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  1. Thanks all, I'll be sure to include all relevant dice then. Just to check, this doesn't apply to characters that you are running single die versions of (but have elite options)? I.e I can run one die Wedge and only need to bring one die?
  2. Hi there In the official tournament rules it states you must have one dice per card in your deck. Does this apply to unique cards? So if I have a unique upgrade like Maul’s Lightsaber, I could only ever have one copy in play and therefore only ever need one die. Do I have to have 2 dice for the tournament anyway?
  3. Thank you joshstix that is a fantastic explanation.
  4. Literally my last question now sorry! In Poe/Maz, I have a Rex's Blaster Pistol on Poe. I play Hit and Run to activate Poe. Ambush gives me an additional action but Rex's Blaster Pistol lets me activate another character if I control the battlefield (which I do). My question is could I use the Hit and Run ambush to put a Maz's Goggles on Maz, and then use the Rex's Blaster Pistol effect to activate her? Or is there a certain order it all plays out?
  5. Perfect thank you! I was going to start a new thread for another question I have on a different deck (Rey Han) but wondered if you could help with that too? If I play a vibroknife on Rey (or any other ambush weapon), can she take 2 further actions (one with ambush, one with her ability)? Thanks again
  6. Hi all I'm new to the game and building a new MazPoe deck. I am using Emperor's Throne Room as my battlefield. My question is, If I claim the battlefield to resolve my die as a special (which I'd do for Poe's die), and then discard Pirate Speeder Tank with Poe's special to resolve it's own special...the final part of that special is to take an additional action. Can I do this? I was thinking because I'd claimed the battlefield, I wouldn't be able to as you can't take any further actions after claiming? I have another quick question with this deck too. Can C-3PO resolve one of Poe's die to a special? What if it was showing 2 ranged damage? Can that resolve to a special or does it have to be a blank (because the value is 0 as with a special) Thanks in advanced.
  7. Thank you so much. No idea why I had target locks in the question of defence dice!
  8. Hi there I am new to X-Wing and loving it so far. I have a few questions though that I *think* I know the answers to...but would love clarification: 1. When performing a manoeuvre that causes the manoeuvre template to leave the play area, but my ship starts and ends completely on the battlefield...is this allowed and the ship doesn't get destroyed? My thought: yes this is allowed. 2. Can I use a focus and evade in the same defence dice roll? So focus to change eye balls and then evade to add an evade? Could I also use a target lock before all that to re roll the blanks? My thought: yes this is allowed. 3. With secondary weapons, can you use target locks and focus as normal? So I can still change the dice results just as with primary attacks? My thought: yes this is allowed. 4. If another ship (ship A) moves first and bumps in to my ship (ship B), I know that ship A can't take an action. However, if my ship B then executes his manoeuvre and ends up away from other ships, can I take an action? Is it the bumper not the bumpee that can't take an action only? My thought: the ship that does the bumping is the ship that can't take an action so in this example, ship B could take an action. Thank you in advanced! Gemma
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