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  1. Do we know exactly how many cards will the core set include? The only explanation I found is "over 350" cards but not an exact quote. I ask because there are 5 heroes, each having 15 cards. I also read somewhere that there are 44 neutral cards ... which gives roughly 220 villain cards? or am I missing something? How long until we get the championsdb.com webpage on with all of the spoiled cards?
  2. Elrad did. For some reason I had some problems quoting him/her...but you can still see the post
  3. Where did you get the certainty that decks will be repeated in other languages? First of all, no announcement of other languages has been done...but it is safe to assume it will be eventually printed in other languages. The game is called "Unique deck game" not "Unique deck game in each language". I guess that the algorithm they use to pick the cards of each deck makes sure there are no repetitions (a pseudorandom seed can make sure of that). So, if (for example) they want 10k decks in English and 5k copies in french...then they just need to run the algorithm and produce 15k decks. Use the first 10k for English and the last 5k for French. As others said, when printing in french you replace the image of each card for the French version and...presto! All cards are different even in different languages
  4. You think this has never happened in other card games? FFG's policy is that any "official" card is legal for a tournament (for example, netrunner was translated into 6 languages... any of those 6 was good enough). Other companies may have different policies (I know a Magic shop in germany that only allows german cards for their tournaments), but in general it should not be a problem.
  5. This game seems designed to be played only in tournament mode. At the start everyone gets a new deck, looks through the cards, and tournament starts. You can tweak in many ways. For example, first you have friendly matches for everyone to learn their own deck, drafting to choose decks, any security measures you may want to implement, and so on. But how do you play in a casual non-tournament mode? Say I have played this for a while and I own a few decks. The plan is to go to a club, I pick the one I like to play and my opponent does the same? After a couple of weeks I get tired of it and buy a new one? I miss something to do with the cards of a deck that I have played a few times. Trade? Sell? Use for some unofficial deckbuilding option?
  6. They have not stated that the game will come with the tokens needed to play the game either...but they simply cannot state everything. You have to read between the lines, use common sense and look at the past behaviour.
  7. Why would they spend time making decks if they are not going to sell them afterwards? I agree it is not specifically said bit...when has FFG made exclusive content for Lotr LCG? All of their hard to find quests (like Gen Con missions) have been eventually made available via PoD. Why would this be an exception?
  8. Before you draw your pitchfork read the post in detail. It clearly says "These heroes will eventually enter The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game through standard products" In short, this limited edition only brings nice bling bling. All of the game components will be available afterwards. You find the price (or shipping) too high? Then don't buy. They didn't go via the usual retail because they will make a much smaller print run (and a smaller
  9. I ask you again...do you have any kind of proof for all of your statements? You say "Runewars did not do much", "Destiny is a problem" "Netrunner struggled for a few years", and many claims that I highly doubt. I also disagree that destiny is dying as you say . I am subscribed to several youtubers and they keep on producing videos as usual. I have no idea on this forum as I do not regularly check it, but it has never been super active. Also, the price of singles has no impact at all on FFG since they do not profit from those. Price of singles went down simply because production caught up with demand (which is a very healthy hting for the game). X-wing for sale on target because they are doing a 2.0. What I can tell is WRONG are statements like "Companies are always worried on their quarterly reports". The little I know about business is that buying a license does not hurt them. Sure, you spend money in getting the license, but your company gains an asset worth exactly that much. Another WRONG statement is that "it isn't cheap for FFG to sell everywhere". FFG gets the same profit whether the box is sold at 100 or 50 or 10! FFG sells to a distributer who in turns gives it to shops. If target sells the games for 10$ (which btw it doesnt) it just means that they will not further buy...but FFG still makes profit Bottom line is, you want to be convinced that FFG did not want to renew the license....sure, go ahead. If you want to keep an eye on possible alternatives, then look for all the hints that people posted in this forum.
  10. Do you have any numbers to back up that Destiny has crashed really hard? Or that FFG had no money? or that Netrunner was dying? I only have anecdotal information, but like many others have told you in this thread, Netrunner was thriving and had a more active meta than in previous years. I see SW Destiny being sold everywhere (not only at boardgame stores). This is for me a sign that the game is doing incredibly well. The only one I am sure of is that FFG had no lack of funds. One of the things that Asmodee and its purchase brought was financial stability (big risks like purchasing the dice factory can are much smaller with the support of a larger company behind you).
  11. I am sorry, but do you have an idea of how much money has FFG "poured onto" this game? As in, sure enough they have spent money in developing, playtesting, artists, etc...but is it such a huge investment? Each month they had to pay for some salaries...and each month they got back something. Sure enough, there may have been a peak of work (and cost) with the design of core set 2.0 that they may have not been able to totally amortize, but this is far from being a money sink. The people they have working in Netrunner will simply be sent somewhere else (most likely making a new LCG). Will it be a revamp of Netrunner? Maybe, but ask yourself this: how much difference is there between adapting the "money they poured in this game" to make another netrunner-like game that does not infringe on existing IPs and simply creating a completely new game altogether? Simply put, why limit to making yet another cyberpunk game when there are so many other themes they could choose from?
  12. I do not think it is 12. From the looks of it you have 4 big archetypes (warrior, mage, scout and healer), and I guess that each archetype has 3 specializations? They do not explain, but the image shows a card called "clobber" that looks like a warrior specialization. I cannot make out the text, but maybe someone with keener eyes can?
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