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  1. I'm going to mostly endorse @Truthiness's statements about running it. I've been running little but the Hawk since the cardboard was spoiled a few months ago. I've always been of the opinion that aggressive bids and lists that need to go first or second are a trap. Someone will always outbid you and I don't like the risk of meeting them and getting screwed because I didn't win the bidding war. You do want some kind of answer to fast lists. I don't think your opponent running away all day is *that* big a risk, because people still want to play the game and giving someone first and running away for a 6-5 isn't a good path to making tournament cuts. I think you need some combination of speed control, good objectives, and either squads or fast smalls. Rogues- particularly Lando, Ketsu, and 2400s- work quite well with the ship. My current squad ball is Lando/Ketsu/Tycho/Shara/Dash/2x2400. I think I like it better overall, but the Onager does quite well at hammering the hawk as it closes in. Due to the risk of tabling, I think there's a potential case to be made for having a small ship. If your opponent wants to kill the Hawk, they need to decide to do so early and play with that in mind. An additional threat can draw some fire from the Hawk and help keep it alive, while giving you a ship that can stay at the edges of the fight to mitigate tabling risk. I agree the ship can be kinda boring. The max speed 2 is kinda unnecessary. I'd have just given it speed 3 with a terrible nav chart, personally. It probably requires a bit more skill than the Onager to use well. Its double arcs are quite easy to line up, but a bit less trivial than the Onager's "point my flashlight in their general direction." Because you can attack past long range the ignition arc is actually quite generous, and you can activation pad it pretty well. You can do the flight controllers bomber list thing, but I think it's higher risk due to the low activation count and slicer tools risk. If you're running 134 in rogues, there's not really a bad command to be sliced into. My favorite bomber build right now is probably Agate H1MC80 with B-Wings and AFFM.
  2. Beating double hawk is actually relatively straightforward. The ship is slow with poor maneuverability and without Agate is much more fragile than you would think. You're not going to get the table, but you can pretty reasonably ignore the flagship and gang up on the second hawk. The thing to remember about the Hawk is it's not actually exceptionally dangerous unless it's getting double arcs and salvo. Ignoring it is a very viable approach.
  3. My view is that Magnites are insufficient on their own. One of difficulties the Hawk runs into is opponents refusing to fight it and running away, so you want some extra speed control tech to keep them slow once you Magnite them. The speed zero trap has a lot of moving parts, so I think it's better off as a happy accident if you can get it off, but phylons and slicers are imperative to make it hard for your opponent to speed back. They also make it harder for ships like Demo to get into black dice range. The Hawk REALLY doesn't like APT crits. I think you probably need at least one phylon ship and ideally a slicer flot in the list to help strip nav tokens for the Magnites to work. With near maxed squads I don't think ATN gives you much. Only two of them are naturally heavy, and your opponent is more likely to try to fight through your squad screen than intel them and go for the ship. Further, between Unity, LTT, and Salvo, doing so would be a blunder. I'm also of the view you really want a few points of bid with the Hawk. It can go first or second, but definitely has a preference depending on the matchup (more often going second than first, in my opinion, with objectives to make them come to you). Leading shots is a great choice for the ship, but I also think ICB and HIE are solid. HIE works great with your ease of double arcs, while ICB has token stripping synergy.
