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  1. Wu nodded. ”Ok, I will.” he replied before he looked out of the viewport. ”Just tell me when it’s a good time to go...” Yet the male strangely seemed to be bothered with something, for he soon began to fiddle with the controls on his gauntlet related to his commlink.
  2. Ah ok thanks! I laughed when i read IC XD. I can only imagine it like she just struggled to swim to get on board only to be tackled off again XD.
  3. Meanwhile at the ship, Kain would let out a sigh and a groan of annoyance as he slipped out of the damaged cockpit, landing in the ground with a grunt. ”Dang Vulture droids...”
  4. So i can jump back up onto the boat using a dp? Then i can attack?
  5. Apologies for the delay! Was really busy the past few days. Cause of disruptions to the school timetable, we got swamped in the few days of school we had.
  6. Ok. I think i’ll get back on the boat, slap on some stimpacks. Will that he an action or manuever?
  7. Oh. 😕 thats um. Uh... i’ll just cry with my 13 wounds XD
  8. @Edgehawk how far is the sniper from V? Can she get up on the boat then pull the sniper’s weapon from his grip to her?
  9. Hmmm... is it possible for V to like jump to the sniper...? That 13 wounds HURTS XD
  10. “H-he-!” Veitra’s yell was cut off by a splash, the female landing inside the water with a gurgle.
  11. Stealth: 2eA+1eP+2eB+2eD 0 successes, 4 advantage Amazing XD
  12. “My apologies Suda-san. I am Isawa Itto.” The male bowed to the female.
  13. Oh my.... thats straight to 13/16 wounds 😕
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