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  1. I love the Campaign Log! If you don't mind I would love to implement it with mentioning you of course. Side missions are chosen by Rebel Players, yes. They can be informed what type of rewards they would get (XP, credits, Zeb and intel).
  2. Yes, if there are no other indications, just show them at the start of the mission.
  3. Ah, I see. That was an early conception of the introductions, which changed during development, so for the time being, ignore that rule. Thank you for the notice!
  4. Hi! It's nice to hear, looking forward for your thoughts about the campaign! Quick answers: 1) Angel is exclusive for that mission. I'm planning to make her a choosable hero for other campaigns, but it's under development now, so she would be pretty unbalanced for that. She cannot be defeated in that mission. (Will think about how it will play out in regular campaigns.) So you can deactivate C-NG as many times you'd like. Note that deactivating C-NG many times does slow down the progress of the rebels, and time works against them, so it's a valid imperial tactic there. 2) Same with the adversaries deck. It's untested now and will be changed a lot. Seems unbalanced at the moment, I wouldn't recommend to try it at this phase of the development, but you can give it a go, maybe fine-tune it yourselves and tell me how it worked out. 3) That's an interesting question. You can replace Vinto with another figure (like Greedo) or a token and make Vinto a playable character. It would be a little awkward to use similar abilities for an adversary as a hero, but still, it wouldn't hurt game balance I guess. Maybe it would alter the atmosphere a bit. 4) No, it's not included on her deployment card, so when she gets to the players as an ally, she leaves the armor behind. (She's just glad enough to be alive.) 5) I don't really get this part. During intermissions, the player's deployment groups cannot be wounded, they become defeated unless it's mentioned otherwise in an intermission's ruleset. Currently I don't remember any intermissions allowing someone to get wounded instead of defeated. Think of intermissions as special skirmish games implemented in the campaign with a handful of extra ruleset. All the players have deployment groups controlled instead of heroes, so there are no allies in these as well. But maybe I just misunderstood your question. Cheers!
  5. UPDATE: The two missing missions (Unorthodox Trading Methods and Canto Bight Heist) are up and running on the drive. The first half of the campaign is now complete, so anyone can try it and have a natural break before the Midtime Mission.
  6. UPDATE: The first 6 missions got a little revamp. All the missions are now in separate folders. There are two pdf files that should be downloaded. The first one is the mission briefing, the second one is the printables. This is unnecessary, but helps a lot playing the missions. All missions now have mission rule reference cards (custom skirmish mission cards), deployment cards for the custom characters and hidden objective cards for the rebel players. (2 is drawn before each mission.) I would appreciate some help in finding the template for the FFG campaign book. I saw that the custom campaigns are designed the same way. Anyone know how to do it? I guess it would be a little better than the ugly pdf-s. 5D and 5DD are still under development. I need to take a short break for job starts tomorrow, but will finish them soon. If anyone wouldn't like to jump into a full campaign yet, intermissions can practically be played without playing the campaign itself. (But they're spoilery.) The second intermission has some reference to the previous ones, but you can ignore or randomize them.
  7. Hi! Quick answers: 1) Your second idea is right: XP cap means max amount of XP the players can earn after the mission. (This is due to avoid quick snowballing after the missions with the intel-system.) 2) Yes, they are placed randomly. As for the IP it doesn't really matter if he knows or not, I would say it's more fun if he doesn't know. 3) No second Royal Guard, one elite RG is enough for an intro mission, I suppose. (Although the IP can spend threat to deploy the second one if he's got enough threat for it.) 4) Mission numbers 2D and 2V (as all the other story missions with D and V letters after the number) refer to what happened in the previous story mission. 2D is played if the players were defeated, and 2V is played if the players were victorious. There is a special case, 5DD is played if both the introduction and the second story mission were a defeat for the rebel players. Make sure to check which influence and class decks are banned for the Imperial Player (you can find it in the campaign overview) and which rebel heroes cannot be chosen. Happy New Year!
  8. Hi! Yes, the updated mission rules will include the numbering. I think it'll be ready today, but in a few days at worst. Luckily I named the map layers in the editor, so it's going to be easy.
  9. This is great news, I'm looking forward to see how it went for you! Will update the first maps with helpful tools soon.
  10. UPDATE: The next Intermission (The Fall of IsoTech) is up, enjoy. The Midterm mission will be next for I have a tester who is at this mission now.
  11. UPDATE: The Angel of Nar Shaddaa mission is up, along with a bonus character (Angel Stoat). Will fine-tune her later on for possible play in other campaigns. We have our first tester, so the previous missions are a bit rewamped. I'm looking forward to more volunteers trying out the missions.