  4. Hi Everybody! Elan Morin Tedro/Jeebus/Kyle here again reporting on the Chicago Prime tournament at Pastimes in Niles and my first attempt to get a ticket to Worlds 2020. You may or may not remember me from my previous report from Worlds 2019 where I fought my way through conspiracy theories to bring my main man Gial to the second day of my first real tournament. After Rebellion in the Rim dropped, I experimented with and considered bringing a modernized fish farm. Only one person in my local play group has an SSD and he's a (phenomenally skilled) player with a more casual mindset, so I hadn't been able to practice against it much as I'd like- particularly against the popular builds. I abandoned it after realizing an SSD would just blow up my flagship on round 4 and have a substantial chance of tabling me outright. I wanted to bring a strong all-takers list, so I improved my old Worlds List with Rebellion in the Rim (RitR) objectives and upgrades, since I knew it could handle most any matchup including the SSD. My old list's biggest weakness, Imperial Two Ship, has drastically fallen out of favor, which was another positive sign for it. Enter: The Halibut and His Harem My flagship remained unchanged from Worlds 2019 and is a pretty standard Ackbar pickle build. I'm still liking Home One as a title, because it makes the red dice for Jaina's Light and the MC75 quite reliable. With the advent of the SSD, accuracy generation and token stress has become a lot more important. Additionally, a lack of Two Ship means I no longer felt the need to include Bail in my list. This let me replace QBTs on the MC75 with Quad Turbolaser Cannons, an upgrade I card I used to consider dubious due to the lack of MSU or flotilla spam. I tested it out on a suggestion from @Formynder4, and found it was expensive, but quite good with the Home One title. Home One lets me change one of my dice to an accuracy for QTCs to add another die, so the ship has a guaranteed 6 dice with 2 accuracies on every attack if I want it with a nontrivial chance of 3 accuracies if I want them. This is really helpful against SSDs because as long as the 75 isn't making the first attack with Ackbar (or if it has a double arc!) against an SSD, I can lock down its good tokens to make my opponent decide about discarding tokens. I knew I wanted to bring Ezra. He's my absolute favorite, and quite possibly the strongest upgrade card in RitR. At Worlds, my Contested Outpost got screwed up by an Interdictor 2 ship +1 with Grav Shift Reroute, and in my local games he's been a huge boon. He can yank a space station away from your opponent, throw an asteroid in their way, or move a purrgil closer to your ships so you can start scoring Hyperspace Migration with more ships sooner. Unfortunately, this meant I had to drop officer Leia and her command fixing. This is non-trivial in long events where you get tired and inevitably make mistakes. As I had two points left, I put a skilled first officer on my MC75 for budget dial fixing, leaving me with a one point bid. For objectives, I took Advanced Gunnery for obvious reasons and Hyperspace Migration because it's an abusively strong farming objective (especially when combined with Ezra) that needs to be errated. Asteroid Tactics is definitely the weakest of the lot (and one I will likely replace), but being able to land on asteroids with impunity and regain spent/discarded defense tokens is nice when I've put so many points into two ships and the exogorths can help keep squads under control. Game One: My first game was against John Thomson, who was my partner for the team game on the last day of Worlds 2019. John was running a Raddus list with a huge 26 point bid. He had a Mon Karren flagship with a Bright Hope Comms Net flotilla. For the Raddus drop, he had a Mc75 Ordnance Profundity with APTs and Ordnance Pods instead of External Racks, which he admitted was a bad swap. If you're going squadless, just double down on killing the carriers. When the Profundity jumps in, it births Cham's Honor with Ex Racks to unload dice into an unlucky recipient and screw all their dials. With his bid, he took player 1 and chose to play asteroid tactics. He deployed his Liberty and flotilla going speed 3 rushing towards me. With my strategic advisor and going second, I could force him to activate all his ships before any of mine prior to his drop. This let me me kite his Liberty and force a round 3 drop, destroying his flotilla with my MC75's guaranteed double accuracies at long range and putting 4 hull damage into his Liberty before he could even drop. He dropped on round 3, and unloaded a bunch of dice into my MC75, which responded by destroying Garel's Honor and severely wounding the Profundity. On Round 4, the Profundity finished off my MC75 before being destroyed by Home One. Over rounds 5 and 6, I almost destroyed Mon Karren, but on round 6 officer Lando rerolled my 7 damage (which would have destroyed his ship) into 4, allowing him to brace and escape- netting me a 7-4 win. Game 2: My second game was against Josh Piggott, who drove up from Missouri. I'd never met Josh, but I knew he snagged a 7-4 win against Nick Litrenta in round 1. Nick took 3rd at Worlds 2018 and won the spring 2019 Atlanta regional, so I knew he wasn't going to be a slouch. This game was an Ackbar mirror match. Josh was only running three of my most-hated Rebel ship, the