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  1. Hey guys, I am a little bit confused towards the relic bolt gun. Because as it is written, it heavily implies dealing holy damage. "(...)Consequently all damage dealt by an Archeotech Boltgun is Holy and will deal greater damage to daemons and similar warp entities, though any character with any Malignancies suffers a –10 penalty to Ballistic Skill when attempting to use this weapon. (...)" How do you rule that out? It does not have a special quality (holy is introduced in FnC), but it is so clear and precisely written, that it feels like it should have that trait. What is your opinion on that? Thanks for the answers
  2. Alright Well I think I would go with the exotic ammo in this case. No idea how my char can implement it, but well, looks like he won't have a sanctified weapon anymore But somehow he will find a way of using stakes of higher quality, that don't deny accurate O.O Well looks like unnatural perception has its place, makes a lot of sense. One more thing: what is the meaning of Strange physiology? Do I have to deal damage equal to wounds, like when something has 25 wounds I need to deal 25 damage at once, or does it mean there is no critical zone and it dies once it hits 0 wounds?
  3. Thanks for the quick answer So, should the condemnor and the incinerator to exotic weapons? The more I think about, the more logic it appears to me. Plus it removes the whole thought of how to handle their ammunition. The accurate weapon trait, as far as I understand is not the result of the stakebolts. They don't give it to other crossbows. It is a trade of the weapon itself. You have no thoughts on UN(Perception)?
  4. Thanks for the answer Well I am asking for the bolt gun as one of my characters were allowed to have it as a starting item. I must say I am impressed, how well this weapon performs, as you carry a half sniper with ya. But my GM removed the sanctified trait from the bolter, but not from the crossbow, which felt odd. Still I get the feeling, that extr. rare is actually too common for the condemnor, as it is for a lot of stuff in FnC. BTW: I assume you have a similar opinion towards all other weapons with the sanctified trait? Like the incinerator, the "special" Autopistol? Another question came into my mind: What is unnatural perception actually good for? I haven't found one skill that relies on perception bonus or is it just for better contesting of concealed enemies? And how hard is it for an RT Character to get his hands on more than common craftsmanship? I have the feeling it should not be that hard, as the game indicates, that RT chars have the money and the power to get best gear available fairly easy. Is this assumption correct (always depending on connections, availability etc)
  5. Hey fellas! I have some questions regarding equipment from FnC, maybe you can help me out. 1. How does sanctified from the Condemnor Boltgun work? Do they "bless" their shots by firing, or is the sanctification just saying, that usually bolts from these weapons have been blessed before? 2. FnC introduced a lot of new Bolt ammunition. Where could an RT find it, and would it be produced for non SM boltguns at all? 3. Could and would a Missionary commission items from the church, and would they be his main source of equipment? How high is the position of a missionary in the ecclesiarchal society? Maybe I get some more questions, I would post them below :) Thanks for all answers in advance
  6. Hey guys, i have a question concerning Killer's eye, a talent of Man hunter: as it states the critical damage is inflicted “immediately". Does that working imply this damage can not be evaded by any means? Because finally this would make called shot a worthwhile choice in a fight. what do you think?
  7. Hey thanks for the answers To 1: as on the one side your point of view makes sense, it is somehow odd. On the one side from the way the missionary is written, on the other side it makes a character very likely to leave their group, because they are going for a life time mission. Especially this makes the class feeling dull, as its "purpose" is only achievable by going beyond the borders and leave the group. This needs a certain type of rogue trader in the first place (one which is not only trading or is doing military deeds). Feels like a missplaced class then. To 3: the common implant can handle most poisons and bio-motes, digests almost all organic and even non organic material (provided it has nutrition (aka energy)). So this what the basic implant can do by description, best craftsmanship expands this towards all organic (probably what is or is not eatable depends on the GM), would you agree? To 4: so they don't let me dive for 20 mins? to 5: why caring about this item in the first place? Outside of some house rules or RP reasons, there is no way, someone would ever use it. In fact it is worse than a stands medikit, as a medikit actually may change a failure to success. Edit: New question: how does intimidation work? Charm e.g. has to roll again WP to test for success, is it the same with intimidation?
  8. Hey guys, some time ago, friends of my introduced me to rogue trader, and I love the game Still some time ago, I came up with some questions with myself, as I am the missionary of the ship, and somehow the GM does not have that many cluesm how to give some spin to this aspect of the game. 1. What is a Missionary? For me it is the most faithful person on board. He is a mixture of a priest, a psychologist and effective fighter against anything connected with warp. But according to my GM, my char (he is lv 4), doesn’t know anything about demons, which seems odd, as he is trained to go abroad, but no one showed him eg. the sign of chaos and said „if you see this sign it means trouble“. 2. Can a missionary perform the Cleric services from BotM? And or should a missionary know, how to make an exorcism? 3. The gastral implant from ItS is very appealing to me. But actually I don‘t see the advantage of best craftsmenship. As it is written, common does almost the same job. Did I overlook something? 4. Are bionic respiratory systems replacement body parts, and thus add +2 to my toughness Bonus? And if I hold my breath (because for example I am under water) can this implant keep me oxygenated? 5. In FaC is an item called „Medicus Ministorum“. Why does it exist, when in the end it does exactly the same as a Medikit? 6. How hard is it for an RT Char, to get his hands on a liber heresius? 7. Is an ammunition backpack part of a weapon (so for example do Suspensors also reduce the backpack weight too?) Thanks for your answers in advance
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