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  1. Mortar launcher was revealed on a podcast that they will be a Corps option not support.
  2. We had one in Atlanta last weekend and we had 19 players.
  3. I'd also consider ewebs with the barrage generator on it for extra suppression. A 65 point suppression delivery system with surge to crit and a decent Dice pool seems like a great buy to me. I'd consider dropping one of the DT's and a sniper team for a pair of ewebs. I think with the long range you get from the mortars, DT's and bossk you should be ok with just a single sniper team.
  4. I think he was saying that the t-47 needs the blast keyword associated with it's main gun to make it viable
  5. Looks like a stormtrooper to me! Great work, looking forward to seeing you post up the rest of the army
  6. I like the green look on the imperial officer. I might have to steal that paint scheme for mine... Thanks for sharing!
  7. Army painter spray cans have been a mixed bag for me. I've had better luck with their colored line, and their grey and black, but I get really bad spots with the white primer.
  8. Personally I'd use Vallejo's Deck Tan, or possibly Khaki to replicate that color.
  9. The Pathfinders box should come with frag grenades. Mine did at least, and they are on the product preview here https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/2/18/leading-the-way/. If you don't have them you should contact FFG and they should send you replacements.
  10. My guess is we'll get all the news this Thursday at adoption.
  11. zeromoon17

    Compel Twice?

    On the live stream a few weeks ago they said that compel does not stack.
  12. These look fantastic even if they weren't first minis. That these are your first ever painted minis, is quite extraordinary. Bravo!
  13. Your opponent will just kite you since you have nothing range 3, they can just pick you off at range with everything they've got without suffering any casualties themselves.
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