Assault Potato MkII. Each ship had ECMs, XI7s, an intel officer, and I believe gunnery teams. Because I had him substantially out-activated, I took player 1 and picked his rift ambush. Truth be told, this is an objective I haven't had enough time to play (which is part of why I didn't bring it myself), but Ezra's ability to throw the rift in front of your opponent is extremely potent and it was something we'd talked about doing locally even if it hadn't happened in a live game. I deployed Jaina's Light at the edge of my deployment zone in Ezra range of the rift at speed zero due to the rift. Josh either forgot or chose not to do a speed 1 maneuver on one of my ships. Jaina kept the token because I wanted to wait to spring the trap, moving ahead slowly due to the rift, while my big ships maneuvered around the obstacles to and put their guns on two of his potatoes because I had more dice, more activations, and better dice fixing tools. Unfortunately, his squads denied me my ideal rift movement and I had to put it farther to the side than I would have liked. Some precise movement got me into this position, carefully avoiding the asteroid with my Home One. I probably tossed Jaina's redirect too soon, and sped up to 4 instead of engineering, trying to escape his 2400s. She was unsuccessful and blew up during the squadron phase of round 4 or 5. I destroyed the closest Assault Potato, I got my MC75 up to speed 3 and behind his assault frigates while my Home One cut in towards them to hammer them as they approached the rift. My ships easily destroyed the closest assault frigate, which had been weathering most of my fire. The middle assault frigate put itself on course to overlap the rift trying to avoid ramming his flagship, which led to its swift demise. Josh's flagship then ran away at speed 3 and took maybe one shot all game. I destroyed 198 in assault frigates and lost the 56 point Jaina's Light for an 8-3 win. Game 3: Game 3 was an absolute BLAST of a game and a real nail biter against Fair Game's Jack Otto/Jotto Otts's SSD. He had a JJ Ravager with LTTs, leading shots, intel officer, SW-7s, and some other goodies with two flotillas (one repair crews, one comms net, and one of them had officer Vader). He gave me first player and I picked his infested fields objective. Having been screwed pretty hard by this objective's obstacle movement playing Nick Litrenta at the charity tournament a few weeks prior, I spread out the obstacles as far as I could, placing Jaina's Light near one of them at speed one while my big ships were near the middle of the board. My 75 was a bit behind the Home One in deployment. His SSD came at me hard while his flotillas ate obstacles to collect victory tokens. Jaina gradually accelerated to speed 4 to flank the SSD and his flotillas, while my 75 moved to head off the SSD. On round 2, it took a long range Ackbar shot into the SSD's primary side arc, then lodged itself double arcing the SSD in its front arc while receiving a single arc in return at close range. I damned near pissed myself when it took a 10 or 11 damage shot from Ravager at medium range. I tossed my brace due to the intel officer, then activated it first on the next round. I unloaded both arcs into the SSD. My front arc shot saw him spend a brace and redirect, which let me blow ex racks on the side arc shot and use Home One/QTCs for two guaranteed accuracies to lock down his good tokens and caused him to blow a brace. The 75 had an engineering dial, so it wasn't able to avoid the double arc and got murdered to death in the SSD's next activation along with my flotilla. An unfortunate ram had put one of Jack's flotillas at 2 damage and the other healed itself instead of the SSD, so Jaina's Light was able to kill the closer flotilla with a medium range Ackbar shot and ram the remaining flotilla to death, denying him Choke Daddy Vader rerolls. Home One then took its shot and moved to start getting out of the SSD's front arc. I did some math and determined Home One could survive one more front arc shot from the SSD and activated Jaina's Light because it was in the greatest danger of death. The SSD activated, both ships (barely survived) then I was able to last + first with my Home One. My last activation did substantial damage to the SSD, and the side arc shot of my first activation left it with 1 hull point to be finished off by my rear arc. The Home One/QTC combo had done its job, with the lack of a redundant brace being tremendously helpful for finishing off the SSD. It died, having used every single point of hull and shields on the entire ship, netting me an 8-3 with a MOV of 214 because he scored 30 more objective points than me. It was an extremely fun and challenging game. Just an absolute blast for both of us. Jack played it really well and I was confident I was going to lose up until I got the last first at the end of the game. I ended the tournament in 3rd place with 23 tournament points, having avoided some rough pairings (for example, CGYSO's Eric Taylor was paired with Nathan Coda in round 1, which saw 5 different people score 10-1s and a 6th score a 9-2. I was extremely happy with (and frankly surprised by) this outcome. Chicago has a lot of very strong players, and the winner, Andy Graber, is a phenomenal player who drove down from Minneapolis and also played in the charity tournament at Pastimes a few weeks ago.
