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  1. I mean... kissing your sister and getting your arm cut off are "Star Wars" and I wouldn't like those in the game either. It's sort of like why epic was unpopular with the majority of X-Wing players in 1.0. It wasn't because it wasn't "Star Wars"; it's because the game does not scale well with a higher number of ships, which is why they're basically redoing epic as we speak. 6+ ships turns the game from dog-fighting into accidental bumping, marking, 15 minute rounds, ignoring obstacles (because Gas), and un-concluded matches where the wins are essentially just a matter of who got half points on something before time is called. I'm sure people also enjoyed 100 pt Miranda, but I still think its awful and glad its gone because it wasn't dog-fighting. Tie Swarm is dog-fighting in the movies, but on the board, it's just pushing a sharp cornered blob around while your opponent sits and waits.
  2. - Gas clouds are as much of a failure of design as TLT was and have actively damaged the game; like a pebble of excrement in a bowl of cocoa puffs - Games going to time is because a bunch of new players joined the game with 2.0 and they play at the pace of 40k. Not bad, but they need to realize that this isn't a 2.5 hour wargame - Inferno Swarm is the NPE king of 2.0. It is both not fun to play and not fun to play against. Iden, Howl, and Gas Clouds just make it very sodium inducing. - 5 and 6 ship lists actually don't make for an interesting meta, as most of the top games devolve into 5/6 turns of gameplay because 11+ dials takes some time to play and execute. - Invite only worlds makes for incredibly stressful hyperspace trials, as every single misplay or wrong decision can result in you not going to worlds. Holy $#@$ FFG, just sell tickets to worlds, let anyone who want to go go, and just print your money. Who thought restricting paying customers to an event at their headquarters would be a good idea? Just rent a bigger space lmao What's good: - Vader and Anakin are neck and neck for the title of "best single pilot in the game", which is a massive thematic win on FFG's part. The best star fighter pilot in the galaxy should be the best pilot in the game. - There are a lot more valid ways to play the game; at least until the next broken combo get's figured out. Fat turrets, 2 ship lists, double ace lists, jousters, salads, beef, and swarm are all completely competitive ways to play the game. Players with all sorts of different preferences can fly what they enjoy and still have a chance.
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    Figuring out Ric

    The problem that I have with N-1s and the republic in general is as follows: What is the reason for me to bring an N-1, or arc, or V-19 so it can get shot, when I can just bring 7Bs and not get shot instead? I'm serious. I just cannot build for republic anymore because I've yet to see a list that justifies getting shot, when there is a choice to just... not get shot in the faction. Anikan + Obi-Wan with a stupid bid seems like Republic solved, so I'm not sure what the reason is to really mess with other ships in the faction. Is anyone else in this bind as well? Like, I just don't want to bring a bunch of dinky ships so they can get shot, when I can just bring two dials and not get shot (until I do). They made Jedi too good; it would be like if one race horse has jet propulsion while all of the others just have hooves. Why did they make Jedi so good?
  4. ThinkingB

