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  1. The thing is, most vessels we see seems to have some sort of automatic scanning function running in background looking for ships coming out of hyperspace. It is rare to see a scene describing someone really looking for it, usually its just a buzz in some console telling the heroes someone came out of hyperspace, and then they start looking to extract more detailed information. In the end I guess that there is a combination of active and passive sensors in the process.
  2. Not Exactly, Gozanti's are really armed transport ships, utilitarian in nature. But Consular's are not always luxury vessels, since not all of them we produced in the diplomatic version, there is the combat version (which is in AoR), which is a warship in the Corvette/Light Frigate range. In the end, it will cost more due to size, role and systems involved on acquiring and maintaining a big ship (Consular is twice the size of the Gozanti).
  3. I don't know if you could call it a "shock wave" or if you can say it can be picked by passive sensors. Since it was never explained in detail in the novels, comics, movies and TV shows. It really is unclear if you can detect a ship coming out of hyperspace without looking for it, since all the times we are reading/watching about either heroes, rebels , outlaws, military units in action, they would always have a reason to look for threats coming from hyperspace. The question is, they are always actively looking for it, or their sensors automatically detect these things regardless of if they are looking for it. It is shown many times that they can do exactly this, nearly every situation where Thrawn makes an ambush or blockade, we see that he could detect the exact location his enemies would come out of hyperspace, it is shown that at least most big warships, like star destroyers, frigates, cruisers, etc., could detect where a ship is coming out of hyperspace. Also it is shown that they can get a rough sense of the ship coming out, they cannot specify the model of the ship, but can pin point their probable size/category. As far as my knowledge goes, it seems that at least Star Destroyers could get a sense of what ship is coming out of hyperspace, something like identifying them as starfighter-sized ship, or a light-freighter-sized ship, or frigate-sized ship, and so on. Yes, you can sneak into a system with a hyperspace jump, but it requires a certain amount of planning , the correct use of the ship's system and a tad of luck. Whenever we see people sneaking into systems, they proceed in one of the following ways: The enter the system by making a jump in the outskirts of the system, the farthest away from where their enemy is stationed, in order to be as close to out of their enemy's sensor range. They jump very close to something very massive, like a planet (specially gas giants), the rings of a planet, an asteroid belt, a nebula, or any other object that would project a big mass shadow in the hyperspace. They attach themselves to a bigger ship with the proper clearance to enter the system and hitchhiking to their destination. In all cases, the hyperspace jump into the destination system is either followed by the ship's complete shutdown and/or by engaging their ECM cyctems in order to deceive their enemy's sensors. A classic scene in SWU is the "the glitch scene", a scene where a sensor's officer detects the rebels' ship coming out of hyperspace, but since the rebel crew always engage their ECM upon entering the system, the blip of the rebel's ship just flick and disappear, and the Imperial are left wondering if it was a malfunction or something else. Star Wars: Rebels is quite prolific with this kind of scene, a variation of it happens in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, when Finn's team infiltrates Supreme leader Snoake's ship.
  4. Yeah, I suppose it is essentially the same thing. Yesterday I was nearly asleep when I replied, so I skipped some messages.
  5. Using the in universe perspective, the basic sensor functions all seems to have extreme range, it is common to see even small ships like star fighters being able to detect a ship (specially a big one) going out of hyperspace and entering a system, although these informations seems to usually be very basic ones. They can detect a ship, they can tell you it's a big ship or a small one, but usually nothing more than that. On the other hand, when you are in range of most active sensors, you can have far more detailed information, like what kind of ship, what are their shield's and weapon systems status, how many (and sometimes what kind) of sentient beings are on the ship, if there are droids and how many there are. In range you can also interfere in a more active way with the other ship's systems and sensors. So I think that the sensor range is the range in which a ship can actively get detailed information and also influence the sensors of other ships, not just the range for the most basic kind of detection.
  6. That's sort of the problem, as I've been saying all along this thread, that's as far as what is always shown in SWU as it gets. They are transports who could hold their own into aggressive negotiations with the average small smuggling or pirate vessels, nothing more than that. The many times it appeared as patrol craft they were show to be quite easily destroyed by anything with more teeth on it, like starfighters and more heavily armed transports like the Ghost or the Millennium Falcon. This is what FFG folks didn't seem to get from the depiction of these ships in SWU. That is something worth notice, since it is a trait almost always forgotten in game sessions, but I think your reading on this could be a little off, but not by much. If you use the rules as written in Fully Operational, the things that affects most stats are Silhouette and Frame Profile. Frame Profile will give you your base silhouette and base HTT. STT is always shown to be determined as a Silhouette multiplier, as are your encumbrance capacity, your defence, and additional HTT. There is no reason for Gozanti to have such good HTT, STT and Defense, since theoretically it follows the same frame profile as the VCX-100 and the Wayfarer (Medium Freighter) yet, it has the stats of a Corvette profile, which it isn't. Actually sensors in SWU are good enough that a ship with good sensors could detect the power signature of a droid on a completely shut down ship half a star system away. Sneaking wither would rely on active and passive counter measures combined or with complete shut down of all ship's systems.
