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  1. The whining sound seemed to get louder and louder, with the voices of several people yelling now being heard. Oi! Who’s there?! The party would hear someone faintly yell as the group started to draw nearer.
  2. Initiative order: @Sincereagape @Edgehawk @oneeyedmatt87 @Tramp Graphics @Rabobankrider pirate crew: 2 soak, 15/15 wounds, 5 people, long range. You guys can choose how to engage the pirates, be it head on or running around to trick them etc
  3. The blow knocks Kenshin right off his feet, causing him to tumble to the ground, groaning as he did so.
  4. Zalen glares before he shrugs. Fine. Not like I have any better option anyway...
  5. Kenshin’s drew his blade as he stepped forward towards the boar, gripping it in a two-handed grip before swinging it down at the boar through a vertical slash.
  6. V raises a brow. What a bore... all this unnecessary bloodshed... She said softly. While the wookiees in the ring might have chosen this life for themselves, she always had a soft spot for wookiees, and it resulted in a pang of sympathy as she watched.
  7. Slinger! The jedi yelled as she bit her lip. The female prepared to jump out to help, but hesitated, seeing the gungans. Her lightsaber didn’t really have a stun setting... but would that even matter against... undead?
  8. Zalen narrowed his eyes. What can you offer. What does jedi custody have that here does not...?
  9. V hummed. I can do that... maybe... she said softly. But well... it will not be easy... she whispered again, looking directly into the female’s eyes as she leaned in close.
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