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  1. I saw Solo a couple of times opening weekend. The first at the Drive In and the second in a nearly empty theatre. I thought the movie was and it's subtle bits of fan service and references were fun to chuckle at and point out. While the movie had a bleak atmosphere I found the tone to be somewhat light but not to the extent of a your mom joke or slapstick that took me right out The Last Jedi. I enjoyed all of the characters except L337. The droid revolution just went too far for me. Perhaps if we had seen something of Lando's and L337's past exploits to establish L337's shenanigans it would have sat better with me. As it was, it felt out of place for something that seemingly was the apex of that character's arc as she exclaims "I found my true purpose" only to be reduced to a PC peripheral moments later. I though Glover's Lando was excellent. Ehrenreich's mannerisms were on point for Han but his voice is so different that he is not as convincing as Glover. I think he did a fine job with the character, however. The Beckett character was very much Woody Harrelson, which was a plus for me but might not be for other folks. I wanted to know more about Dryden Voss and I am interested in knowing what becomes of Qi'ra in the future. Like others have mentioned, I also did not like the focus on Han's dice. The pass off from Han to Qi'ra at the landing bay on Correlia felt like a cheap knock off of that "I make my own luck" scene from the Dark Knight series. One of the things I felt was missing was a more explicit display of how Chewie vowed hist Life Debt to Han. Han "saved" Chewie on Mimban, then prevent Chewie from being crushed by a rock as the train passed by, and finally, "aided" Chewie in freeing some Wookie slaves from Kessel. But, we never got the declaration. Although the movie calls itself a standalone, I enjoy some of the interconnectivities to the other films. Specifically the ones tied to the cloud riders group. I liked how we got to see Warrick Davis reprise his role from The Phantom Menace and how one of the Two Tubes brothers was in the group, who later shows up as a high ranking member of Saw's renegades. In the end, the movie was fun and the most interesting parts about it are decidedly not Han Solo. One little funny for the end. On the second viewing, during the scene where Dryden Vos is sarcastically reviewing the cargo that Han brought him, I could not help but think that he was holding an oversized bottle of the Voss brand water.
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