  7. Actually the C-ROC Gozanti and the regular Gozanti are portrayed in more than one book, including the AoR Core Rulebook. And in both cases they always have their stats so maximized that they could effectively compete with warships that in universe are always shown to be far stronger than them. The stats for the C-ROC (Broken Horn) on the Dawn of Rebellion book are far more realistic with what is portrayed in universe. And come on, you can modify a ferry boat all you want, but it would never become a real Corvette or a Frigate, it may become a very tough armed merchantman/auxiliary cruiser at best, but they would not be as tough as a real warship. This is the problem with the Gozanti and C-ROC Gozanti stats, they have HTT, STT and Defense on par or better than dedicated capital warships, that are not far bigger but, in universe, have far better armour and weapons. That's why the Dawn of the Rebellion stats reflect their role far more realistically than their stats in the previous books. Look into the history of dive bombers, you'll see that they started as fighters with dive breaks and structural reinforcement, the Blackburn Skua was a good example of this transition from standard fighters doing dive bombing to dedicated dive bombers. There was only one generation of dive bombers that were developed from scratch to fill this role, this generation saw the Dauntless, the Avenger, the Junkers Ju 87 "Stuka" and so on. The few dive bombers developed after this only dedicated generation, were usually back to the idea of modifying heavy fighters to be able to do dive bombing. In the end, by 1942 the development of skip bombing made it far easier, cheaper and more combat effective to either use fighter-bombers or regular bombers skip bombing ships en masse, than using dedicated dive bombers or torpedo bombers. This allied with the fact that by then most ships were already fitted with proper defences against dive bombers and torpedo bombers, it made the concept to be pretty much abandoned by that time (1942), Midway was the last big battle that relied heavily in the dive/torpedo bombing concept. In the end dive bombers never strayed too far from their heavy fighter origins to be really set apart as something completely different, in part because the whole concept was shown to be ineffective in long term warfare. With no further development, they never really got to deviate to much from their own origins. As much as I would love to continue this conversation about dive bombers, if you wish to continue I suggest we do it on inbox, since they are rather off-topic.
  8. I don't think that is exactly the case. The whole problem with SW RPG is that no one in LucasFilm really figured out where to put it. Is it a tabletop game? Is it a book? Is it something else? IIRC Hasbro didn't want to pick the WEG SW RPG line when it closed the deal for producing the Prequels trilogy toy and tabletop games line, but at the time Lucasfilm didn't see the SW RPG as published material, they saw it as a kind of board/Table-top game, and the agreement was kind of an all or nothing thing, either Hasbro picked all SW toys and table-top games or it would get nothing. Luckly Hasbro had just bought WotC, and that's how SW RPG would end up in the WotC RPG line. It seems that we are experiencing something similar, after-all is SW RPG just a kind of board-game or should it be considered a book? Lucasbooks releases digital content for and digital versions of their books all the time. But given that there are a multiple game related apps released by FFG, I doubt it would be an issue to release a Character Generator, if that's what they wanted. I think that the most probable reason we don't see anything other than a dice roller, is because with a character generator a lot of people would not have reason to buy the plethora of career books being released by FFG. Most people do not read those books beyond the talents and gear/vehicles sections, if they can get that information without paying for the book, they would never pay for the book.
  9. You'll still have to use the books in order to know, understand and properly use the software. So to me this isn't a reason.
  10. Again I never said the Empire didn't use the Gozanti in the military, just that the C-ROC Gozanti were never used by the Imperial Navy. Just look at Wookieepedia and you'll see that the only mention of them associated with the Empire is that at some point one C-ROC maybe has been used to transport wookiee slaves to the spice mines of Kessel. What I also did say was that Gozanti (in any of its variant) were not used by the Empire as warships and certainly not as capital ships. They were always presented as armed transports and patrol craft and in this capacity the Empire used them prolifically, but not as battleships or capital ships. As far as I know most dive bombers are just air to surface attack fighters, and a fair amount of them, like the A-36 are just standard fighters modified to air-to-surface duties (in A-36 case, the P-51 Mustang). I'm far from an expert on this, but most material I have owned or seen always present dive bombers as a specialized category of fighters. In the end, this discussion is somewhat irrelevant, since the closest thing to a dive bomber present in Star Wars are starfighters armed with proton torpedoes, which is usually the means by which fighters could fight against the big ships. All the times we have seen fighters taking down big ships in SW, they either got an opening to make a targeted proton torpedo attack (or a series of them) to a very specific system whose catastrophic failure leads to the ships's destruction. We have never seen a starfighter destroying anything bigger than a CR90 or Sphyrna-class corvettes with their cannons, they always do it by using proton torpedoes to blow some critical system that in turn destroys the ship.
