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  1. This is just another reminder that Lucas has not been worth listening to for a very long time.
  2. Except the opportunity cost for dipping into all those powers just to do basic Jedi stuff is very high and honestly not really worth it compared to maxing out one power (aka, Move). But yes, it is possible, I just think the progression could be a lot better without having the terrible scaling issues (throwing freighters and so forth). But aside from that, Genesys has characteristic swap talents for melee (Agi, Cunning) and ranged (Cunning). It actually makes the party a lot more diverse, in my opinion, because people can contribute more in combat while still bringing other stuff to the table. Having B and A being the only true combat characteristics is actually quite boring imo. Agi is so dominant it's just very tempting for almost everyone to make it at least their 3 stat at the start. Having your mechanic or rogue or whatever spend some Xp to be better with a blaster does not break the game at all. The Brawn character still ends up with considerably more survivability, and Agi has lots of other good skills. E: Also, the Spy book just added a way to swap Cunning for Presence on Charm checks (and some others, iirc).
  3. I feel like there is a general assumption that what I am talking about is making Force-users more powerful, but that isn't actually the case. In a lot of ways I want to make them less powerful overall, but more functional at the beginning. This is also why I have had another thread about using attachments without mods to lower the game's damage output. Now that the game has given us Allies and Adversaries, I think that is a good guideline as to how powerful characters are actually supposed to be (along the same lines that PCs are meant to be balanced against the traditional Bestiary in D&D or Pathfinder). Outside of very specific games, I don't think PCs should ever be the equal of Yoda or Palpatine, for example. Free-form talents may let you easily pick up your saber style of choice and focus on one characteristic, but it becomes almost impossible to stack high ranks of Parry/Reflect/Toughness etc. You really, really have to pay for that extra damage reduction and WT. Compare that to normal where you can pretty cheaply dip into several specs to snag a bunch of ranks in all of this stuff (a colossus who dips into a few other specs can survive a thermal detonator to the face). I don't think a single major lore character in Allies and Adversaries has more than 20 WP, and most of the uber Jedi have 4-5 ranks in Reflect/Parry tops. As far as Force powers go, restructuring them to work without giant XP dumps is also not necessarily about power. I would rather have Move just be weaker in terms of damage (no dumping a 30 damage vehicle on people's heads early in the game) but actually be usable, even at a weak level, because these kinds of things are what make someone feel like a Jedi even if it isn't a huge game impact. Having a low-XP character be able to telekinesis a toolbox across the room or jump an extra 5 meters or even fire off a 5 damage Force Lightning is hardly game-breaking. The key is pulling back on the scaling, which the vanilla game is actually pretty bad about. It encourages people to dump tons of XP into one power and become one-trick ponies rather than holistic characters.
  4. Agree that flipping a Destiny Point just to use pips is really silly. If this seems overpowered to you, attach a 1 or 2 strain cost to activating any Force Power (and still spend 1 strain per dark point flipped). I also think Conflict should be attached to actual powers (harm, unleash, choke) and what they do, rather than every time you flip a pip, but that's just a quibble with the Morality system.
  5. I'm not articulating a few things well so I will post some examples later when I have more time. 😀
  6. That is...not at all what I am saying. I never said Jedi PCs are weak or underpowered? I just don't like the idea of having huge XP taxes on lots of features that seem integral to a character. Compare this to Genesys: at 0xp a wizard can still shoot off fire spells, and they are not at all overpowered. Meanwhile this system encourages massive "shopping around" syndrome to hop between specs grabbing lots of juicy 5 and 10xp stacking talents.
  7. I think that's the rub for me personally. I don't really like the idea of having to dump hundreds of XP just to recognize a character concept for a Force-user when everyone else can do it almost immediately. Personally I would rather have sabers and Force powers and such balanced with everything else from 0xp onwads rather than inflated behind a huge XP tax!
  8. I realize my defense of free-form talents is probably tiresome, but the lack of any Form talents in these trees is a real problem. You're basically forcing every Jedi to be a Brawn character, which is incredibly boring. (Unless you do the Outcast, since they have a talent that is apparently every form in one, which hilariously makes them better than the Jedi specs)
  9. Which is fine, but you are essentially mandating that the GM make every enemy of any significance wear Cortosis or have insane ranks in parry, which to me is kind of problematic! Your character could skill Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, in 2 hits. A basic lightsaber that did 7 or 8 damage would make that duel way more climactic. You could parry off each other's damage for a while. Maybe even fight near a volcano! I guess this depends on whether or not people enjoy rocket tag gameplay, even for supposedly tough adversaries.
  10. Okay, terminology issue I guess? Genesys has "Attachments" (e.g. blaster actuating module) where you could add +1 dmg and +[SE] to a weapon, which seems like a fair trade. However if you mod the attachment, you can add another +2 dmg and +2 pierce which is where the problem lies, imo. I feel like the crafting rules are far less broken if attachments aren't as good.
  11. To be clear, no one is saying 0 mods, just no optional extras on existing mods. Also Mechanics is still insanely useful given that you can craft far better items than you can buy in many cases. But anyway, the Allies and Adversaries book is pretty much this game's bestiary, which means (presumably) that characters should be balanced against it. If characters have fully powered weapons - something that doesn't even cost that much - they can pretty easily murder their way through a lot of those adversaries, even the supposedly super powerful lore characters. But just to reaffirm my position, my problem is mostly with damage, not necessarily other stuff. Making a weapon sling more effective is one thing, but doubling the damage of a weapon is a big problem for a higher XP game imo.
  12. I personally prefer to fix the rules rather than rely upon fiat. I mean yeah, sometimes gear will get destroyed. But I personally think that is a poor way to handle most issues.
  13. Removing attachment modding is probably the easiest and most elegant solution without completely redesigning stuff, yeah. It would drastically reduce damage bloat but still keep combat lethal enough that it doesn't take forever.
  14. So with the equipment book just announced, I thought it was worth asking for some opinions on the basics of gear. As you may or may not know, Genesys massively reduces gear bloat by limiting HP (items usually have HP equal to 1/2 encumbrance) and completely eliminating the "optional mod" thing that SWRPG has going. I think this has some real benefits The main issue I have with SWRPG gear is that it is insanely powerful when modded, even far more than games most people consider crunchy like D&D or Pathfinder. Consider that a heavy blaster (7) can effectively be modded to 12 damage without a great deal of fuss.* This is almost double damage! And of course, lightsabers are just as bad or worse. This makes a game that is already basically rocket tag (aka whoever hits first wins) even more lethal. I am debating whether the solution to this issue is to allow the Genesys approach or to simply eliminate mods that add damage to weapons. In other words, players adding slings and sights and stuff to their weapons is cool, but the big problem is that the +damage mods are 1) almost always going to be chosen and 2) too good. I think combat is better off with slightly less damage most of the time (especially lightsaber duels). Any thoughts? *for clarity, this is 10 damage and 2 pierce
  15. Genesys talents are super easy to mod to whatever you want though. I've been building an Old Republic doc for a coming game and I basically settled on: 1) LS forms are tier 2 - few people will actually start with them, but you can get them fast since they are essential to actually playing the character. 2) Many of the special talents are still linked to a type. For example, Saber Swarm still requires Ataru to use, the Makashi ones require that, etc. 3) Genesys actually majorly prevents talent stacking. There's no "Colossus" where characters can dip around and end up with twice the wounds of anyone else, nor can you realistically crank out tons of Parry and Reflect ranks. 4) my biggest complaint is that Dedication should be a capstone, not a talent, because it's way too important and drowns out almost all other talents regardless of character archetype.
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