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  1. 1. Dash ignores obstacles while moving, there is no may ignore as in 1st ed. Outrider title requires you to move through or overlap an obstacle to remove one red/orange token - can Dash trigger this effect? 2. Does executing a stationary maneuver while overlapping an obstacle cause you to overlap it again? I guess the answer is 'yes' - you should roll a red die / get a stress token again. If this is correct, could you use Inertial dampeners and then clear the stress with Outrider title?
  2. Sai's ability states: "After you perform a [coordinate] action, if the ship you chose performed an action on your action bar, you may perform that action." Let's say I use Sai to coordinate a TIE reaper. TIE reaper performs jam action, which is white on his action bar. Now I want to perform the same action with Sai, but jam is red on his action bar. I am unsure whether "that action" refers to the action on the other's ship action bar or Sai's own. Will Sai perform red or white jam in this case?
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