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  1. I know ataru is the better choice here, but Makashi is another underrated yet powerful form. Yes, you cannot reflect for ****. But, you are a swashbuckling pirate with enough charm to get into the back room, but enough fight to get through the guards. Makashi is specialized, yes, but allows for non-conflict use. Also, if you get some combination of sense, force jump, or high soak, you can offset the damage dealt by blaster fire until you reach your target. Just a thought, definitely not as well-rounded as niman, or as explosive as ataru, yes, but HOT **** you're good in a duel. 1v1 most lightsaber users of similar xp, you're gonna win. Just a thought. Good luck!
  2. Why is it that the (arguably) most powerful type of lightsaber form, niman, is on a career that is all about peace. I know that from a flavor perspective, it makes a bit more sense, as it was the form that was used by people who didn't want to focus on fighting. But at the same, time, they have some of the most balanced skill trees. 3 ranks reflect, 3 parry. 2 defensive training, and effects like draw closer that are quite good. All I'm saying is that it doesn't make sense that the best and most balanced tree is going to a career that makes a big show out of not focusing on fighting.
  3. Pantoran Sentry/Shadow With stat line of 3 3 3 4 1 3 Get the force powers manipulate, enhance, and protect/unleash Then call it a day.
  4. Thanks everyone! I really like the suggestions so far! Out of curiosity, do you think that eventually getting higher force dice and powers can help fix said glaring weaknesses? I was thinking Bind for a long-range attack As some already said, left side of sense Enhance, force jump side to engage enemies And as a force spec, which do you think is the best? Ascetic Sage Magus Hermit Don't worry about the tax on buying new specs from different careers, my GM doesn't play with that (don't know why)
  5. Human, nautolan. But I would recommend first narrowing your idea of what you want your character to be.
  6. I've been playing a makashi duelist recently in a campaign with a couple friends. Its a really fun character, because I get to play both the figurehead and fighter of the group. But when it comes to fighting, I seem to have a few glaring weaknesses. Both my lack of reflect and low FR have made it feel more like a fighter than a magus, if I were to put it in DnD terms. I recently war captured by a sith rebel, who wants to train me as an apprentice in the game, which means I'll have an opportunity to rank up, get xp. I was wondering where you guys think I should expand as to minimize my weaknesses? Should I go for a more force based character, IE seer, or a better lightsaber career, like niman?
  7. Play as a juyo berserker/magus for ultimate dark side edginess. I swear, you don't just kill yourself for lack of reflect and constantly taking damage for force blips.
  8. Okay I know this is a long shot but A makashi duelist who fights with good and evil, and becomes a magus to experiment with both sides. Then he finds the juyo fighting form and uses it to control and balance the fight of evil and light within him. I play a makashi duelist right now, and im probably going to do this.
  9. I think that extra mods allow the lightsaber to grow with the character. However, I think that in the base setting of FaD not every character who happens to use the force should have lightsaber or obtain it easily. It should be something that gives the characters power, reverence, but also a trail on them from the empire. The empire should be scared of a lightsaber. Citizens should be scared of it even more. If this isn't a part of having it it feels kind of... fake. So yeah, the base ilum crystal should be awesome, but at the same time, it should be cool to give the soresu defender a cool defensive crystal when they defeat a big baddie, or something of the like.
  10. It also makes more sense if its universal, because so many jedi in the movies learned to fly really well without being warriors. IE Obi-wan, Luke.
  11. I honestly wish i could ask to implement these new rules in my game. But alas, in the beginning of the campaign I annoyed the GM and I shall taken seriously again when I make suggestions. I just really want my makashi duelist to have the new magus tree as well!
  12. "Freeform force use and existing powers: This sort of freeform force use should not take the place of existing force powers. If a player describes an action that replicates the effect of a force powe, the GM should either let the player know their character does not possess the expertise yet, or possibly allow them to achieve similar but lesser results, and only with a combined check of at least hard difficulty. As a guideline, it should also require double the number of [force pips] required. " So its not so much a generic rules set. But I think you could decide that the force is very flexible in your game. That's what the campaign I'm in right now does, and it becomes quite interesting.
  13. The Gm gives you a roll, usually of average difficulty that correlates to the thing you're trying to do. You also need a set amount of force pips, determined by the Gm as well. If you succeed, ya did it! The rules aren't clear cut, but more situational. Also, they suggest harder difficulty for things that sound like force powers the character hasn't purchased. Hopes that helps!
  14. "hey, know what mystics really need?" "reflect" "I was thinking more along the lines of a snaky boi" "basically equivalent"
  15. Does anyone know of a place where I could buy the new book in NYC?
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