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  1. I was already not specting to receive the promo damage deck, BUT I did receive it! I pre-ordered from an Online Store and received the promo Well, I got one... I don't live in USA, yet I got for free one copy too Yet after noticing that the cards size, I were less interested in it
  2. That's why I didn't pre-order from them too
  3. Unfortunately I don't have any flags that can distribute X-wing i my country due to Disney restrictions. The X-wing players have to import everything. And it would be disappointing to not be able to receive the promo even while supporting the 2.0 in its pre-order since May. FFG is always backstabbing us... They started 2.0 with uncompleted, (they just rushed 2.0 content to ensure sales only) card with errata, and a minitures that the wings doesn't open/close properly in wave 14 and now this.......
  4. Does anyone know about the pormo damage deck? they were availble at GenCon, and will be available for Pre-order in FFG store. But they mention that other stores pre-orders could have it available too as per the article published in May 1st but I asked the Online Store and they replied that they didn't had conformation of it yet, and I have recently asked them again, and yet still no confirmation of the promo. Upgrade Your Damage Deck
  5. Ehh! I'm I speaking japanese right now?
  6. It doesn't work, it keep showing "Searching..."
  7. For me what this pdf points out is that the quick build cards only works with the Escalation Mode, since many builds have multiple mods upgrades.
  8. I were looking for that too, since the quick buid cards have 2 mod upgrades, but only saw TIE Interceptor and HWK-290 with 2 mod slots. So that means those quick build cards only works for the Escalade Gameplay...
  9. What I really want to know is that FFG will provide replacement card for those with old format cards on this Wave 14, we haven't even started 2.0 and will wave cards with errata. from my side it is not acceptable, I ain't got those packs for free.
  10. I think you aren't putting things together well, first of all the Reaper has adaptive alerions, and when you aren't stressed that's a speed 2 move, that's why FFG is trying to control the dial taking that in consideration. Keeping up with other ships?? the Reaper is a mid base, and the alerions plus 3 bank is a 5.5 speed maneuver for a small ship.
  11. and that's its pilot ability: to be capable to perform a white coordinate xD
  12. For me the "Vizier" pilot ability requires (more clarification) a confirmation on how it works, since we could asume that his ability allow him to do a white coordinate right away, without the Tactical Officer, then perform an red maneuver if you like.
  13. Just want a clarification/official ruling when the Attacker ends without any character on his/her attack due to character been killed or returned to home. The rules reference do mention the situation on unopposed defense but doesn't state any rulings when the opposite happens. Do the defender wins and claim the ring? or the attacking player loose his/her attack and the ring is returned? Thanks
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