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  1. Kenshin shook his head. Please, call me Kenshin... I am... no longer one of the Kakita. The male explained. Uimi Mura? What is that?
  2. Sorry to bother everyone, but can you all send your sheets here again? So i can make the list of players in the ooc chat.
  3. Here is the OOC, @Edgehawk, @Tramp Graphics, @Rabobankrider, @oneeyedmatt87
  4. Might use pheromones to get some info in abit, if they dont fall for V’s natural charms
  5. Veitra smiles as she saunters into the room. Looking around, she then sets her eyes on a group of males drinking together. Hello boys... mind if I join you~?
  6. So sorry for the delay! @Edgehawk , but im back! Will use that seek move later, gonna sneak around for abit.
  7. Please, call me Kenshin. The male smiled. You do not have to address me so formally. I am not worthy of such honourifics. The male smiled again. Thank you for your understanding. I greatly appreciate it... might I ask where all of you are headed?
  8. What’s the difficulty to attack the group with more wounds? Unknown attackers 1? I’ll aim too.
  9. Its alright. When i get my phone back(its being repaired), will start the game sorry for all the delays...
  10. @Edgehawk, my phone is being sent for repair, so my replies regretably will be super slow.
  11. Kenshin smiles. I have someone I wish to meet.... and I'd rather not delay our meeting time. If I travel through the night, I can get there faster, so my friend will not have to wait. The male smiled and explained.
  12. The male smiled at the newcomers. Greetings. I am Kenshin Kakita. the male smiled. Do feel free to camp here, though I am sorry to say I might have to leave soon.
  13. So my phone is spoilt... so i wont be able to reply often 😕
  14. Srry fr the delay, gonna get the sense power. Will make a check v soon wif it!
  15. @Rabobankrider, can i use 2 advantage to crit and pass the other 2 as boost?
  16. So sorry for the delay! I’m back! @btmaja, is ur char ready? @Edgehawk, @Tramp Graphics, @Rabobankrider, @oneeyedmatt87, are you all ready to start?
  17. Zalen once again aimed, speezing off a shot, hitting the assailants successfully. There you go...
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