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  1. the most i play are 2-player games, so a third or fourth threat dial would never be used (unless the ones i have get too degraded; which is unlikely to happen with how i take care of them) the extra tokens would also be pointless, since i use dies as a more convenient option anyway, if they're so heavily against making a pack for player cards, i'll just use proxies and move on. such is life...
  2. quite a disregarding attitude from the developers, IMO. their "reasoning" for not including 3 copies of every card was to keep the price at $40, so this would be a simple and obvious alternative. i suppose printing my own copies will be the way to go; although i'd much rather drop $15 bucks and just get them from the store (it might even be cheaper than all that printer ink...)
  3. I'm not sure if there is a proper page to make this kind of thread, but here we go: not having 3 copies of certain cards feels like an unnecessary handicap in the core set; and paying for a whole other box just to get a few cards is quite a waste of money (especially since you won't even have 3 copies of everything, thanks to the one-offs like unexpected courage) IMO, it would be nice to have a separate pack which comes with the remaining copies of core set cards. if my counting is correct, it would be a total of 64 player cards, which could be sold for the value of $15 (the cost of a 60-cards AP)
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