  5. I'm liking it a lot so far. I think skilled spacers is a bit strong for Rebels, since their uniques have a pretty easy time killing TIEs. A house rule we're playing with is that large based ships count for half points if you deal half damage to them. Our logic was that the SSD is over half your fleet in a standard game, difficult to destroy outright, and provides half points if it loses half its hull. In RitR, an ISD is over half your points at the start of the game and will be at the end unless you keep it bare bones. It's also extremely hard to destroy outright in a 250 point game, so we think this is a good move for balance.
  6. I'll keep the redundant commentary going! The statements about timing and relative risk to Bail and Pryce are spot on. The one comment I haven't seen made yet is that Bail makes going second less bad, while Pryce makes going first even stronger. Differences in durability, natural dice arcs, and available upgrades mean the AFMK2 has a harder time leveraging that first action to deal a lot of damage and get out safely (especially if it wants to use a squadron dial to maximize its burst). The MC75 works extremely well with Bail, but Strategic Adviser is generally a better choice. I took him to Worlds and he did well for me, but he was part of my 2-ship insurance given I was running a 4 ship squadless fleet.
  7. Respectfully disagree. Home One is a great title and ship, but the MC75 is the new core Ackbar conga line ship because it has natural speed 3 and gives a sensible chuckle if someone heads it off and blocks it. That said, MC75 + Home One + Jaina's Light + Leia/Comms net gets work done. The MC75 definitely wants leading shots so it can reroll its blacks if needed. If someone wants to run Ackbar potatoes, LTTs are definitely the way to go.
  8. As you quoted, I explicitly said it's not plagiarism- rather, that you did not adequately credit those you "draw inspiration from." Obi-Wan is less "similar to existing content" than "functionally identical with a different points cost." When you've already seen someone else's work and implement something almost identical, like with the cargo slot, it's hard to argue it's trivially inspired. There are lawsuits over stuff like this all the time in the music industry where someone releases a song with similar beats/chord progressions and there are battles over whether or not the earlier release is entitled to royalties. What you, apparently, completely and utterly fail to understand is that not all references or citations are created equal. You have a brief mention in a forum post publicizing your project thanking the lead person on a previous effort for a similar project when there are frequent major similarities between the end results. There is no mention of them in the actual documentation, which only attributes the work to you and Monolyth. Given the degree of similarity and amount of work involved (and since you evidently thought it proper to mention their contributions in the forum post), it is more than appropriate to mention DiabloAzul and the overall Armada Shipyards project (which involved more people than just him) in your 'history of the project' section. At the end of the day, this stuff can't be sold so nobody is being harmed financially. It's not the end of the world- but your doubling down on your inadequate crediting of their work is wholly inappropriate. It's really not hard- grow up and rewrite the history of the project section to directly credit the Armada Shipyards team (even as a group) and their contributions or inspirations or what have you. Include a link to their Wordpress so folks can look up their work if they want. Note how their own 'about' page explicitly credits different people for the work they put into the project. Your own work is clearly heavily inspired by them at times and a downright copy in others. They absolutely have a right to be credited for their work. https://armadashipyards.wordpress.com/about/ You didn't break any laws, but what you did is still wrong. They deserve proper citation.
