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  1. Hello, So I started to playing in rogue trader as a navigator. Also we have in party Explorator (Tech priest), Seneschal and the fighter Aeldar and after playing awhile I started getting some... not a trouble, but rather a questions: 1 What is my role in the party? I mean Seneschal always trying to find some stuff, Explorator is our doctor and a tank, Aeldar can talk to other aeldairs and so on... And I can do nothing. I have a biggest perception and, maybe, the second biggest (after explorator) intellegent, but how can i apply it? Only by rolling awareness and psynisence and by collecting the bunch of lores? 2 What is my roleplaying model? I mean often the navigators is the guys who just locked in their navigation cabinet and they not often appear to the other crew, aeldar, for example, is interested in the learning the Imperium culture and what about me, why I should leave the ship with other party? 3 What stuff is the useful for navigators? Explorator is searching for rare augmentics, aeldar searching for aeldar weapons, Seneschal searching for the weapons, xenotech etc. What should want Navigator? My BS ans WS is low so I'm not a great warrior, for augmentic i think useful is cybernetic eyes/ears for Heightened Senses and bonus for awareness cortex and actually is it all?
  2. In rogue trader rulebook said that: "Using this power (Foreshadowing ) more than once in the same hour is dangerous, as no one should know too much about his own future.For every use after the first in a single hour, the Navigator suffers 1d5 Insanity Points. " Does this rule working if navigator failed perception test? I assume that in case of failure navigator didn't see the future, so he could try it again without gaining insanity points. What do you think about this? And by "same hour " does it mean in game hour or the real life hour?
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