  12. Hi! Any good ideas for a Krayt Dragon? I would like to put it to the end of a mission, and I was wondering if anyone came up with a good deployment card for it. I'm thinking of a "Howl Of Fear" ability which weakens surrounding figures and pushes them.
  13. No problems, thanks for the quick answer! Will make some replacement cards until then. Merry Christmas!
  14. Hi! Is there any way to make companions in the app? Or items other than weapons. In my app, the type scrolldown menu is grey when I'm clicking on new item card.
  15. UPDATE: I reworked the abilities a little. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll make the cards once we are decided on the rough versions. Base: Increase the number of open groups at setup by 1. Exhaust this card when a group is deployed anytime else than optional deployments. Instead of deploying the group, inrease D by the group’s deployment cost and resolve an optional deployment. This ability cannot be used when deploying any groups of mission objectives. 1 XP: Elite Squadrons When choosing open groups, deployment cards of the same name count as only one group. During optional deployments, reduce the cost of deployment groups by 1 (to a minimum of 1) if there is already a figure on the map by the same name. Cannot choose with Diversified Armies. 1XP: Diversified Armies Increase the number of open groups at setup by 1. Open groups cannot contain deployment cards with the same name as another card in the Imperial Player’s hand. During optional deployments, reduce the cost of deployment groups by 2 if it’s the first time that group is deployed during the mission, and by 1, otherwise. (Note: I'm not sure to add the 'and by 1, otherwise' part.) Cannot choose with Elite Squadrons. 1 XP: Countless Numbers Exhaust this card after an imperial group’s activation. Activate another imperial group with the same name. Exhaust this card when the last figure of a deployment group with multiple figures is defeated. May immediately reinforce that group. Cannot choose with unbeatable foes. 1XP: Unbeatable Foes Attachment Single figure group only. Increase this figure’s health by 3 and it’s defense by 1 [block]. 2XP: Dangerous Encounters During the setup of each mission, after choosing open groups, add 2 Adversaries to the open groups. Deplete this card when an imperial group is deployed. Instead of that group’s deployment card, use the adversary card of the same group type. Instead of depleting, you can choose to exhaust this card and spend [threat] equal to the difference between the adversary and the deployment group. This ability cannot be used when deploying any groups of mission objectives. 2XP: Army Of Villains Gain a villain of your choice and add it to your open groups during setup of each mission. During the setup of each mission, after choosing open groups, add 2 adversaries to the open groups. 1 [threat]: Exhaust this card to reduce the deployment cost of an adversary or a villain by the threat level (to a minimum of 1). Villains deployed from your open groups can be redeployed. 3XP: Enhanced armors (attachment) Distribute 4 [strain] tokens among this group’s figures. For each [strain] token, increase that figure’s health by 1. At the start of your activation, each figure in this group gains 2 movement points. [surge]: Gain 1 [power-any]. [surge]: Become hidden. Exhaust this card when you defend to reroll one defense die. 3XP: Enhanced weaponry (attachment) +3 accuracy, +1[surge] [surge]: Pierce 2, Bleed [surge]: +2 [damage] [surge]: Stun [surge]: After the attack resolves, push the target small figure a maximum of 3 spaces. 4XP: Masterful schemes Increase threat level by 1. At the start of each mission, roll one red die. Increase [threat] by [damage] rolled. If you rolled a [surge], you can choose to activate an imperial group, but you cannot perform an attack during that activation. Exhaust this card after any activation: resolve an optional deployment. (Note: I'm thinking of separating these two abilities. Do you think increasing threat level by 1 worth 4 XP? How much XP would you think the second part would worth?) 4XP: Quick strike Increase the number of open groups at setup by 1. During open deployments, reduce the deployment cost of groups by 1 (to a minimum of 1). Exhaust this card after deploying a group other than at mission setup: that group activates. Please share your comments. And new adversaries are coming.
  16. Hi! Thanks for the reply! I was thinking of reserved group deployments described in the mission briefing. So for example when a door is opened, and you deploy the reserved Stormtrooper group, etc. Following the example above, if the briefing says 'deploy the reserved Stormtrooper group', you receive 6 threat and you can resolve an optional deployment, deploying anything instead of them. Keeping track is tricky, but you do the same in the stormtrooper class deck, or with the mercenaries influence card as well. I agree that the 2/1 bonus might be too much, so maybe I'd put some restriction in there. (For example you can bring it cheaper if it's the first time you bring it in. This would force the IP to put in everyone from it's huge open group hand.) What do you think of replacing the first two 1XP cards with the two 2XP cards? I know you said okay, but I'm thinking of making this an attachment. What do you think? Would it be too powerful for 1xp then? How about this for 1 XP? I'll think of a buff instead of the deplete thing. Honestly, I think redeploying villains can be pretty powerful. Just think of deploying captain terro twice for 6 threat (if the IP has the threat reducing cards) in the late game. Might make it a 2 XP card. How about giving a reroll option also? Maybe 'When attacking, you may reroll each die with a single attack symbol on it.' So the thing is I have to write in 'during open deployment' because of the base ability of Militaristic Adaptivity. Or else, the IP would receive less threat when switching a reserved group to something else. (And yes, this would mean when the mission briefing would tell you to bring in rStormies, you can bring eJets for 6. This card would help the IP to swarm the late game with open deployment cards, whereas the other 4 XP card would help him to more easily bring in the big guns.
