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  1. Tamiya matte varnish. Dulls the colors a little, but it makes taking pictures so much easier. Btw, are the scale75 that good? I am mosty using Vallejos and few Citadels, but the finish is inconsistent at best.
  2. Hey everyone, instead of finishing my Clone stuff, I got talked into doing a small Imperial army. Enjoy the black and white! 😛
  3. Sure! Currently I'm working on phase II squad, Rex, the tank and two phase I specialist boxes... simultaneously 😱
  4. The Jedi General himself finally joins the GAR (he actually joined a while ago, but I just finished taking nice photos...)
  5. Some more pics of the BARC speeder.
  6. It's a sticky stuff for putting up room posters - it sticks enough, but not too much to damage the walls. It is practical for miniatures, because it doesn't leave any glue on the surface when removed and it can be reused a lot of times. You can google "poster tack" or something similar. As for the shape, I originally thought about doing more different variations, but decided to use the best one for all so it doesn't look strange when put next to each other. As for the paintjob, I was trying to save time. I planned on doing some freehand in squad color on the kamas, but decided they look good enough as it is. The horrors of painting an entire army...
  7. Thanks! Kamas are from green stuff. I have no experience with sculpting, so it took a lot of trial and error to make them look ok. I was just rolling green stuff to a thin layer, cutting an approximate shape and then shaping it around minis. Many times. I was actually going for a cloth look (wawing in the wind to give them some dynamic), only to learn later that kamas were rather leathery At least they won't be confused with the upcoming trooper expansions equipped with kamas I guess. Here's how they looked before priming:
  8. Visors are painted with a light blue/turquoise and then just shaded with Drakenhof nightshade, no special process
  9. Hello all! After weeks (well, months actually) of work I finally completed most of my 2-cores worth of clones. Second BARC, Obi-wan and Rex are still in progress. This is the first time I painted so much miniatures in one go, and it unfortunately shows a little. I still need to get used to making compromises between speed and quality... In the end, I decided to go with a white scheme for the sake of speed, but then I just HAD to freehand some markings of course The worst thing about the process was that mi Tamyia varnish betrayed me in the end, making wrinkles on the BARC and on my face aswell. Thankfully, it doesn't show much in the photos! Anyway, enjoy!
  10. For some reason the forum won't let me upload anything bigger than 20 kB. Here's the insta link then 🤔
  11. 1. Dash ignores obstacles while moving, there is no may ignore as in 1st ed. Outrider title requires you to move through or overlap an obstacle to remove one red/orange token - can Dash trigger this effect? 2. Does executing a stationary maneuver while overlapping an obstacle cause you to overlap it again? I guess the answer is 'yes' - you should roll a red die / get a stress token again. If this is correct, could you use Inertial dampeners and then clear the stress with Outrider title?
  12. Sai's ability states: "After you perform a [coordinate] action, if the ship you chose performed an action on your action bar, you may perform that action." Let's say I use Sai to coordinate a TIE reaper. TIE reaper performs jam action, which is white on his action bar. Now I want to perform the same action with Sai, but jam is red on his action bar. I am unsure whether "that action" refers to the action on the other's ship action bar or Sai's own. Will Sai perform red or white jam in this case?
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