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  1. Woah! That went south so fast! You guys really unleashed the kraken on that one!
  2. Playing legion. I can’t stand unpainted minis on the table. The whole point (in my humble opinion) is to make the table realistic enough to feel immersive - I want to imagine the laser blasts, Chewie’s roar, Vader’s breathing. We often have John Williams playing in the background. Nothing brings me out of the moment quite as fast as boring grey plastic. I rushed these to get ‘em into battle ASAP. Contrast paints really speed things up; slap ‘em on, come back 20 min later, Chuck nuln oil over the silver bits, spot of highlighting and pick out a detail or two (rank badges, eyes etc) and job’s done. You’ve all been very kind (thanks, btw!), but my mini painting is very 6/10. I have a mate who spends all day on one figure - and it shows! https://i.imgur.com/bKUzaLI.jpg
  3. Would love to see pics of what you do with them. I still can’t find any online! I can’t be the only person who has painted them...why aren’t people posting online?
  4. Ummm...you've got me there! I think I mixed it from a bright GW green and a Vallejo creamy-desert-brown colour, then put that skeleton horde contrast paint over it (or it might have been seraphim sepia wash), then highlighted with a light drybrush of Citadel Moot Green? I think. Not sure! I know people plan ahead and know what they're doing, but I'm not very good at mini-painting and so I just sort of...make it up as I go along. I never know enough about the materials to know how something will look before I do it, so I tentatively try a bit, try something else, paint over it with a third thing, throw a wash on, quickly regret it and sponge it off again...I sometimes stumble into the result I want without really knowing how I got there!
  5. Yep! She looked to me like the type who might salvage some armour and paint it, like Sabine and co. keep doing in Star Wars: Rebels.
  6. Can’t seem to find anyone posting pics of their rebel trooper upgrade! Has anyone seen any? Here’s my mediocre attempt:
  7. Any chance of a non-Facebook (I won't use Facebook on ethical grounds) link to his website or shop? I'd love to get one of those. Great job on the paint job - very nicely done!
  8. sandtrooper veterans!
  9. Consider a Neo Iwata- they're only £65 and airbrushing is a lot of fun.
  10. I used to paint on varnish or use the army painter rattlecan, or the citadel anti-shine varnish, but since using Alclad II Klear Kote I'll never go back! It's so thin and tough and goes on like a dream. I'm salivating just thinking about how great it is. 'Course, if you don't have an airbrush, then the rattlecan is the next best thing - just do THIN coats, don't let it pool and drip or flood details.
  11. Better than mine! Have you considered conversions?
  12. Heads and pauldron from Shapeways.
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