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  1. Check out first Edition Seventh Seas they have a boat load of fighting styles. make sure it is f 1rst ed 2nd does away with the fighting styles
  2. With the new series on the way, has any one done a write up of the The Dark Crystal.
  3. @GM Hooly I have been enjoying your podcast and was wondering if you are going to release the materials so other can play in this wonderfully fun and dark setting.
  4. Oh man!!! I thought you were talking about Scion Comim from Crossgen. That would be freaking amazing! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scion_(comics)
  5. Here is my first and most likely the most difficult. Saurton Brawn 2 Agility 2 Intellect 2 Cunning 2 Willpower 2 Presence 2 XP 100??? Wound Threshold: 11 + Brawn Strain Threshold: 8 + Willpower XP ??? Skills Resilience 1 Special Abilities Disease Resistant: Upgrade All Resiliance Rolls vs Disease Disease Carrier: When a bleeding Saurton Character is Engaged with a another character that is bleeding. That character should make a Average Resilaince with setback dice equal to the Saurton’s ranks in resiliance. Alternatively a disease can be spread at anytime a Despair is rolled. * This is a disadvantage and should be used as such. Description The Saurton are thin, golden-skinned bipedal reptiles. Tall, strong, and quick they posses great stamina and a feirce hunting instinct. They are warm blooded, and can survive in cool weather, but also lay eggs. They agressive and combative, and generlly not well liked by other species. The Saurton advanced immune system allows them to avoid the diseases that plague othe species. Due to this, the saurton can reside in unsannitary conditions with no adverse effects, and they often are carriers of disease. Picture from the Alien Encounters book by WEG
  6. Hey all I'm in the process of converting some of my favorite Species from the D6 system over to FFG. I've looked at a lot of the species guides on here and have not seen many conversions.
  7. I just moved to the area and would love to play.
  8. i was building NPC for another GM I know we had 500 xp to play with so was making them a Bounty Hunter Gadgeteer turned Gunslinger. Both of the Specializations have Deadly Accuracy. Is it a ranked Talent? Would you make a PC choose a second skill if they picked it up a second time? Or would you let the damage be added a second time? example: NPC has Ranged Light skill of 4 wpn damage of 6 adds with the first Deadly Acc add +4 dmg with a second Deadly Acc add another +4dmg? I'm mostly curious how others would handle this.
  9. how often can Deadly Accuracy be used. The wording on it is vague. Deadly Accuracy Tier: 4 Activation: Passive Ranked: Yes When acquired, choose 1 combat skill. Add damage equal to ranks in that skill to one hit of successful attack made using that skill. May not choose the same skill more than once. Source:
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