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  1. This and may I ask why it's not half sunk in a swamp somewhere on Dagobah??? Otherwise I think it's a perfect!! Weez
  2. Hey all you Force users, I recently found out that the local game store started carrying a small section of Star Wars: Legion and immediately bought the starter box set. Now here I am a couple weeks down the road and having bought another starter set plus a box of Rebels, a box of snowtroopers, Veers and scratch building an AT-ST my collection (for the time being) was completed (also my wallet is empty) So my girlfriend decided to buy me the Imperial Assault game, Jabba's Relm and Jabba the Hutt for Father's Day and it just arrived in the mail today. Now I had absolutely no idea that she did this or I would have directed her to get me stuff from Legion but the gesture was and is appreciated. So now I have some extra minis that I really want to use in my games of Legion but I'm not quite sure as how to go about creating units from the little information that we have so far for this game. The main miniatures that I really want to use "in game" are the Royal Guard with their force staffs, the probe droids and the jump troopers from Jabba's Relm. Now here I am asking the community for your ideas on how to create these units to be balanced and playable without breaking the game. Now I think that the jump troopers can easily use the Stormtroopers stats with the added bonus of Jump 2 and movement 3 when they jump but can only jump once per turn and raise the cost of each mini to 15 points per. Other than that I'm out of ideas....... Any ideas are welcome and thanks in advance. Weez
  3. So I found the discussion about this topic on pg. 55 of the general discussion.... It seems like a general consensus that "no named" commanders will be out for the official game (houserules aside cause in my group that will be acceptable) but I rather like the idea of upgrading a unit leader to increase the courage value of said unit. Here's the houserules we came up with: Any core unit can upgrade their leader for 20pts (essentially making them elite troopers) and increasing their courage value by 1. We will still have to play test this to see if the point values are reasonable for the upgraded courage bonus but it seems ok to us ATM. Anyways I'll just have to see how it works and get back to y'all on our experiences with it. Thanks again for the ideas Weez
  4. Yes sir you have just given me some great inspiration for the next addition for my Imperials. After first reading this thread I was compelled to do some research on Vader's security forces and now I'm definitely going to have to do this. Thank you for the inspiration? Weez
  5. "One speculation that people have made is that Imperial officers might make an appearance as a Personel upgrade, providing an increase to Courage values for the unit to which they are attached. " Now this is a viable option that would be easier to bring to the game without making a whole new character. I can definitely get behind this and will probably use it in the intro game with my friend to see how it plays. Any chance of getting a link to the discussion so I can see what others have said on this topic without having repeated threads with the same content? Thanks for the ideas Weez
  6. I agree that more bodies on the battlefield is better then bringing all the big guns to start off with, add those other units in later down the road when you have more points to play around with but for starters I'd go with something like this.... Veers 3x Stormtrooper units: 1 w/dlt, 1 w/extra trooper 1 naked unit 1x Speederbike unit w/ long range comms 347 points Add either grappling hooks or environmental gear to one of the units or Veers and you'll be at 350.. 5 activations, plenty of bodies/targets for your opponent, bikes to flank and get into the backfield and some impact if there's an armored vehicle present, otherwise it's more dice you get to roll with a better outcome to Crush the Rebellion Weez
  7. @Caimheul1313 Thanks for your input on this topic. I was unaware that this topic has been discussed before nor was I aware that the developers have laid out the plans for the future releases, that many years in advance might I add.. Perhaps I should have started from the beginning with the conversation my friend and I were having. He has a shed load of Star Wars miniatures from various different sources and his question about generic leaders stemmed from some of the Imperial Officers that he has (I believe they're from Imperial Assault but they could be WotC... This is not important though) Anywho, he was just curious if he could use them in the game and if they had rules so I informed him that the selection of miniatures was limited atm but that I wouldn't have a problem with making up some houserules for them. This is when I came to the forum and asked for advice and ideas for building a generic leader. This was purely ment to be for a good natured fun game between friends and at the end of the day I'm probably going to use whichever rules that I feel will work the best for a game I'm having fun playing. Either way, thanks for the comments and if anyone has any other ideas related to the topic feel free to share. Weez
