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  1. Ehhhh... "Hey everyone, there was an issue we need to correct, no ETA right now..." etc. is really not hard to say or put up without violating any supposed "confidentiality." And it seems like this is a response they're giving out when prodded by folks via email, tweet or in the store (based on a few replies I got on twitter when I asked them.) Even the preview they just put up. No release date? Just a resolicitation for preorders? This is a product advertised back in August! It feels bungled and they're not helping allay that.
  2. I contacted them on Twitter nearly a month ago about this and only got "No hard date, but still coming." But no further details. It's rolling on almost 11 months since I pre-ordered. There's been no official word on here or through their channels since January. It's all very strange and somewhat disappointing. A friend gifted me the Dark Empire source book at Christmas because he knew I had preordered this and was hoping I'd run this game, as I didn't feel like tracking down the originals. At this point, they really need to clarify what happened and actually issue an update on this.