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  1. I was excited to see that solo play is available with app support, but I can't justify buying this right now. I feel burned by the paltry support of the Imperial Assault app. I went out and bought the base game and many expansions and most are still not usable despite the app being over a year old now. I feel like Fantasy Flight loves to pump out the physical expansions but launches these digital games and then doesn't properly support them. I'll wait and see.
  2. And FFG officially sucks to leave us hanging like this. Last time I buy into one of their apps. Complete bull.
  3. Im so happy that I rushed out and bought the base game and two expansions, excited that I would be able to play as a solo player. At this point I have lost all interest and moved on. I check the forums now and again to see if there is any updates but I don’t know that I will even purchase any new campaigns for the app. I feel ripped off.
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