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  1. Sorry yeah, I should have mentioned a more exact location I guess. I am in Fukushima prefecture. I think the issue is there isn't any Japanese translation yet for the game. It is difficult enough to teach a native English speaker L5r, let alone somebody who speaks English as a second language. Otherwise I would be more than happy to help people learn it. My wife is Japanese and she says it doesn't look completely Japanese. She says it looks a lot like Chinese as well. ??
  2. Thanks. I am hoping to be able to play more players at L5r someday without having to leave Japan. Especially since the game seems to have some deep roots in its creation with this country.
  3. Greetings all, At the moment I live in Japan. It is just myself and one other who I know of who play L5r in the entire country. I am hoping to find out if there is anybody else on here who lives in Japan and would like to help and start a community for this game. Of course if one already exists that would be a lot easier for us. Thanks in advance!
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