  9. ...wat? I just looked a bit at the actual content. Most of the ships appear to have slight changes (such as the different nav charts and the extra side red die on the Acclamator), but others are effectively straight rips. Compare, for example, the commanders Obi-Wan: Vs It's probably not strictly plagiarism as you do credit the source somewhat, but what you've shared is incredibly derivative of their work from a few years ago. This isn't "ps thanks for the assets," so much as "DA et al. should be listed as co-creators." This would be like a collaborator letting me see their data, running a couple more experiments, and scooping their story with a slightly different one- only to mention them in passing in the acknowledgements. Your attribution borders on misleading. By all appearances, the folks at Armada Shipyards put substantially more work into their project. Then you folks came along, swapped out some numbers and upgrade slots and called it your own. Yes, you had permission to use that work, and maybe they should have been clearer about what kind of attribution they expected, but your citation is completely and wholly inadequate in the face of the scale of the "reused assets." They ABSOLUTELY should be listed in the document itself as contributors, ideally with a specific breakdown somewhere of what you used and how. The way you phrase it, it sounds like they had a handful of screenshots they said you could use, which is not at all what appears to have happened. For some additional clarity and a more convenient link on the Obi-Wan commander: https://armadashipyards.wordpress.com/2015/10/10/obi-wan-kenobi/
  10. A few thoughts: Diplomat is a bonkers ability. Most of the squadrons that carry it don't have any anti-squad dice to begin with, and the way it's worded, it prevents every enemy squadron at distance 1 of its target from attacking. This will slow down the squadron game into an absolute crawl. Naboo starfighters are too fragile. They have shields; they shouldn't be as fragile as TIEs. Eta-2s are also too fragile, and should probably have 4 hull. ARC-170s are pretty well-balanced and costed. Acclimators look pretty reasonable at a glance. Venators look over-priced and need more rear shields. That 19 point Munificent title has some issues. Depending on the version, you're paying 19 points to turn a 65 point ship into a dedicated flak boat to spawn a 7 point squadron with 2 blue anti-squad. I think the vulture droids are appropriately designed/costed, but being able to activate 8 of them from one ship (especially if it can take flight controllers) is probably way too strong. I think a better droid rule to encourage swarms would be letting you activate 1 for free for every two that are activated normally. Double scatter Palpatine shuttle with 5 hp? Oh god, no. The Eta-2 and Jedi aces are overcosted and have counter-synergy in some of their abilities. Anakin, for instance, has counter 3 (really wants to get into engagement, but will quickly if they get any accuracies) and snipe 3 (very good at contributing without being engaged). Squadron Obi-Wan is also overpriced, at 28 points for a rogue intel scatter ace with the ability to toggle non-droid non-force-sensitive squadrons. Eta-2s as a general concept are flown by Jedi, but are more expensive, don't hit as hard as TIE-Interceptors, and die just as easily-- plus counter and snipe have anti-synergy. Admiral Yoda: Way too strong and way too cheap. This is a fleet-wide redundant shielding with a better version of TFA. If you pair him with STM!, you can basically discount 2 damage every time an enemy ship attacks. Combined with brace, this is bonkers good. Mace Windu: Also too strong. He'll make Consulars reliably hit for 3 damage off 2 dice with TRCs, and black dice ships like Acclamators will be similarly nuts. With two weapons teams, you can use ordnance experts rerolls, then spend tokens as necessary to guarantee 6 black dice damage on a 69 point ship. If you compare this effect to Lando, in order to fix a die, he has to straight up discard a token. Officer Yoda: This is a massive negative play experience. Think of how much people raged against Gallant Haven Biggs Balls before it was errataed. Now turn it into a distance 5 effect. This is going to make your scatter aces (most of which are force-sensitive) almost unkillable. Commander Anakin: Global grit and BCC that doesn't need the bomber keyword. This is bonkers for squadron-heavy fleets. Between Anakin, Officer Yoda, and squadron Obi-Wan, you'll have an unkillable intel scatter ace with bombers that are impossible to tie down between grit and intel and rerolls that don't require a support ship.