  8. Ok I get where you're coming from about the games reasoning behind having named characters lead the army's but the topic is about creating no named leaders not shooting down my idea before it has a chance to grow and be commented on. Here's a couple reasons why I think having a no named leader would be beneficial to the game. It would help with smaller point games and escalation campaigns by not having an expensive leader take a huge chunk out of the army. It would also be good for scenario driven missions like how Han Solo and a few units of commandos have been tasked with placing thermal charges in key points of an Imperial controlled facility where the opposition is an Imperial Officer and a bunch of stormtroopers. Also as a teaching/learning how to play standpoint for new people who don't have a gaming background. And finally I thought it would be fun to share an idea that I had and maybe contribute something to a game that I enjoy playing. Weez
  9. Hey all, so having gotten a couple games in already and now with a better understanding of how to play the game I've been trying to recruit some more friends into playing with me. While talking to one friend last night and explaining how to play he asked about besides the named commanders if there were any generic commanders to lead the army. Sadly there are not any to choose from right now being that the game is still relatively new but this got me thinking about what a "no named" generic officer/commander would look like, what rules they would have and how much would they cost. Here's what I've come up with so far and I want the community (you) to chime in and share some ideas on how to build a generic commander to lead the troops into battle. This is ment to be an open discussion for everyone in the community. Anyway here's my thoughts: He/She/It should be relatively low points cost like 50 or so. Not to many special rules, mostly leadership abilities using (unit keywords) like take cover, inspire or spotter and probably should have at least one defensive/offensive ability for themselves to use. Give them a blaster pistol and a decent melee attack. The upgrade bar should probably only have two slots, one command and one equipment slot. Wounds and Courage I think should be 4 and 2 respectively. I'm not sure about how to deal with surges but maybe make it a reflection of the base troops in the army like critical for the Imperials and block for the Rebels. Speed 2 for movement. And then last but not least how to deal with command cards. I'd just probably take doubles of the 1-3 pip cards and the Standing Orders card. So these are my thoughts and I'd rather like to hear all of your thoughts on this topic... Until then my friends may the force be with you.... Or the dark side... Whichever is your preference... Weez
  10. Ohh... Me likes the looks of this! Though I personally think that it should have 5 wounds and 3 resilience also I'm not entirely sure about the choice of dice but what does it matter it still looks pretty and that's just my honest opinion. Please sir may we have some more? Weez
  11. Thanks for the reply all. I ended up having a list (can't remember exactly what upgrades I took) something like this: veers 3x dlt troopers +1 2x hh-12 troopers AT-ST 1x speederbike squad The game was pretty good, we definitely have a better grip on how the game plays now so that means less time looking up rules and more time playing. Unfortunately we didn't get to finish the game cause my friend had to leave early but if I had to determine who won I'd have to say that he did. Although if we did play another round my ATST was in a great position to wipe out a good chunk of his forces especially with veers standing next to it getting ready to give it and the bikes a dodge token with the evasive maneuvers card(commanding presence is also a nice upgrade to have) and also giving it an aim token with his spotter rule. Alas that will have to wait until our next game. Until the next time gents, May the force be with you... Or the dark side... Whichever your preference is... Weez
  12. Hey all, I have a game on Sunday with my good gaming buddy and it's our 4th game together so we're still learning how to play. Since I have my Imperial Empire Legion 90% primed I thought this would be a good chance to get them out on the battlefield to "Crush the Rebellion" and I would like some feedback about what kind of list/s I should be able to build with the available units at my disposal.. So far I have: Vader, Veers, 5x Stormtrooper squads, 2x Speederbike squads and 1x scratch built/proxy AT-ST.. Now I really want Veers to be included since he's my newest purchase and I haven't seen him in action yet and the AT-ST is a must have. Other than that, go wild with building a list.. Also it's not supposed to be a super competitive list since it's just a friendly game (we're still both learning the rules) but we are also experienced tabletop gamers so having a backstory for why these particular platoons are fighting each other or something to that effect would be awesome for our gaming experience but it's not necessarily important.... Thanks in advance Weez
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