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  1. What’s the point of the veterans? They just make the normal troopers redundant because why on earth would you want to run troopers now you have these guys with auto dodge, surge on attack and defence and black attack? Is this the inevitable creep? It’s a shame if it is.
  2. Of course, language is all an artificial construct anyway. Language evolves through the ages. For one I’m glad we’re not all still speaking Middle English.
  3. I agree, think the sequel factions would be a reimagined army of the originals although if they were to release FO, I would view them as a more elite version of the Empire. E.g cost more but with slightly better stats and or key words. Possibly FO stormtroopers running a black dice for attack (without surge) with a defence surge on red.
  4. Vader is an awesome piece - he has a high ceiling to play and requires you to think several turns ahead but generally speaking he obliterates anything him comes up against. He is a brilliant jack of all trades and your army won’t panic with him around - also, get him near objectives and those objectives aren’t flipping. Saber Throw and relentless makes him very powerful plus his command cards are viscous. Would I like him to be less points? Sure, do I think it would be fair? No. Vader, 6 reds (or 3 reds) on white rebel dice . . .
  5. Would you guys say that the 4th IRG (staff) is essential when running Palp? Just struggling points wise and wondering if it’s worth it keeping the 25 points for elsewhere in the army.
  6. Wookies would be a good bullet magnet. They would charge forcing focus fire and taking the heat off other units.
  7. The weird immersion here is when you get empire and republic fighting each other. Each with a Palpatine leading it as Chancellor and Emperor. Will be fun.
  8. Snowtroopers aren’t OP, in fact they die quite quickly against someone who knows what they are doing. Like proper troopers of the empire!
  9. Thanks for that - I still have to paint mine and have been wondering what colours to use.
  10. You can only use force lightening (in place of grease lightening) multiple times if the tarot card comes up trumps! A bit like walking in boxes into musket fire.
  11. Looks great - what did you use for the guards?
  12. The battle meditation art - Luke was never that calm and repose in battle (I know it’s not a character card but still . . .)
  13. All true, but he is as inspiring as Captain Needa. Needa also had Vader on speed dial. He died.
  14. Do you actually have a strong army when you lack activation with the 2 commanders?
  15. Veers being inspiring. He doesn’t really do anything inspiring. Spotter, precise and sharpshooter fair enough but inspire?
  16. Quick question, pulling the strings - take it this means you attack for a free action but that in this context it’s not an additional attack? So you can only ever attack once as per the rules?
  17. Except the Han card messes with anything you do that turn, from the units activated to the special effects (master of evil, all my legions, bombardment etc) whereas the Palp card just forces a change to a single unit. Also means the the inevitable SoS card isn’t an automatic given now and forces the opponent to consider not relying on a single unit to alpha strike all the time.
  18. The give in to your anger card is a great card and allows the imperials to take back some degree of activation control from the rebels, especially when imperials would have sunk a lot of points into the emperor anyway. Good card to use if you are facing wonder twins etc.
  19. I disagree - a cup holder would be better.
  20. I find push is very useful to control the field around you (and potentially pull someone in to melee range if needed). Push is used once or twice so you don’t need to refresh it that much unlike reflexes. I agree it’s an offence not to staple saber throw onto Vader.
  21. I run the classic set up of throw, push and reflexes for those times he is being focused down.
  22. Vader. I love the way he can smash anything in melee (I.e killing Han in one hit like a true Sith Lord) but I also like the speed restriction as it makes him feel balanced and requires finesse to use.
  23. I do wince at the points used, but I love playing Vader and he feels thematic. Plus his saber throw (if you equip it) increases his range massively once relentless is included. Palp’s speed is the thing I’m most nervous about as he won’t have a free attack (unless you use his command card). Giving other units a free action would be awesome to launch units at the enemy though.
  24. I suspect it’s because the imperial guard is soaking up the damage rendering the points used on the power less efficient than say on Vader or Luke (especially with red defence surges included). Choke would be quite nasty against specialists or operatives as well.
  25. Bearing in mind the points cost of Palpatine, would you also want to sink points into Veers? Could squeeze in another squad for activation advantage and use pulling the strings to get a flametrooper in range before following up with the Emperor. I think his 2 pip will be interesting to see as it might be a game changer (or fall completely flat). Otherwise I like the list - as imperials play quite defensively at the moment, an agressive list like this would really surprise people.
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