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  1. ThinkingB

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    I agree, but I'm a big fan of the spot gloss cards as well, solely because you can use them to flex, yet not appear like you are flexing because it has an actual function. The best prizes are the ones that have actual uses beyond trophy because you get to have your prize and use it to. Same goes for Templates, although it would be nicer if they had the win parameters written on them (top 8, top 2, champion, etc.)
  2. I've got a couple key issues with hyper space: -The first and absolute biggest problem is that it will be an incredibly boring format to play. The most efficient builds will be found and then it's basically just going to be a question of playing one of those builds for the faction. Not to mention that Rebels lose all of their fun ships, as does Empire, while scum's top tier will be basically untouched. Scum will play Fenn because they would be wrong to not play it. As such, Rebels will have to play Wedge with Torps and Imperials will have to play Supernatural Vader to combat Fenn. Then there will be large bids all around and yay now we have an ace-wing format, but with less ace options. Mark my words, hyperspace tournaments will end up with the majority of top tables being mirror matches of whatever faction has the most efficient ace-wing list. -It assumes that new players exist in a vacuum, are incapable of using the internet, and most importantly, held back by their ship choices rather than their experience level. I'll just say it straight. I have not seen any new players held back by the "confusion" of conversion kits. They come to the meetup, we tell them how it works, they go "oh okay" and then they buy the extended ships that they want from one of the other players, ebay, or some combination of the two. New players around my part are rolling with B-Wings, Hwks, Sheathipedes, attack shuttles, punishers, interceptors, phantoms, etc. It's really a non issue that only exists in theory land. At every X-wing event I've been to, a player who doesn't have a component than they want to use will be able to borrow it, buy it off of someone, or just proxy the thing. X-wing players are insanely accommodating to new players. At my play group, I could probably bring nothing and still be able to play any list I want just through borrowing. Once again, new players not having access to extended parts is a complete non-issue, fake news, theoryland, boogeyman, never going to be a problem; ever. -It's blatant. How convenient that the only ships legal for hyperspace are those that have been re-released? (save for the falcon) Almost as if FFG wants players to buy the new expansions only and not go into the secondary market to plug their extended holes. A new player could have spent 60 on a few 1E ships and their conversion components through a variety of sources beforehand when extended format was the goal. Now that same player will just buy all expansions because they have no incentive not to anymore and this is the "Santa isn't real" truth about hyerspace. It's just there to pick up the money ffg left on the table by accidentally making the conversion kit pieces easy to breakup and sell online, along with discounted 1e ships. I can't blame them, but I don't like this "for the new players" facade. Don't punch me in the back and call it a massage. -It makes me just not want to go play X-Wing. In the end, despite all of people's fervent defense of hyperspace, what matters is really "is it a game experience that makes people want to play it?" I just ultimately would rather do other things with my free time than hunt down a supernatural vader or get ripped in half by a fenn rau. High ps aces aren't really that much fun to play against in my opinion, so I just have no desire to go to an event and put myself through something that I don't enjoy. Plus, I really will miss the ships that they took from me. I've been doing well lately with a luke norra jan jousting list lately (possibly one of the strongest rebel lists at the moment) and I'm just not attracted to a format where I will have to play a worse list for an arbitrary and inconsistent reason even though I was already doing everything I could to keep up with Scum and Empire as it was. You can tell us to just not play hyperspace, but we'll do just that and then there will just be less and less people showing up for x-wing. Keyforge is out, I enjoy it and it's much less cumbersome than X-wing. I would recommend for every Xwing player to a pick up a deck or two and try it out. I might just switch over to that until FFG figures out what they want to do with this game. But for now, I just think that hyperspace is going to eventually kill the game, which is unfortunate because 2.0 has had so much promise.
  3. ThinkingB

    If you could only change points on 3 cards...

