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  1. Hu guys, we have a question regarding the downed AT-ST Act 2 card. You had to secretly mark 2 buildings with a condition token marking possible entrances to the secret rebel bunker. The card says that a trooper units gains "Action: Uncover entrance: Reveal a condition token on a piece of terrain that your unit leader is in base contact with.". Our question is: Do you have to be in base contact with the piece of terrain holding the condition token or the condition token itself in order to flip the condition token and reveal wich building is the secret bunker? Also if i recall correctly, infiltrate is forbidden but scout is allowed, right? Thanks!
  2. Thanks 4 sharing these. Im going to try them out tonight. Ich would prefer official ones though.
  3. Hey guys, finally my first post here. I really love 2.0 so far and enjoy it quite a lot. I am more the casual type of player and I usually play with my wife and friends which brings me to my concern: No quick-build cards for wave 14. We are all not really into list building which is the main reason 1.0 collected dust on my shelf. With the introduction of quick build cards in 2.0 the game finally gets the attention it deserves in my playgroup. Unfortunately wave 14 (Saw’s Renegades and Tie Reaper) are missing the quick build cards and as such are rendered more or less useless to us. ? Is there any word from FFG on planning to release quick-build cards for wave 14? Or is there any source where I could get some quick build cards for those ships (even fan made would be awesome)? Thanks a lot.
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