyes widen as he quickly sheaths his blade before ran over. Hekasu-san! We need to get you first aid immediately! The male yelled as he rushed to support the male who had hurt.
  10. Byw, if anyone has any feedback for me, please do tell me!
  11. Alrighty then! do you two have a specific way you wanna join the game? Pm me if you do, if not i’ll think abt it and feel free to join the ooc!
  12. Oh my... that’s... alot of enemies... The female said as she drew her lightsaber. But we can do it... right boys? She turned and smiled at the female.
  13. V nods. Sure... thank you. she smiles at the guard, linking her hand with the blue skinned female’s I will... very closely. she winked.
  14. Hmmm... if im not wrong, i didnt give anything to @Tramp Graphics? I rlly cant rmb, srry. But to be fair, if he didn’t get anyth, i wont give u anyth. Or did i give u a extra free force power? @Tramp Graphics
  15. Djana would sense one of the creatures on her right regarding the female with interest. It seemed to be very calm, as if thinking of Djana as a friend instead of a creature they had stumbled upon. The creature Elarond was petting snorted slightly, the hot wind blowing onto the male.
  16. : 1eA+1eP 1 success, 2 advantage srry fr the delay in posting btw, sch’s been pretty busy recently.
  17. Kenshin bows to Hekasu before he bows to Yoshi and Aruzhan. Thank you both for your help. I promise I will not hurt Hekasu-san. He said as he got ready, sinking into a low battoujutsu stance.
  18. Sorry @Edgehawk, didn’t see that. You could if you want to, if you wish for a more easier ride later on. Cause with 2 people, while the driving will be slightly more difficult, it does mean that one person can shoot back if needed.
  19. Does everyone else wish to ride? If you want your own mount, the check still stands as above. if you wanna share rides however, you can make an average athletics check with a boost.
  20. The creature, feeling Dhac suddenly landing on it would make a soft squeal, the creature’s legs shaking ever so slightly, it’s head looking around, trying to find what was on it’s back.
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