    Redline ----> + 8 points Whisper ----> + 8 Points Han Gunner ----> + 6 points They could only hit these 3 and the game would be completely fine.
  4. Eh, I think the one's that you've listed aren't too bad. To be honest, the only ships that I feel go against the spirit of the game are punishers with trajectory simulator, Norra, Luke in the X, and possibly Fenn Rau in his Fang. Trajectory simulator is just a dumb mistake that should not have been brought over. It's not OP, it's just not very thematic. Norra and Luke both fit into the same camp of "get's shot at repeatedly and nothing happens". Norra has better-than-1.0 reinforce (requires no actions and works if stressed, blocked, on a rock, etc.) and she can stack it with Jyn Erso to have a guaranteed 2 free health to the first person who shoots her in a round, so shooting at her is a trap. I recently had a Norra take shots from 4 ships in one round and not take any damage. Even if she does take damage, she still has 8 more health to chew through and she is going to be kicking the **** out of whatever is engaging her. Along these lines, Luke is similar to Norra, but he can actually get shot at and become even better thanks to his ability. Doing what you're supposed (getting an enemy ship in arc and shooting at it), yet not being rewarded is pretty NPE. Fenn seems fair at the base level, but when you look at all that he can do, he seems to be the most 1.0 in 2.0 ship in the field. With Fearless, he get's passive mods on defense and offense, he has built in PTL, and with the nerfing of turrets and bombs and VI, he basically has no weaknesses. He's a jouster and a flanker and is basically a monster in the hands of a veteran player. This seems the inverse of "no skill", but really how hard is it get an enemy ship in your arc, range 1, as an IV 6 with re-positioning? Not very difficult at all. Put L3 next to him and now you have a token stacking, IV 6 that can throw 5 dice, be in arc, range 1 of multiple ships, and still walk away unscathed due to his passive mods with laughable restrictions. L3 next to Fenn creates the single biggest NPE set-up in the entire game.
  5. ThinkingB

    can we PLEASE get some new core sets?

    I was thinking the same. It's rather disheartening to tell an eager new player that they have to spend 40+ on a bunch of plastic that they will not use before then going on to spend another 30 for a bunch of cardboard before then going on to buy multiple 15+ expansions. Add a $40 mat on it and it's really flipping expensive to fly FO and resistance straight out of the gate. The game is too pricey to get into for non OT players. I think a templates + dice + damage cards + generic cards core set for $20 would help ease the pain a bit though, but its FFG, so they absolutely will not do it.
  6. ThinkingB

    Double EPT Resistance A-Wings Confirmed

    Yeah Heroic is essentially a no brainer in terms of EPTs for L'ulo. It is so good that I thought it was going to be a one of charge like Crackshot. The fact it is continuous makes me a little worried balance wise, although that's my opponents problem not mine. I'm just of the mindset that putting an M9-G8 lock onto him just makes him all the better and doesn't step on Heroic's toes either. I must say though, M9-G8 was my favorite mech from 1.0, so he will likely be in 100% of my resistance lists either way, so bias is afoot.
  7. ThinkingB

    Double EPT Resistance A-Wings Confirmed

    And if people want to talk math, then mathematically putting M9-G8 on your least threatening T-70 and then just slapping that lock onto L'ulo is better for the points. You're paying 2 for the tiny bullseye (which you won't get because you're not Soontir) or 7 for the entire arc. For 5 points more, I'd rather have a reroll that can actually be used in the game consistently. Edit: I just realized that there actually is math to determine the efficiency of predator vs M9-G8. All one would have to do is compare the area of the bullyseye to the area of the full arc. I have a BA, not a BS, so someone else will have to figure it out though. Edit 2: Just found the math that space owls did. When it comes down to M9-G8 vs Predator, you are paying only 5 points more for 82% more rerolls. As it works out, you are paying 1 point per 9% chance of reroll with predator versus 1 point per 14.28% chance of reroll with M9-G8. If you can fit M9-G8 in your list, it is objectively better than predator for helping L'ulo.
  8. ThinkingB

    Double EPT Resistance A-Wings Confirmed

    Shhh don't try to convince them otherwise. Hope and pray that all of your opponents put predator on their RZ-2s. Do you really want your enemies to have a continuous get out of jail free card or would you rather them have a pricier EPT that basically doesn't trigger ever? Predator is a trap, regardless of what the math says because there are no numbers to plug for bullseye.
  9. ThinkingB