  11. I think the damage spikes would be problematic against generics. Not being able to move without a squadron command would be a drawback, but if you can send 6 of them with the droid controller upgrade you envision, that could be super nasty. Anti-squad rerolls are a little bit better for red dice than blues (0.81 average damage with rerolls compared to 0.75). Attacking with 3 reds, there's a 1/3 chance of rolling a double hit. If you can fling 6 vulture droids in a single activation, you've got a good chance of getting a double hit in 2 of those activations. With swarm being an informed reroll, you'll be able to choose one of the (quite frequent) blanks. Where the droid controller upgrade would go matters. It would probably need to be a weapons team, otherwise flight controllers + AFFM! with 3 red and a blue from 6 squads each would be a super nasty alpha strike. Even without flight controllers, it's still potentially pretty strong (if very swingy). Rebels kinda sorta have access to this kind of alpha strike, but realistically you're looking at 4, maybe 5 headhunters, and it doesn't really fit with their typical squadron doctrine. At the end of the day, I don't want vultures to be capable of the big damage spikes of red dice, even if they're unlikely. I don't think it's thematic for a dirt cheap squadron of vulture droids to get lucky and instagib a squadron of X-Wings or ARC-170s. I want them to be consistently worse than Z-95s and be more of a horde of mooks that needs to get ground down.
  12. I think this would be too strong. That would have the same average but swingier damage output than blues, just less likely to roll an accuracy. I envision vulture droids as proper trash mobs- either 2 blues or 2 reds (maybe with access to some kind of cheaper flight controllers in a different upgrade slot?), with 1 blue or 1 red anti-ship non-bomber and dirt cheap.
  13. Hiya, everybody! Elan Morin Tedro reporting in with my Worlds report. Some of you folks may know me as Jeebus on the Discord or Kyle in real life. I’m a grad student based in the Land of Cheese (Wisconsin) who started playing Armada in March 2018 and made the trip down to Adepticon for my first proper tournament at Worlds. Madison has a small, but strong miniatures gaming community- my most frequent opponent made top 16 at Worlds last year and we have the Runewars (RIP) World Champion- so I wanted to test my mettle against the wider world of Armada players. Locally, I’m known for a few things: my love of Admiral Ackbar and large-based ships, my pathological hatred of the Assault Potato MkII, and my tendency to run either max squads or zero squads, with rarely anything in between. Most of us hadn’t been playing much Armada for a few months before Worlds due to the lack of news, so I knew I would need to run a list I knew how to fly and wouldn’t need much practice for. As a result, I took a modified version of the list that won me our (small) store championship. Overall, I did better than I expected- making it to day 2 and placing 36th overall despite dropping before my final game. There had been a last-minute drop, I wasn’t going to get top 16, and wanted a chance to check out the vendor hall, so I dropped to even out the player count, get my challenge coin, and ogle the SSD. Enter: The Fish-Man and His Wife Theory of the list: It’s a straightforward Ackbar build. Jaina can still Ackbar obstructed targets, the H1MC80A is downright nasty with Ackbar, and the MC-75 Armored Cruiser makes for a great lead ship in a conga line. I have QBTs to get blues for leading shots and controlling my opponent’s speed. Home One gets me two guaranteed accuracies every round if my ships stay within distance 5 of my flagship. If Jaina stays at distance 5 of the flagship, she hits way harder than she has any right to and is good at killing flotillas or flanking. Bail is there because of Pryce and Imperial 2-Ship’s popularity. I think 4 activations is a good place to use strategic advisor- it’ll get you closer to activation parity against moderately MSU fleets, and against pure 2-ship lists it means I can delay activating my combat ships until after the other player has done all of theirs. 