  17. Hi! As a side-project, I've put together a new imperial class deck named 'Adversaries'. I had the idea to implement the card-replacement system into the original game. So basically how this system works: Adversaries are special deployment cards. They can be added normally to the open groups. They use existing figures of the game, but alter their deployment cards a bit. Adversaries can be deployed, reinforced and redeployed as normal. The Adversaries Class Deck boosts the Imperial Player's deployment options by giving the player more threat, a bigger hand of open groups, and easier access of adversaries and villains. The goal is to bring as many fun options to the imperial player as possible. A few examples of adversary cards: And here's the class deck: Clarification: once Diversified armies or Elite Squadrons have been chosen, the other one cannot be chosen. And a side note: I just realized that I was really hectic in the format of the card titles (like in using capital letters). Will make it uniform later on. Please share your thoughts and ideas. I don't really see how strong I made this deck. The idea would be to give the imperial player more options then usual and use the normally neglected ones also.
  18. UPDATE: Last week I didn't have enough time to work on the missions, but I started to correct some of the mistakes made in the first ones. Also, I reworked the bonus objective system. Now the Rebel Players draw two hidden objective cards from a pool of the mission, so they can try to complete those bonus achievements. If they spend 1 intel, they can draw an additional hidden objective card. If they complete this latter one, they receive the 1 intel back in addition to it's normal rewards. Also, I added mission briefing cards for the introduction mission. Feel free to try out the introduction and share your thoughts and advices.
  19. UPDATE: The fourth side mission 'The Secret of the Wheel' is uploaded. This mission is heavily inspired by our Edge of the Empire roleplaying sessions with a lot of investigation and twists. Also, there is a cool mirror match at the finale.
  20. That's a fair point. Think of the system as 'achievements', that reward the rebel players for their good solutions. This system gives a natural +2 objectives which the rebels can increase by 1. The achievements staying hidden don't affect the gameplay.
  21. UPDATE: Added the 3rd optional side mission (Expanding the weapons division). I'm still thinking of a bane/boon system based on which side missions do the heroes choose (thus implementing something we discussed before with the jamming weapons), but I had a different idea with this mission, and I guess it came out fun, I'm looking forward to try it out. Also there's a special deployment card for the Anzati Officer which uses the figure of the imperial officer shown below, please share your thoughts. We were also having a discussion with my friends about the hidden objectives system. I'm beginning to feel it can add a nice extra something to the game, but their critics were true that it is just too random, and it's not fun when you get to know the objective after randomly doing something to trigger it. So I'm thinking of a hybrid system: at the beginning of each mission the heroes randomly draw 2 hidden objective cards from the hidden objective pool. That objective is now a bonus objective they can accomplish. Then they can choose to spend 1 intel to draw an additional objective card. If they complete this additional one, they receive 1 extra intel (thus getting back the one they spent) added to it's normal rewards. (Place a strain token on the mission to sign that this is the extra objective. Any other hidden objectives stay hidden but can be still completed. The Imperial Player is aware of all the hidden objectives. What do you think of this system?
  22. While working on the project, I thought of giving an aid for the Rebel Players regarding the many mission rules of the campaign. So I was using skirmish mission cards for the mission briefings. These can be printed and handed to the players to make things easier and faster. I was also thinking of doing something like that for the original campaigns. Sometimes it's hard for the Rebel Players to remember every small detail.
  23. I would be really-really excited for an expansion like this. Speaking of, in case it wouldn't be done, I can imagine creating it as a fan-made campaign mode. I'm thinking of instead of Imperial Heroes, the Imperial Players would choose a class, that would boost a specific type of imperials. For example "Leader", "Trooper", "Droid", "Villain", "Hunter", "Creature", etc. Maybe only the Imperial figures. Thus at the beginning of each mission, the Imperial Players would pick a group of a base pool of threat, while the Rebel Player would use the existing heroes and allies with a Rebel Class card boosting an aspect. This way we could use the already existing parts of the game (figures, deployment cards, tokens) and with a bunch of custom-made cards make it playable and giving a unique experience. Well, I'm into trying this as a mini-campaign, after I'm finished with my current project.
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