    Points are up

    Why is paying more for empty upgrade slots good? I understand that options are good, but the resistance bomber is supremely overcosted for what you get, when compared to redline. Finch (the best bomber pilot from 1.0) is literally 3/8 of an entire list with only proton bombs equipped. The other bombers with gunners and other upgrades will probably end up around a similar cost. If you think you're going to be able to trade that for more than 75 points, then be my guest. From my experience with 2.0 though, that just doesn't seem like it is at a price where it can consistently see a decent win ratio. I would always take two RZ-2s over a Star Fortress, just due to the pricing.
  10. ThinkingB

    Double EPT Resistance A-Wings Confirmed

    L'ulo is living proof that all of the people clamoring for initiative 5 and 3 red dice on the A-Wing were right all along. He's the real deal and is basically like a 1.0 Inquisitor, but for resistance. When I was testing with him, not once did I ever wish that he was instead, a low IV blocker with a Pea Shooter like so many claim that the A Wing should be. Jake had better go down by at least 5 points come January along with the lot, but I believe that if one wants to fly A-Wings, the resistance will be the only actual choice. I really don't think anything besides support stands any chance at doing anything if it isn't IV 5 or greater and as such, the rebel As are kind of boned.
  11. ThinkingB

    Let's share some good rebel lists

    Rebels need to basically bring only the most NPE ships in their faction at the moment. Triple X Alpha Strike is good for a straightforward approach, but otherwise making people waste or regret shots is an effective strategy. Norra Wexley with minimal upgrades (or regen if you want to make her heftier) is a tough nut to crack at IV 5 and gets the evasion all the time. Supernatural Luke is a waste for your opponent to shoot at most of the time, so he gets thrown in their too. Next, add a Jan Ors with title, Jyn Erso, and Engine Upgrade and you complete the trifecta of borderline NPE nonsense in rebels. Luke will do what Luke does, Norra will be getting her free evade and it can stack with the evade token she gets through Jyn Erso for a minimum of two guaranteed evades. Finally, Jan just zooms around behind the other two aces, helps them throw 5 (or 6) dice as much as possible and can sit on a focus evade stack if she ends up not being able to boost out of arc. It feels kind of dumb when your ships can get shot at repeatedly and take next to no damage, but there's a lot of dumb in the meta, so it's fine in my book. Just plan for salt coming your way for trying to play on equal terms with Scum and Imperials.
  12. ThinkingB

    X-wing ships and real life counterparts?

    X-Wing: P-51 Mustang or a Corsair. Pretty good at most things, but the best at dogfighting. The ship that can fight, bomb, escort; anything that is needed. The precursor to "do everything" fighters like F-4s, F-15s, and now F-35s and the E-Wing in universe. Y-Wing: Ilyishun-Il 2. Less nimble and older, but good at attacking ground targets and good at taking a beating. Susceptible to AA and Interceptors, but capable of defending itself with its turret. A well respected old workhorse. Tie Defender: Me 328. The top of the line, extreme super fighter. Only the top pilots got to fly them and they were a force to be reckoned with. In a straight line, it could catch any other fighter, but it was expensive and difficult to mass produce. Tie Fighter: A6M Zero. Nothing fancy, but a respectable fighter when flown in great numbers and due to the fierce aggression of its pilots. Easy to mass produce and swarm, but susceptible to heavy losses when facing superior dog fighters. There's more, but these are the main ones that clearly stick out to me.
  13. ThinkingB

    Happy Friday - How to Fix the E-Wing

    10 points cheaper across the board. That's it, nothing else.
  14. ThinkingB

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    Gib 80 point token stacking A-Wing pls.
  15. ThinkingB

    Deadly Speed - Resistance A-Wing article

    It's gonna feel so good to boost away from someone and still take a 3 dice reverse booty blast with L'ulo. He's easily one of my favorite ships out of the gate for resistance. He is what A-Wings should have been all along.