    Figuring out Ric

    Did the N-1 grow more green dice while I was away?
  5. It's an honor to be called out in a completely new thread haha. Looks like some good tools for judges at least; rather than nothing. I'm eager to see how often people start calling out slow play now that judges have some teeth to deal with the situation.
  6. Maybe that's a sign that 58% of players need to speed up or pick different lists. I don't want to kill the game; I'm just trying to stir enough of a stink to get a third party time arbitrator (like a set number of rounds or a chess clock) added to the game, so I don't feel like I have to tell another grown man to hurry up. I just don't want that type of awkward situation to be a part of my leisure activity. I'd just rather not go around creating real personal conflicts, which accusing of slow-play happens to do; especially since I'm not a real "warm and fuzzy" type person. And for the record, I consider OP to be leisure activity because games are a fun experience; even in OP. What is not fun is not being able to play the game because of exploitation of the time limit. I'm actually Californian, but thanks for the compliment. But you do have a point here. Mostly, I end up playing a lot of bad actors from another city when I got to our local hyperspace trial events and every time, they are always flying 6 ship, inferno swarm and you'll be lucky if you get in even 6 rounds of play. I don't play the game to not play the game, which is where the frustration comes from. And calling out these consistent bad actors (more than handful) would have the same result in reducing players as discouraging honest slower players. I want FFG to tell these people to speed up; not me telling them. That's it. Just introduce something that ensures people don't take their sweet time because calling a judge is just how you lose after you've already been slow played because every single turn matters. That's it. Just give us a round limit or a chess clock. People already play to the 75 minute win, so it wouldn't make much of a difference if people just had to play til turn 15 instead or whatever pre-selected turn amount they would go with. Until this happens, I'm just going to play 5/6 ship lists to the 75 because I'm a fool not to if I want an invite at this point.
  7. You seem to misunderstand. I don't want slow players welcomed in OP, which is I suppose there is a huge controversy with this subject. Yeah call me a monster or whatever. There is a format called casual, where they are more than welcome to play to their hearts content. I will happily play casual with slow players. I will teach them about fundamentals, how to make decisions more quickly, and all of the usual stuff. However, a tournament where people pay a lot of money to travel to, that they practice for months to do well in, that they care very much about doing well in is not the time or place for slow players to play the game at a slow pace. End of story really from my perspective. But, I guess people just like going to time so much more than in 1.0, so I'll just switch to Inferno Swarm and take my Ws doing just that; if only to lampoon the problem that I've been consistently seeing with OP. People need to learn how to play the game faster if they don't want to make other people have a bad time at organized play. It's really simple as that, but suggesting that people not waste time in a game that is literally decided by what is accomplished in a set amount of time seems to just be heracy apparently.
  8. I kind of actually agree with Fly Better (or whatever the spoopy space bats are going by these days) in their initial declaration against slow play. I'm paraphrasing here, but one of the guys said something along the lines of "If you are a slow player, maybe tournament play is not the best thing for you because you're going to make a lot of people have a bad time". And I agree with this statement. Casual and competitive are different for a reason. If people cannot fly 5/6 ships in a reasonable amount of time, then they should be encouraged through the rules of OP to choose a different list next time or play in a non-competitive format. And if we drive away slow players from competitive by doing this, then it will have worked as planned. OP players are paying good money to have a good OP experience and things need to change because clearly slow play is becoming too much of a problem to ignore.
  9. The first step is for FFG to actually define slow play beyond the abstract. Do they even suggest what a reasonable amount of time is anywhere in the tournament regs? There just needs to be more on the book: dials shall take X length of time. Either that or a set number of rounds (16 sounds fun). Situations like this though make me more skeptical of if X-Wing is even a good game for competitive play at all because there are too many opportunities for the game to be interrupted, disturbed, cheating, and so on. The more I play in OP, the more I am convinced that the best format for X-wing is casual with beer.
  10. Yeah I forget that 6 rounds of activation followed by time being called is fUn AnD eNgAgInG
  11. Like most things in life, it's all about the incentives. Remove the incentives for slow play and then people will fall into line. Currently slow play is ill-defined (in a rules sense) and easily rewarded.
  12. Are people... actually not able to kill aces still? LMAO just shoot at them until they die. Keep setting dials down, keep getting them in the firing cone, don't over-commit, don't stress yourself. Literally just shoot them until their green dice fail. I really am skeptical of the notion that ace lists are the ones going to time because when I win with double jedi, it's usually because everything except for Anakin died. Aces can't joust, so it looks like they are running down the clock, but they're really just walking opponents into engagements that no longer egregiously favor the non-ace list. From then on, once the flank is live, it's kill time until everything is dead or you're not allowed to kill anymore. It really is the 5 of X ship or 6 of Y ship lists that are the problem. They are the ones gaming the system by basically winning at the start and then making the game go as slow as possible so they can keep this lead. Chess clock needs to happen because so many of these people flying packs of ships are thinking really really hard (suspiciously hard) about moves that are completely obvious like k-turns on blocks of tie fighters that have overshot the enemy.
  13. Absolutely because the game is about blowing up spaceships, not a bunch of spaceships shifting in space, turning around a few times, then winning or losing based on who lost their shields or not. The root cause is ship count compounded with a lack of negative incentives for playing said high ship count lists. Besides being so-called "hard to fly" *citation needed there are essentially no downsides in any way for a player that brings six ship tie swarm. They are incentivized to make the game go as slow as humanly possible because their list is an early game list with no late game plan besides "cri every time". So now we end up with really unpleasant and awkward situations where players are clearly slow playing and players are forced to turn their leisure activity into an actual, real life conflict, which most people aren't fans of in their free time. Simply switch to a set number of rounds and ditch the timer altogether (and TOs could more easily be policing slow play by simply comparing round numbers between tables) or switch to a chess clock. I'm sure there are some good Tie swarm players out there, but thanks to all of my last hyperspace experiences, I just assume that TIE swarm players only win because of slow play. Either that or impose a rule, specifically for high ship count lists that nerfs their ability to game the system. I know this is going to trigger people, but every Inferno Swarm I play against may as well just be a fortress because it is just as much fun and engaging as a fortress is.
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