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  1. Arolem

    Is 4th edition discussed here?

    They have a full product list available digitally for every edition online. All l5r rpg material is owned and sold by ffg. If they didn't want to have "competing" product they wouldn't make the older stuff available. Physical copies are only going to be found second hand, though. But you can't say that those are competing with 5e. Thrift stores and pawn shops aren't direct competitors for anyone/any product. There's no "official" place to find physical copies and there's no official support for the product, either. It's like saying that wotc doesn't allow talk of 1e-4e because they impact the sales of 5e. It doesn't quite work like that, afaik. If people have questions of rules/lore from previous editions I see no harm in them asking. Add to that there has been no official response from ffg or the forum mod despite being pinged for it, so I think folks are in the clear. I think the 5e community can be accommodating for others within the larger l5r community. This responses might be fewer, but this might be one of the better places to get answers for any edition.
  2. Arolem


    They haven't come up in the little I've run, but I was going to have them be usable once per scene per skill type. The social ones could be just as spammabke in intrigues, right? (Again, hasn't come up as I don't play much).
  3. Arolem

    Samurai Heritage question

    Not sure if there's specific/in depth descriptions for the heritage charts, but it sounds like something to discover with your GM. Could be a home base of sorts for you and the party, or it could be a quest to reclaim the land/keep from some unwanted residents. They seem to have left alot for open interpretation which I like, and afaik this is one of those cases
  4. Arolem

    Is 4th edition discussed here?

    I don't see why they would be removed though. As long as folks aren't using other editions to bash 5e I can't see them taking issue. I mean, do they ban posts about AEG era lore n such? Just because its not FFG-created content doesn't mean it's not FFG-owned content. Unless a mod explicitly says you can only talk about FFG era content I'd assume it's cool to talk about anything l5r/rpg related.
  5. Arolem

    Is 4th edition discussed here?

    I don't see why not. You might not get the most replies, but it doesn't hurt to ask. 4e is owned by ffg all the same as 5e. And it's digital-only so it is not a direct competitor with the latest edition.
  6. Arolem

    Curriculum and school advancement

    1. You need only spend the xp to advance to the next rank. XP can be spent on any skill or technique you have access to, though any XP spent on items *not* on the current curriculum list count as half XP for advancement. 2. The benefit is making your school ability stronger, and you gain access to stronger techniques. Sometimes you gain special access to techniques at particular ranks in the curriculum too. 3. If the school gives you access to Kata then you can by any Kata at any time as long as your school rank is equal to or greater than the technique rank you wish to buy.
  7. Just wondering how folks moderate this in practice. If a PC confronts a disadvantage, from an internal struggle like "mute" or "meekness" or a external struggle like "haunted" or "enemy" do you allow them to remove it, or find a way to keep it. If you do allow removal, how long do you wait to implement a replacement for it? They should always have one, but do you replace it immediately, or wait for a natural story point to give them a new one? Also, when you or your players gain disadv/adv from honor or glory, are they 'gained' or would you allow what were previously character traits to become mechanical issues. Ie. You have a softhearted character. They tend to be quiet and reserved, but upon dropping to 25 honor that quietness developes into full "meekness" disadv. Falling to 15 honor some mental trauma rears its head and you find yourself mute. And would you ever rule that, even if the character gained honor back to 50, they'd keep one or more disadv until the PC resolves the issue beyond the number gains? Or is it easier to keep them as things actively earned, and the characters keep the same ones til death? (Barring those gained from honor/glory). Trying to find a balance between crunch and fluff while being fair to players. Thank you.
  8. Arolem

    Two weapon fighting

    There is something I ought to tell you. ... I'm not left handed either.
  9. They seem to be special for schools that focus inward. Togashi and Shinseist monks focus on themselves and the universe. Fortunist and Jairo focus on the kami/fortunes. Late Shiba get some void, also kinda leaning toward the path to enlightenment more than worship granting them.
  10. Arolem

    Mirumoto School Ability

    Let's say you have [Katana of Fire] invocation (from Stolen Knowledge ancestry or the Priest title or some such) Barring you pissing off the kami, could you conjure the blade (and strike immediately with opp), and hit with wakizashi (per heart of the dragon). Then ward with the fire Katana and drop it, conjuring another one to strike with (again, with opp)? Even if you risk upsetting your fire kami you'd probably be able to do it once or twice before it fizzles and you gotta make amends.
  11. Arolem

    Running L5R Online?

    I've heard good things about fantasy grounds, but it requires the DM to pay for a subscription, but then the group gets access to everything afaik. I don't know if they have l5r stuff yet. roll20 is a solid free option, though I don't know if they have l5r 5e yet either. They also hit some PR snags and some racey news came out about them. It's a solid platform but if you care about the folks that run companies then I'd advise looking the fiasco up before making a decision. Other than that I've heard real good things about discord as a whole, especially with the the dice feature you've mentioned
  12. Arolem

    Mirumoto School Ability

    Didn't see it while glancing over the thread, but can you use the mastery ability and school ability in the same turn? The way it's written it seems no, but wasn't 100% sure. If you have to choose between using abilities might help some with balance. Though the choice is between 1opp secondary strike and rerolling 6 successes is still pretty strong.
  13. Arolem

    Changing Schools?

    I think that would work fine, if they plan on advancing through both curriculum they'll probably not get both mastery anyways... But limiting them from attaining mastery from the new one (ie they earn the right/find a treacherous teacher) or limiting both (perhaps they were taught both at the same time, being some symbol of peace/partnership between the two clans/schools? At the end of the day its whatever you feel is best between your own crunch, fluff, and balance.
  14. Arolem

    Free Techniques vs Titles requirements

    I believe you only count an item on your curriculum once as well. For example: If you had Shallow Waters on your title curriculum and your current rank curriculum you would have to pick which curriculum to apply the xp gain to. It can't apply to more than one.
  15. Arolem

    Ratling Homebrew: how to do Void

    Thanks so much for this This sorta thing didn't even cross my mind. I liked what sndwurks did with the naga, but wasn't sure how to substitute void properly. Many thanks, kind sir.