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  1. I wish it would update the maneuver difficulty after adding upgrade cards like R4. It would be so great to see the updated maneuvers while planning out a new squadron.
  2. Wow, such a solid build! Thanks for the tips guys!
  3. Ahh thank you. I must have overlooked that in the new rules. Well it’s not the end of the world for that squadron, but that skill stack would have been dope
  4. Before I field this idea I want to get the rest of your opinions. Kad Solus’ ability states, “After you fully execute a red maneuver gain 2 focus tokens”.... so does this stack with Daredevil that allows you to do 90 degree red boosts? my gut tells me yes.
  5. I splurged a little and got the light blue transparent templates and now it is time to paint the cutouts. Any suggestions as to what I should paint them? I’m tempted to just do the white like in the picture I’m including
  6. I’ll use Deathrain piloting a TIE Punisher for my example, but any other examples anybody can think of please include them. Deathrain’s ability states that “After you drop or launch a device, you may perform an action” Is this a free action or does it take the place of my action that round? I am of the mind to say that since it does not explicitly say “You may not perform another action this round” that it is in fact a free action.
  7. I cannot seem to find an exact answer in the 2.0 rule book about what happens when a player reveals a red maneuver on a ship that is already stressed. i think in 1.0 they would do a White 2 straight maneuver instead... or would it be a Blue 2 straight?
  8. Are you able to drop bombs in the systems phase after being ionized?
  9. What is the point of locking obstacles? I've been searching everywhere to find specific rules about why one would lock onto an obstacle and I have yet to answer my questions. If I lock onto an obstacle can I fire ordinances at them like missiles/torpedoes? If I do that will they explode and what happens when they explode? Or is the only way I can destroy obstacles by dropping bombs near them?
  10. Ahhh, touche, I see that now, but for the 2 extra squad points I still stand by Instinctive Aim lol. It at least gives you options, but I suppose you if you really felt it to be unnecessary you could eliminate it all together and spend the 2 points to get "Scourge" Skuto instead of Gideon Hask.
  11. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!s!173:73,113,98,-1:-1:-1:;180:123,166,-1:-1:-1:;219:116,-1:-1:-1:;223:116,-1:-1:-1:&sn=Darth Phennir&obs= Vader with Instinctive Aim allows you to take advantage of using cluster missiles without having to spend your lock which then allows you to use Fire-Control system as well. Just have to be careful to flank with him as well as control your force usage. With Turr Phennir you can potentially use 3 actions in one turn. Evade>Boost>Barrel Roll and then use Juke to cancel one of the defender's evade dice. The other two are just to fill out the list with semi-strong TIE Fighters
  12. Let us know how it goes! Superior movement with soft ships is a hard battle
  13. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Galactic Empire&d=v4!s!173:73,113,98,-1:-1:-1:;219:127,-1:-1:-1:;224:127,-1:-1:-1:;227:116,-1:-1:-1:;227:116,-1:-1:-1:&sn=Vader Swarm&obs= My general theory is to field 1 hero ship and a swarm of lesser ships.
  14. Just realized that I can use Veteran Turret Gunner when I use the “Extended” game mode to build my list and not when I use the “Second Edition” mode. This is strange because that upgrade is for sure in the ship expansions available right now. Atbthe very least we can at least build squads in “Extended,” but I’d prefer to use “Second Edition” because it actually limits your ships/upgrades to the ones you have in your collection.
  15. I’m trying to build a new list with a Y-Wing and for some reason I can’t add any gunners to any of my Y-Wing pilots except for “Agile Turret Gunner” I definitely have more gunner cards in my collection and in another (older) list I have built I can see the option to add other gunners to the Y-Wing I have in that list.
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