  11. Really the best you could do is using a fan made movie based on video-game cinematics? As @HappyDaze already replied, that is a standard Gozanti, and I've mentioned before that the normal Gozanti was used as cargo vessel by the Empire as an armed freighter, which is why they were sometimes used to transport AT-AT and AT-DP from capital ships to surface, it was also used as customs patrol duty, and once we even seen a regular Gozanti converted into counter-inteligence vessel for the ISB. The C-ROC Gozanti was never portrayed as a ship used by the Empire, in fact it was never shown to be used by anyone other than smugglers. Even the standard Gozant, which was in fact used by the Empire, was not portrayed as a warship, since a freighter delivering cargo aren't a warship, nor are a customs patrol craft. Do you know that since WWI bombs, torpedos and rockets are the standard weaponry of air fighters, don't you? Japanese Zero's used in kamikaze attacks were usually employed with their maximum bomb payload, nothing more than that. hey just changed the delivery systems. ordinarily the parties involved in battle would fight for battle field control (air, waster or land), and after obtaining it, would either take down the enemy or put on the run. Kamikaze attacks started when Japanese forces were so depleted of ships and planes that they could not really hope to get battle field control, the best they can hope was to make the greatest amount of damage and pray it was enough to make the enemy to give up. For this purpose, they needed another way to deliver their bombs and torpedo payloads that wasn't dependent on getting into a field control position. But in the end, kamikaze attacks were just regular Zeros with their top payload and pilots willing to die for their country. Fighters do sink ships, sincerely it is one of the whole reasons aircraft carriers were created in the first place. Because most of the times, you'll be too far away for regular bombers and fighters to give you support. Since it is not possible to operate a bomber from an aircraft carrier, all air support and air superiority power they need to use have to come from their compliment of fighters, that's why all Navy's attack aircraft were always developed to perform the fighter-bomber role. As I said above, cannons and machine guns usually were not the primary weapons of fighters in WWII, unless you're talking about air superiority and interceptor fighters.
  12. @HappyDaze, The Guardian-class is quite an excellent example, since it performs the same combat role we usually see all Imperial Gozanti ships performing. The difference, as I see is that the Imperial Gozanti are Guardian-class with more room for a boarding party, which is something they've been shown to do from time to time. In the end Gozanti were usually know as Imperial Freighter, which emphasize the idea they are armed merchantman ships, more than anything else.
  13. The problem is that you're willingly ignoring what the term cruiser means in the Star Wars Universe, which is far broader than the definition what's on the dictionary. In the Star Wars Universe, cruiser does not have just these two meanings, and what really counts for a Star Wars-themed RPG is how they are portrayed in the Star Wars Universe. That's why I challenged you to find just one example of a C-ROC Gozanti or even a regular Gozanti described as "designed as a warship", inside the bounds of the Star Wars Universe. Though this is not a very precise classification, this is more or less how warships are classified in the Star Wars Universe (Anaxes War College System), ships with less than 100m aren't even considered capital ships, which is the requirement for a ship to be considered a warship in the Star Wars Universe. The C-ROC has 73m long, it would not classify even as a Light Corvette.
  14. The light carrier configuration is used either to patrol the far reaches of a systems or inter-system patrol, since Tie Fighters lack hyperdrive, this way they could be deployed in farther ranges from their base, the other situation they are portrayed was as part of a cargo convoy, so the Tie Fighters could be used as defence against pirates and other assailants. Once we saw a Gozanti used to haul a pair of AT-AT to surface (but this isn't far from their role as cargo ships). One time it was shown that ISB had modified a Gozanti functioning as a surveillance and counter-intelligence craft, but this one was never meant to be used in combat either. I honestly don't know from where people are getting this notion that Gozanti and C-ROC Gozanti are warships in any capacity.
  15. I couldn't have explained better!!!!! People see the therm cruiser and assume that it refers to the military designation, when it really isn't. The Gozanti's in military use we usually see in Star Wars are either freighters (or other types of cargo ships) or anti-smuggling patrol craft. They were never portrayed as warships in any capacity in any kind of media you look at.
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