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  1. Would it make sense to allow a boost for Mass Combat when using this function?
  2. With Battle Meditation it states that u can give simple orders, exactly what does that mean? Give maneuver or what?
  3. How could you convert D6 starship damage to FFG? I ask cause i found an F.O. dreadnought in D6 but would like to figure out what the Orbital autocannons would transfer to.
  4. Im actually building a 4 armed Gank that uses 2 cybernetic arms with a cybernetic brain implant that allows the use of them. Also retinal tracker and a cybernetic eye to help with coordination, for RP purposes, so this thread has been very helpful.
  5. Im wanting to build a General Grievous type character as a deadly inquisitor type villain, is there a type of talent that allows for an attack with two weapons then an immediate 2 weapon attack?
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