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  1. The 1.4FD is hidden the forests ready to take on the empire by surprise.
  2. The last of the rebel core troops joins the ranks today: Gold Leader. And of course, the original heroes with all of their troops:
  3. The long waited bounty hunter is here to take out his enemies with ease. No barriers can stop Boba Fett!
  4. I really like that rolling a dice idea. Perhaps a red defense dice you can trigger another attack if you roll shields (not surges though). That would definitely be quite the interesting and fun mechanic.
  5. Hey Legion Community, I've been mulling over the idea of a Grand Warfare gametype. This would be quite different from the 1600pt lists, and would have some different rules. I have been thinking about how in games like Warhammer, you can have some epic battles. Don't get me wrong, I love how Legion doesn't require $1,000 just to feel like you have a competitive list, and that the game are relatively quick and easy. It's a great thing. However this idea is for bumping it up to the next scale, for some truly hardcore games. I'll put the ideas below and then commentary after. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Squad Building ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All non-leader/operative units cost half the points, and are purchased on a per-model basis. This gives the following for troops: Rebel Trooper Type Squads: 5-10 core models, +2 optional upgraded heavy models. Rebel Specialist Type Squads: 1 - 5 models, +1 optional heavy model. Rebel Support Type Squads: Up to 2x the number of models on the card. Rebel Heavy Support Type Squads: Standard 1 model. Imperial Trooper Type Squads: 10-15 core models, +2 optional upgraded heavy models. Imperial Specialist Type Squads: 2 - 10 models, +1 optional heavy model. Imperial Support Type Squads: Up to 2x the number of models on the card. Imperial Heavy Support Type Squads: Standard 1 model. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rule Changes ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Only weapons with Impact can get through armor, critical hits can no longer punch through armor, even if a weapon with Impact is in the attack pool. Critical hits still ignore cover however. Standby squads can make an attack against two different units that move within standby range. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Comments ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Giving standby squads the ability to shoot at two different squads makes standby more useful, and also make more thematic sense. The squad is at the ready to fire at what comes in range. It cannot shoot at everything, however it is definitely able to handle two. The impact change is to make armor more effective and scary, and also encourage usage of other unit types that utilize impact. It makes list-building more interesting, especially for rebels. The idea behind the squad sizes for imperials being larger, is that they often have more expensive models. Giving them the option to have more units in a squad effectively gives them more health and dice, balancing out activation disadvantage at the start of the game. This game type is for a little more intense play, and also for a feel of "The rebel base was just found, all hands on deck." Any thoughts or critiques on this would be great to hear! Or your own thoughts!
  6. Hey everybody! I have finally finished and taken photos of the Green Leader Fleet Troopers! I took more time on them and played more with making the effects subtle yet also stand out. Critiques and comments welcome!
  7. I would have to say they are both good. The 1.4FD was a major target in my game with it, so it didn't last long. However I would argue stand by is amazing for those that do know the rules. Range 3 is a large area of control, and if you're placed within 2 objectives, that's huge. The e-webs are fantastic to keep those rebel scum pinned down. Take 2 for 130 points with maybe and that's a lot of suppression every round. You just have to keep them off the front line. They are support not damage soakers.
  8. I like the replies everyone has given so far. I have a few questions that may help out: 1.) What primer do you use for brush-on? I use Vallejo gray and brush it on mine. You don't actually need a consistent color of primer across the whole model, you just need at some of it there so the paint binds to it. My primer layer (when brushed on) usually looks splotchy, but it does not matter at all, the paint will hold after that. 2.) Do you use a wet palette? The wet palette is amazing and will keep your paints at a nice consistency, especially if you rub in a little water with the end of your brush. Not only that, your paint will take a significantly longer time to dry out and become grainy. 3.) Videos do help, but really it's all about the time you are willing to spend on a single model. Sure you can get faster, but sometimes you don't need/want to. If your goal is to get faster and also have quality go up, try setting a timer on a batch of troops, such as the standard 7 in legion. Allow yourself about 1-2 hours per mini, and then see if you can find ways that speed up base-coating. Details always take longer, as they should, because it requires smaller brush-strokes that are more carefully placed. 4.) The Vallejo white / light colors do have a tendency to get grainy, even with a wet palette. For these I use a little bit extra for dilution. A good thing to dilute with is distilled water, and it is also common to mix in a drying retardant, such as a matte medium (Vallejo Matte Medium, if you like Vallejo). Hope this helps.
  9. @Derrault Leia Organa 90 - Commanding Presence 10 T-47 Airspeeder 175 - Wedge Antilles 5 - HQ Uplink 10 - Mo/Dk Power Harpoon 8 Commando Strike Team 16 - DH-447 Sniper 28 - Emergency Stims 8 Rebel Commandos 60 - Proton Charge Saboteur 26 Rebel Troopers 40 - Extra Trooper 10 - Z-6 Trooper 22 Rebel Troopers 40 - Extra Trooper 10 - Z-6 Trooper 22 - Targeting Scopes 6 Rebel Troopers 40 - Targeting Scopes 6 Fleet Troopers 44 - Extra Fleet 11 - Scatter Gun 23 - Targeting Scopes 6 Fleet Troopers 44 - Extra Fleet 11 - Scatter Gun 23 - Targeting Scopes 6 Total: 800
  10. I've actually run a pretty successful airspeeder list. The double I tried once but it left the ground pretty sparse. However the list I built around one was a pretty decisive, if not major, victory. I can share the list if anyone is interested.
  11. That Darth Vader with an Ewok head... that's awesome.
  12. The Fleet Troopers are finally here! The second squad is getting the finishing touches, likely to be done this weekend, but here is red squad. I think this is the best round of painting so far, but maybe not. As always, critiques and comments welcome!
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