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  1. Any chance of a non-Facebook (I won't use Facebook on ethical grounds) link to his website or shop? I'd love to get one of those. Great job on the paint job - very nicely done!
  2. sandtrooper veterans!
  3. Consider a Neo Iwata- they're only £65 and airbrushing is a lot of fun.
  4. I used to paint on varnish or use the army painter rattlecan, or the citadel anti-shine varnish, but since using Alclad II Klear Kote I'll never go back! It's so thin and tough and goes on like a dream. I'm salivating just thinking about how great it is. 'Course, if you don't have an airbrush, then the rattlecan is the next best thing - just do THIN coats, don't let it pool and drip or flood details.
  5. Better than mine! Have you considered conversions?
  6. Heads and pauldron from Shapeways.
  7. Wow! Love the ATATs, man! Great work.
  8. Some good advice here. I agree with all of the above. However, just to give a different approach, I went with transparent bases:
  9. stainsbury


    Fantastic job! Would love to see an action shot of them in an actual game.
  10. I've ordered the comic book from eBay - once it arrives, I'll update the existing minis and make some more!
  11. Kneel and SCAR! Here we go: What d'ya think?
  12. I'm now trying my hand at converting stormtrooper minis with a scalpel, some green filler putty and white milliput. I've also added some brass tubes as scopes/blaster barrels, and some green florist wire as oxygen hoses. I took the macrobinoculars from the rebel leader mini and the backpack from the rebel heavy weapon trooper and gave them to a trooper. Vader' saber is now in the squad leader's hand...Kreel, maybe? ?
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