2-ship was my biggest fear, since my local community has been slow lately and nobody had experience with. I knew this archetype and rebel bombers (particularly Rieekan aceholes) would be my biggest threats. AG is there for obvious reasons, Contested Outpost is amenable to toilet bowls, and Corona mitigates my deployment disadvantage. Game 1: My first opponent was a Canadian in an Infowars shirt running a squad-heavy Ackbar fleet without BCC. He took second player, so I gave him advanced gunnery and chose to go for the table since he only had an H1MC80C and TRC90 for combat ships. I screwed up in deployment by having my CR90 too far off to the side- it wouldn’t join the battle until the very end after the game was effectively over. That didn’t matter much, though- at the end of turn 2, his TRC was at medium range of my MC-75. His bombers focused the 75, but rolled a few blanks (this is why BCC is stapled to Rebel max-squadron lists, kids!). It survived the AG double tap, moved some shields with an engineering dial, and scooted away. I tabled him on turn 4-5, but his dice stopped acting up during the final squadron phase, letting his bombers blow up my flagship, preventing my 10-1. Fluoridated Water: 8, Alex Jones: 3 Game 2: Game 2 was against a guy from Omaha, Nebraska running Rieekan Aceholes MSU. This was a rough game. He gave me player 1 and I chose planetary ion cannon. Riding high off game 1, I was stupid and overly aggressive, moving my MC80 too far forward, stupidly thinking I’d be able to finish off Adar Talon on a hammerhead. He moved in, his bombers did their job while his VCX made sure he got full use of the objective. When it was all said and done, I had traded both my big ships for a hammerhead and barely avoided a tabling. Children of the Corn: 9, Ackbar and Friends: 2 Game 3: Game 3 was against Matt, whom I would later play against in the team game on Sunday. He was running a variation on Imperial 2-ship: Thrawn interdictor, Quasar, Tua/ECM gozanti with aces. He took player 1 and selected contested outpost for the objective, using the Interdictor to move the station closer to the middle of the board. I ultimately wasted too much effort trying to kill his interdictor, which had engineering dials for days and used Thrawn to push squads. I should’ve killed the Quasar and ran, but ended up trading one of my big ships for it while his Interdictor got away scott free. Blue Man Group: 8, Fish Fry: 3 Game 4: At this point, I was exhausted and annoyed with myself for making dumb mistakes in my games. I only had 13 tournament points, so I knew I needed a big win to even have a shot at making Day 2 (frankly, I wouldn’t have made it if not for the drops, but I was unaware of them at the time). Fortunately, I got exactly what I needed. My last opponent was from the Chicago suburbs running a very strange imperial 2-ship list with a few firesprays thrown in. He gave me second player and chose Contested Outpost. As we were setting up, we were both talking about how we needed big wins, so I was confused and (frankly) a bit perturbed that he deployed very passively: his ISD-II was at speed 1, his Quasar was at the back of his deployment area perpendicular to his ISD, and he set Pryce on the ISD for turn 4. Early on, he Thrawned and launched his bombers, focusing fire and destroying my flotilla. My TRC90 was in range of Home One, taking potshots at his ISD while moving try to catch the Quasar before the game ended. On turn 3, I received a gift from above. In what I can only describe as a massive blunder, for his first activation my opponent spent a token to jump his ISD to speed 3, parking it at close range and of my MC-75 and medium range of both the Home One and my TRC90, while his Quasar was out of squadron activation range despite boosted comms. My TRC90 got to Ackbar slash his quasar and ISD, my MC-75 unloaded a close range broadside into it before ending its activation at close range of the Quasar, then my Home One finished off the ISD. At this point, he concerned because I was going to table him: my MC-75 was at close range of the Quasar with Bail set to turn 5 and the Quasar wasn’t going to escape my TRC90’s side arc with two full rounds of shooting left and only his rogue squadrons able to do work. With multiple rounds of outpost, I ended with a 400 point MOV and a 10-1. Ackbar: 10, Speedy Gonzales: 1 I ended with 23 tournament points, along with 9 other people. Fortunately, I had the second highest MOV at 605, ending the day in the #39 spot and advancing to Day 2. Game 5: My penultimate game was against a Texan running a squadless Jerjerrod fleet with an ISD, Demo, 2 flotillas, and a Raider. My dice were rolling hot at long range at the start of the game, almost killing his Raider and severely weakening his