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  1. Dendros

    Juyo Berserker questions

    The paragon rules (of which 4/5 of my players are light side paragon) allow a free light side destiny point generated in the pool on rolling, which automatically means there’s a minimum of 9 points in the field, 4 of which are automatically light side. On top of that, my players generally have some very light-side oriented luck with their destiny pools.
  2. Thank you all for the input. First off, Sarg, this is perfect for what I was trying to figure out The fact that it’s a nemesis from the directives means it’s an NPC inherently, which automatically fixes the combat turn issue, although it means that he’s not going to get the desired effect from it. (Namely being able to roll in combat himself) This was exactly what I was trying to find a way to mentally wrap my head around how to articulate to the player, but to be blunt, I was tired when they sprung this on me, and didn’t have the capacities to argue it. Apparently the goal is some variant off of C3-PX from the old EU comics. That’s perfect. My min/maxing senses were going haywire, and I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t make sense in-universe, but that’s the perfect explanation. thank you all again!
  3. Forgive me if this comes out rambling, there’s a lot of factors involved.... In my current campaign, I have a player right now who has been avoiding taking any combat capabilities (he’s a force user who hasn’t yet gotten a lightsaber, but won’t take any combat skill ranks, and almost doesn’t engage in combat). Rather, he’s pigeonholing himself into Intellect, Mechanics, and Computers, and trying to find a way to resolve every check with one of those two skills. While he tends to push the spotlight, he also will RP up to the point where he has to make a roll, and then try to work around the roll if he views it as being higher likelihood of failure. (He won’t initiate most checks that he isn’t focusing, and has tried to back out of others when he finds the difficulty is above his skill level.) While I’m all for creative solutions, I feel like there’s a limit to how much you can try and force-feed one skill into an alternative use. He’s decided to build a droid (labor chassis with elimination directives) in order to play combat, which I’m mostly fine with, but the more he talks about it, the more it’s sounding like he’s trying to gain an extra PC to take advantage of. Part of it also looks like he’s attempting to utilize it as a fast and easy way of giving himself a 3 yellow 1 green (forgive me, I don’t know how to insert the symbols into my post) combat check without spending any experience (which they have over 500 earned, so there’;s no reason not to splurge a little) For the moment, I’ve told him that if he wants to have the droid count under player control in combat, then he’ll have to make a leadership check to direct the droid each turn, so as to balance out with the other players. (He’ll get to make an extra roll each round, but doesn’t necessarily get to take two full slots himself) My biggest reason for posting on here to ask is that in the past I’ve tried to make a habit of explaining my decisions by the written rules in most of my previous rulings, so I’m trying to figure out if this is something that already has a precedent in the rule books. (I’m aware that the GM is the final arbiter of the decisions, but I’ve had too many instances where my GMs were rigid to the point of stifling and stomping on creative decisions that didn’t fit with their plans.)
  4. Dendros

    Juyo Berserker questions

    I’ve mentioned to them a few times that I’ve been lenient about conflict (mostly because I’ve been fairly forgetful on the “morally grey” type actions) but that if it starts becoming an issue, I may adopt a new stance. My main issue has less to do with making house rules, as I’ve done that with many other games I’ve GM’ed in the past, and more to do with the fact that the Juyo berserker seems to take the entire destiny mechanic and throw it out the window. I just wasn’t sure if there was anything in the books (aside from the stereotypical tabletop Rule 1 “the GM is god” bit) to actually balance out against Juyo’s unique ability to remove both the Dark Side points as well as their own conflict We are also utilizing the Obligation mechanic, as that’s one of my personal favorites, since it represents the place they’re in now (ex-padawans who were on a mission that wasn’t on the books during 66, and are now in the first year of the Imperial supremacy) and it’s been working well.
  5. I’m currently running a F&D group with 5 Jedi, one of whom has taken the Juyo Berserker, and just made it to Embrace your hate and Inner peace (he was stockpiling XP until he had enough to get both ranks of Inner Peace at the same time as both of Embrace. I tend to run long games, which often have multiple combat encounters. My current player group consists of 4 light side paragons and 1 dark sider who’s trying to redeem, so when the destiny pool is rolled, there’s usually only 1 or 2 dark side points for the story, and my players will argue against receiving any conflict. I announce it based on the RAW, but I’m considering going to a blind conflict house rule, so they don’t get to argue every time they make a decision that’s morally ambiguous. This most recent session, the Juyo used inner peace once per encounter (there were three) and claimed his conflict was a -6, while the dark side pool was empty. Is there supposed to be a counterbalance for when players horde their lightside destiny points, and attempt to Meta out of conflict?
  6. Dendros

    The Clone Wars

    Hey, any updates on this? I've been asked to run a Clone Wars Era game, and I would love to have a nice additional reference point.