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  1. I picture 'speed 1' as being fine for 'in town driving' where you are unlikely to go faster than 35mph or so. I think the 'next step up' would be the Kuat's Undicur Jumpspeeder associated with the Eta-class shuttles in the 'Endless Vigil' supplement: Sil 2, Speed 2, Handling 0, and described as 'little more than a low-output repulsor engine fitted with a saddle and rudimentary controls.' Unfortunately, since this is (barely) a 'proper vehicle' there is no indication of how much cargo space it should take up (although the Eta-class shuttle can carry up to four of them in addition to its stated encumbrance threshold).
  2. I think the Foot Speeder is basically a Segway: How do you picture your vehicle as being different?
  3. FYI, I tried to pull together a list of all the encumbrance options a couple of years ago and this is what I came up with: I always thought the practical limit was less 'what can you carry on your body' and more 'are you really walking into a cantina wearing a full military backpack and carrying a spacer's duffel while trying to be inconspicuous?'
  4. Correct: Corellian Humans have a specific exception to the 'no more than 2 ranks at creation' rule
  5. Personally, I'd probably just grab a SoroSuub X-30 Lancer Precision Blast Pistol for long range fights and call it a day: Damage is a little low, but the Accurate and Pierce ratings bring it up a bit...
  6. According to the Visual Dictionary for the Last Jedi, Crait and Cantonica are separated by a huge distance, yet the mission to Canto Bight was apparently completed in under 18 hours: Crait is around 5 o'clock on the galactic clock and about 2/3rds of the way out from galactic center (note that the resistance fleet evacuated to this planet at sublight speeds, so they must have been really close for most of the movie). Cantonica is around 1:30 on the 'galactic clock' and pretty much on the outermost galactic edge. So, in under 18 hours, they managed to traverse maybe 3/4ths of the galactic diameter, have an evening of adventure (including being arrested, thrown in jail, breaking out, and stealing a new ship), and Travel back to the fleet. This seems to imply that a reasonably fast ship (I don't think any speeds have been given for the ships actually used for this mission), you can probably reach any point in the galaxy in 12 hours or less.
  7. A few ships (like the Gozanti-Class Armed Transport) specifically list gunners in their crew complement, but most do not: Generally speaking, I would think turreted weapons can be used by someone other than the pilot/co-pilot while non-turreted weapons require you to point the ship at the target, making it a 'pilot only' sort of task.
  8. You could introduce a version of the Triangular Slave Trade concept from the real world: You grab slaves from a world You trade the slaves on an agricultural world for a product they produce You sell the product on an industrialized word and pocket the 'legitimate' cash. Lather, rinse, and repeat as long as the agricultural world keeps needing slaves (perhaps the 'crop' is a drug that is toxic to harvest/process?).
  9. If you are looking at a 'up to 5 PCs' group, you're going to want a ship with a decent crew+passenger total: After all, you never know when you might need to take on a couple of passengers and/or prisoners. With a group of that size, I'd lean toward the YT-2400 Light Freighter: 2 Crew + 6 Passengers = a little room for extra people as needed All around good stats I'd prefer speed 4, but it's a fairly tough ship with decent handling. It's fairly nondescript, so you shouldn't draw a lot unwanted attention when you arrive somewhere When a gunboat shows up in port, I'm guessing everyone who's anyone in town would be aware of it and it's pilot pretty quickly. If you aren't willing to sacrifice speed, I'd be looking for ships meeting the following criteria: Speed 4+ Base Crew < 5 Crew + Passengers > 6 Not restricted or obscenely expensive. Here's what I'm seeing on FFG (Not updated in quite a while, so there may be a few more options): Agressor Assault Fighter Fast, well armed, and lots of passenger space, but pitiful cargo space and 'meh' handling. Not really a good choice if subtlety is called for. YT-1760 Small Transport Better handling and cargo space, but pretty weak in combat. Good choice if you are going for subtlety. Luxurious-class Yacht Like the YT-1760, but with a better Hull Threshold and carrying more people. As a yacht, it might attract more attention than a freighter, but less than a gunboat Incom A-36 Pathfinder-Class Force Reconnaissance Vessel More of a deep space vehicle, but could work in a pinch. Firespray-31 System Patrol Craft It's a very solid ship, but a bit typecast at this point. Again, not really subtle CEC WUD-500 Star Yacht Not good in a fight, but pretty fast and carries plenty of folks. Cheap enough that they probably don't attract much attention. Baudo-Class Star Yacht Fairly solid ship, but expensive with weak armor Also, a really bad strain threshold.
  10. This. Keep in mind that in the great victory at the battle of Yavin, only three rebel starfighters survived: Luke, Wedge (who disengaged due to damage), and A single Y Wing pilot. Starfighter combat is exceeding dangerous in the star wars universe: Standard TIEs will probably only take one hit on average, while X-Wings can take two and a Y-Wing might be able to take a third before being disabled / destroyed. Obligatory Blackadder link: https://youtu.be/8UlaAHdcRMg?t=102
  11. Add one more to the 'this is probably not going to work well' pile, as your classic Sniper is a 'does not play well with others' type of character. When snipers appear in movies, they typical either Are the focus of the film, and anyone not directly supporting them are minor characters at best, or Are part of a team where they disappear for large parts of the film while they find a decent position. Neither option works particularly well in most games.
