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  1. That works for most cases. However, in this case, it would be most accurate to say my player wanted to split his turn: 1. Take a Maneuver to "bait" the monster. 2. Wait till the monster approaches. 3. Before the monster acts, drop his zippo (an incidental) and run like **** (second maneuver).
  2. "I pour out the gasoline on the ground. If the monster steps in it, but before he attacks me, I want to drop my lighter in the gas and run like ****." You dont need to be a telepath to pull off a stunt like that! Think whatever you want about RPG systems, but players will inevitably want to interrupt another creature's turn with their own action, and that's what prepping or holding is all about.
  3. My player last night: "I pour a pool of gas on the ground, and wait with my zippo at the ready. If the monster gets close, I want to drop the zippo and run before it attacks." Me: "Uhhhhhhh..." Other systems that I'm familiar with give players the chance to "prep" an action, and then interrupt an enemy's turn. How would Genesys handle it?
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