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    I would love to see a big box expansion where you go to Endor.
    They could add Ewoks as rebel units, and maybe even a hero that is an Ewok.
    Since the rebels don't have any big miniatures I would like them to add a Ewok that is flying a glider and being able to bombard enemies it passes through.
    For the imperials you have to add speeder bikes and scout troopers. The scout troopers can be snipers for the imperials with the ability to become hidden.
    If some of you have any ideas for heroes or villains they could add, please respond. The only one I could think of is Wicket W. Warrick since he played a large role in helping Leia in episode six. Another hero I would like to see is Yoda, even do it doesn't make sense it would be cool to have him in Imperial assault.
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