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  1. I'm making a Star Trek skin for Genesys. There's a couple of things I did a little different for starships. Each ship has a set of systems (I'm stealing borrowing this from another system). When your character uses that system on the ship, they use the ship's system as an attribute, and your character's skill to create a dice pool. For example, a Defiant Class has a Weapons system of 5, and your character has a Gunnery skill of 2, you'd roll 2 yellow, and three green. Make sense? There are some other things, I've incorporated from other games, or for feeling of making it more "trekish" but here is my writeup for the Defiant Class Defiant Class Silhouette: 4 Sublight: 3 Shields: 3/2/2/2 Armor: 5 HT Threshold: 32 SS Threshold: 20 Rarity: 8 (R) Comms 3 Engines 4 Structure 2 Computers 3 Sensors 3 Weapons 5 Crew Bonus: Conn b, Security bb Entered Service: 2371 Class: Heavy Escort (EH) Warp Engines: 6/9.2 Ship’s Complement: 40 (15 Officers, 25 Enlisted) NPC Crew: 1 Hanger Bay: 4 Size Shuttlecraft Worth Traits: Ablative Armor, Quantum Torpedoes Remaining Hard Points: 1 Weapons: Phaser Cannons (Dmg: 8; Crit: 4; Range: Medium; Accurate 1, Autofire 1) Quantum Torpedoes (Fore/Aft; Dmg: 9; Crit: 2; Range: Long; Blast 6, Breach 6, Guided 2, Slow-Firing 1) Light Tractor Beam (Fore/Aft; Dmg: -; Crit: -; Range: Close; Tractor 2) The USS Defiant has a Cloaking Device for its additional Hard Point Cloaking Device Can activate a cloaking device, which normally renders a starship undetectable. If someone were to suspect a cloaked starship, and check with a Sensor + Operating skill check with a difficulty equal to the cloaked ship’s Engine stats in purple dice.
  2. I've been playing with additions/subtractions from this game, and putting in some from Mechamorphosis (an older FFG mod). In that game you use "D Shift+F7 D" rules, where the transformers special powers are spells. I thought Genesys could do the same thing. A specific spell = a special power. Mirage can turn invisible, Hound can create illusions, etc. The hard part is the combiners (and I'm using the rules presented here), but then there's also Soundwave and his cassette tape minions. And that's when it hit me. He "Conjures" them. They are specific results of a "summoning spell." Now, Soundwave is really good at it, but I think you can see how this can work...
  3. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/266150/WOIN-W4-Spirits-of-Manhattan
  4. If you're looking at mine, then the Black and White are the old TSR system books, and the colored one, is the "format" I made up, along with input from Ferninja's pieces. Take what is useful, leave what is useless.
  5. I've taken a bunch of what you did, and some from WEG, and even a little from Savage Ghostbusters (Savage Worlds) and put them into one large collection. It's in the same folder as above. Let me know what you think of the formatting.
  6. I could see Indy getting a 3 in Brawn. I think I evened it out with higher skills, but I wanted Sallah to be more of a "people person" where he knew everyone. Also, watching the movies, he doesn't demonstrate strength or fighting abilities really.
  7. Okay, if you're looking at all, I've got PDFs of the Original WEG Ghostbusters RPG I also made a pretty cool Character Sheet (if I do say so myself) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jSpBUnDNpnpxqTe85bF02K3sswT2be7I?usp=sharing Let me know if you like it.
  8. I just started listening to it (because of this post). I love it. If you're looking for help writing this, I'd love to help. I've made a couple interpretations in the forums here already (Indiana Jones, Crimson Skies, and Cowboys and Dinosaurs).
  9. Okay, I was bored today, and converted "The Eye of Kilquato" from Savage Worlds into Genesys. I also included the figure flats PDF, and the tile map PDF. They're in the GoogleDrive above.
  10. I just uploaded my version of Indiana Jones major players from Raiders to the GoogleDrive. TOD, TLC, KotCS, and Expanded Universe still to come. Let me know what you think.
  11. I'd love to hear some feedback on use as well. The Temple of Seth adventure is available in the same GoogleDrive Folder. I have most of the old IJ-RPG gamebooks, but most of them are setting books, and very loose ideas for adventures. If people let me know they want more, I'd love to translate/create them for people. I'm still working on those. Let me know what people want, and I'll do my best. With the Proposed Indy 5 coming out in 2020, we might get even more fodder, or some sort of official RPG.
  12. I haven't done alot with it, as I've had some other games I've been converting to Genesys. If you have any suggestions to make the game better, I'll gladly edit them and put them in the book. I'd LOVE to see an official RPG for this world, and it fits so well with Genesys. TheLonelySandPerson- Thanks for the terms. I always find it a hard balance with actual terminology and ease of play. But in this case, the real terms may add more to the feel. I'll work on changing them, and updating the file.
  13. If anybody used the supplement book here, I'd love to hear about it. I kinda envision it as a one-shot, but possibly be long-term game.
  14. No, it was purely inspired by the art of Shaun Keenan in his book "Dinosaurs of the Wild West." I can't praise this book enough. It looked so awesome, that I decided, I wanted to play in that sandbox.
  15. Okay, Character Sheet is available too.
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