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  1. I love the Campaign Log! If you don't mind I would love to implement it with mentioning you of course. Side missions are chosen by Rebel Players, yes. They can be informed what type of rewards they would get (XP, credits, Zeb and intel).
  2. Yes, if there are no other indications, just show them at the start of the mission.
  3. Ah, I see. That was an early conception of the introductions, which changed during development, so for the time being, ignore that rule. Thank you for the notice!
  4. Hi! It's nice to hear, looking forward for your thoughts about the campaign! Quick answers: 1) Angel is exclusive for that mission. I'm planning to make her a choosable hero for other campaigns, but it's under development now, so she would be pretty unbalanced for that. She cannot be defeated in that mission. (Will think about how it will play out in regular campaigns.) So you can deactivate C-NG as many times you'd like. Note that deactivating C-NG many times does slow down the progress of the rebels, and time works against them, so it's a valid imperial tactic there. 2) Same with the adversaries deck. It's untested now and will be changed a lot. Seems unbalanced at the moment, I wouldn't recommend to try it at this phase of the development, but you can give it a go, maybe fine-tune it yourselves and tell me how it worked out. 3) That's an interesting question. You can replace Vinto with another figure (like Greedo) or a token and make Vinto a playable character. It would be a little awkward to use similar abilities for an adversary as a hero, but still, it wouldn't hurt game balance I guess. Maybe it would alter the atmosphere a bit. 4) No, it's not included on her deployment card, so when she gets to the players as an ally, she leaves the armor behind. (She's just glad enough to be alive.) 5) I don't really get this part. During intermissions, the player's deployment groups cannot be wounded, they become defeated unless it's mentioned otherwise in an intermission's ruleset. Currently I don't remember any intermissions allowing someone to get wounded instead of defeated. Think of intermissions as special skirmish games implemented in the campaign with a handful of extra ruleset. All the players have deployment groups controlled instead of heroes, so there are no allies in these as well. But maybe I just misunderstood your question. Cheers!
  5. UPDATE: The two missing missions (Unorthodox Trading Methods and Canto Bight Heist) are up and running on the drive. The first half of the campaign is now complete, so anyone can try it and have a natural break before the Midtime Mission.
  6. UPDATE: The first 6 missions got a little revamp. All the missions are now in separate folders. There are two pdf files that should be downloaded. The first one is the mission briefing, the second one is the printables. This is unnecessary, but helps a lot playing the missions. All missions now have mission rule reference cards (custom skirmish mission cards), deployment cards for the custom characters and hidden objective cards for the rebel players. (2 is drawn before each mission.) I would appreciate some help in finding the template for the FFG campaign book. I saw that the custom campaigns are designed the same way. Anyone know how to do it? I guess it would be a little better than the ugly pdf-s. 5D and 5DD are still under development. I need to take a short break for job starts tomorrow, but will finish them soon. If anyone wouldn't like to jump into a full campaign yet, intermissions can practically be played without playing the campaign itself. (But they're spoilery.) The second intermission has some reference to the previous ones, but you can ignore or randomize them.
  7. Hi! Quick answers: 1) Your second idea is right: XP cap means max amount of XP the players can earn after the mission. (This is due to avoid quick snowballing after the missions with the intel-system.) 2) Yes, they are placed randomly. As for the IP it doesn't really matter if he knows or not, I would say it's more fun if he doesn't know. 3) No second Royal Guard, one elite RG is enough for an intro mission, I suppose. (Although the IP can spend threat to deploy the second one if he's got enough threat for it.) 4) Mission numbers 2D and 2V (as all the other story missions with D and V letters after the number) refer to what happened in the previous story mission. 2D is played if the players were defeated, and 2V is played if the players were victorious. There is a special case, 5DD is played if both the introduction and the second story mission were a defeat for the rebel players. Make sure to check which influence and class decks are banned for the Imperial Player (you can find it in the campaign overview) and which rebel heroes cannot be chosen. Happy New Year!
  8. Hi! Yes, the updated mission rules will include the numbering. I think it'll be ready today, but in a few days at worst. Luckily I named the map layers in the editor, so it's going to be easy.
  9. This is great news, I'm looking forward to see how it went for you! Will update the first maps with helpful tools soon.
  10. UPDATE: The next Intermission (The Fall of IsoTech) is up, enjoy. The Midterm mission will be next for I have a tester who is at this mission now.
  11. UPDATE: The Angel of Nar Shaddaa mission is up, along with a bonus character (Angel Stoat). Will fine-tune her later on for possible play in other campaigns. We have our first tester, so the previous missions are a bit rewamped. I'm looking forward to more volunteers trying out the missions.
  12. Hi! Any good ideas for a Krayt Dragon? I would like to put it to the end of a mission, and I was wondering if anyone came up with a good deployment card for it. I'm thinking of a "Howl Of Fear" ability which weakens surrounding figures and pushes them.
  13. No problems, thanks for the quick answer! Will make some replacement cards until then. Merry Christmas!
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