  12. As I recall: Character shooting at a vehicle = futile gesture since their damage is divided by 10 before soak (you need to do at least 20 damage to have a chance of scratching a vehicle scale target). Vehicle shooting at a character = dead character if they get hit since damage is multiplied by 10 before soak (a 3 damage vehicle scale weapon will do at least 40 pre-soak damage to a character scale target).
  13. Again, the templates are not intended for Player use: They are for GM's to quickly generate an opponent on the fly using non-combat vehicles as a base. Players are supposed to use the Hard Points / Attachments / Mod combination to customize their ships...
  14. It's similar to the HWK-290, only with double the passengers, better thresholds, a built-in weapon, and a slightly slower hyperdrive (but it does have a backup, which the HWK seems to lack). Also, it is described as somehow having separate state rooms for each of the passengers in a silhouette 3 ship (as I recall, the U-Wing from Rogue 1 was listed as Sil 4 in the same book)... Honestly, I think the range of silhouettes needed to be a little larger so they could clearly distinguish between star fighters and gunboats / executive freighters (Move most of the 4+ ships up one silhouette, keep the fighters at Sil 3, move a lot of the gunboats and freighters from 3 to 4, and then rewrite all the rules impacted by these changes).
  15. The templates from Dangerous Covenants are not intended for player use (note that prices are never mentioned): Of course, this thread was dormant for several years, so the point is largely moot...
  16. Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook SELECT CHARACTER CAREER (Page 34): Each career has eight associated career skills. These skills should be checked on the character sheet to indicate they are career skills. During this step of character creation, the player may choose four of the eight starting career skills and gain one rank in each of the selected skills free (he does not spend experience points). He may not choose the same skill more than once. SELECT SPECIALIZATIONS (Page 35): Each specialization also includes four additional career skills. These four skills should be marked on the character sheet as career skills if they are not already marked. During this step of character creation, the player may choose two of the four additional career skills and gain one rank in each (without spending experience). He may not choose the same skill more than once. However, he may choose to train a skill that was also trained during the career selection step, allowing the character to start with a skill trained to level two
  17. With 6 players, I'd probably lean toward the Ghtroc 720 Light Freighter or YT-2400 Light Freighter as I'd like to have room for at least a few passengers. I think the YT is probably a better ship overall, but the Ghtroc offers the ability to carry six passengers instead of the YT's two.
  18. Logically, reducing an Addiction obligation probably indicates either getting a handle on your problem and becoming more of a 'Functional Addict' or getting a handle on your supply so you aren't as stressed worrying about where your next 'fix' is coming from. My Chadra-fan was addicted to 'conversation' and I was thinking of adding a droid personality to her future 'cyber brain implant' to get it under control: She's still be an addict, but she would be a more manageable addict when she can talk to the voice in her head all day long...
  19. I can't speak for Fantasy Grounds, but I have played on Roll20. Unfortunately, the strengths of Roll20 tend to be the things this game doesn't really care about (exact ranges and positioning) and handling the dice tends to be a bit more awkward (GM needs to remember to reset his difficulty pool before the next roll, players need to remember to add/remove boost dice, etc.) than I assume an actual tabletop game would be...
  20. Melee / Brawling combat tends to be 'go big or go home': If you aren't able to invest in a 'big' brawn score, you should probably stick to blasters. If you don't already have a 'brain' character, I'd probably go with the 4 Int. If you do have another character with high Int, I still probably go with the 4 Int (like HappyDaze said, being the 'face' is only your job if you want it to be).
  21. If you intend to be a melee combatant, you want to get your Brawn as high as you can (it impacts your attack roll, your damage, your soak, your wound threshold, and your carrying capacity) If you intend to be good at Int skills, you probably want at 4 in Int (there are a lot of important skills based off this stat, so it's worth investing in). For most other stats, it's largely a matter of personal choice: Do you want to be 'above average' in a lot of things or 'pretty good' in a smaller number of things? Either one can work (depending on group composition and campaign, of course).
  22. It's also worth mentioning the fact that the SoroSuub X-30 Lancer Precision Blast Pistol lacks a stun setting, which will be annoying if you suddenly decide you need to incapacitate instead of kill...
  23. Perhaps, but: Delivering cargo is a lot harder when you need to carry it (all of it) through a docking ring, You are completely dependent on there being a space station or another ship you can dock with at each stop in your travels, and Any sort of exterior maintenance requires a space walk or two... These are rather huge issues for most potential users.
  24. Star Destroyers are supposed to be really scary: Personally, I'd recommend against allowing one to be space-jacked...
  25. For a ship this small, being able to land is kinda important. If you are big enough to carry shuttles, then landing can be 'optional'... If you are a shuttle (or at least shuttle-sized), then you really need to be able to land...
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