Gladiator. Eventually, Demo got to last+first my Home One and park in front of it with 3 hull and 2 shields to redirect to and Avenger right next door. If I could destroy it, my flagship would use its nav dial and engine techs to scoot around the ISD, out of its front arc, and escape burning but alive. Despite QBTs and rerolls, Demo survived my Home One with one hull point remaining, dying to the ram before Avenger finished it off. My 7-4 win had turned into a 7-4 loss. Texas Black Dice Massacre: 7, Pray the Pain Away: 4 Game 6: My last game was against a different Nebraskan named Nathan. He was running a squadless Motti with a Kuat, Tua/ECM/Slicer tools Gozanti, comms net Gozanti, raider, and Demo. We both knew we weren’t going to get top 16, so it was a pretty casual game. He bought me a beer at the start, and I returned the favor after. I was player 2 with contested outpost. He bumrushed me while I chipped away at him. Demo’s APTs pulled Disengaged Fire Control on my MC-75 while all its shots would have been obstructed, but I fixed it with the engineering dial I had lined up. His Kuat jumped to speed 3 and parked itself in front of my MC-75, while I finished off his raider and Demo. My Home One executed the mythical speed zero maneuver to avoid ramming the MC-75. He eventually destroyed the MC-75, but the Kuat was smoking. After the Home One’s activation, it was at 2 hull at medium range of my TRC90, which finished it off for a 9-2 win in a very fun game. Bonus: Team Game I heard there would be prizes for Sunday’s team game, so I found a partner named John and we worked out a strategy while waiting to get seated at Kooma’s Corner with a large group of Armada players. We settled on Rieekan/Ackar with big ships. He would take Rieekan with two MC-75 Ordnance Cruisers to jam down the opponent’s throats, while my Ackbar 75 Armored and 80 Assault Home One would orbit the battle. Our objectives were close-range intel scan (to farm tokens with Home One), fleet ambush (because we had lots of red dice, it would mitigate our deployment disadvantage against squads, and we could bumrush the other person if given a good opportunity), and solar corona. Matt’s fleet had a Thrawn Interdictor, 2 gozantis and squads, while his partner (evidently one of tORJ's hosts) had a Motti ISD, some flotillas and a bunch of squads. They took player 1 and picked fleet ambush. John’s Rieekan ships pushed into the middle while Ackbar went around. The squads, Interdictor, and ISD picked apart Rieekan before the Interdictor ran away. In exchange, we crippled the ISD and blew up one of Matt’s Gozantis. With my partner tabled, I finished off the ISD, evening the tablings. Despite some shoddy navigating on my part after not sleeping at all the night before, the squads were unable to finish off my MC80 by the end of Round 6. Each team had someone get tabled, while of the remaining players, Matt had lost a Gozanti and I hadn’t lost anything. Ahab & Ishmael: 6, The Real Alphas: 5 Gameplay conclusions: The Fish-Man and his Wife did pretty well, going 3-3 overall. Very few games were close, particularly against squadron-heavy builds. You can go squadless at tournaments and succeed, but only with certain fleet archetypes and they have very little margin of error. Activation-order modifying cards are extremely strong. My personal view is that Pryce is absolutely horrendous for the health of the metagame, while Strategic Officer is less bad but still not good. I don't like Bail's existence, but he's the most benign in my view. In a game where people already bid heavily for first player, Pryce makes it even stronger while only being a risky choice on turn 2 against very specific kinds of fleets. Strategic Adviser removes a lot of the activation disadvantage on large ships and makes it hard to justify other officers. Bail only mitigates the disadvantage of going second on one turn, can be disastrous if he's set for the wrong turn, and it's harder to predict which turn you want to use him. Overall, the weekend was a blast. I got some neat acrylics/alt arts (including an awesome turn counter!), met a bunch of Discord folks in person for the first time, and made new friends. I did better than I’d expected, and was quite pleased to finish in the top 40 despite only playing for a year and this being my first real tournament. I can’t wait until the 2019 Regionals season starts so I can try to meet up with people again.
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