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  1. All praise the mighty computer ! Thank you btw and Chris Glenn ! and Stephen Hawking... because.
  2. Hey ! I'm just leading a table on Abafar ! This is great work ! Know where I can find more ?
  3. Awesome great job ! We used to play with the simple !roll for a year but I spent a day discovering the rest of the features : destiny, obligations, duty, ... Good job SkyJedi ! Here are some features I can bring after my tests : the !reroll function is great but I didn't found how to "swap" a dice : eg : Another suggestion : D1-C3 could roll the 1d100 for us. Courtesy of the GM to bypass or ignore it... Again, great job and thank you !
  4. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone posting in this section. I'm at page 80 and find here tons of concepts, ideas and clues for places, scenes & pnj. Thanks !
  5. Hello all! I'm pretty new french native speaker user to this forum. Several months ago I started writing an adventure for EOTE running around the Rhydonium exploitation of Abafar (https://www.starwars.com/databank/rhydonium). I'm glad having seen Solo last Sunday! So many infos about fuel! And still so many mysteries about how it works... I'm very interested about any canon information about fuels in general, but having read all this topic, It's still a bit light... For my own purpose, I have assumed that Rhydonium is used only for subspace travels.
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