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  1. So I've played a few games at this point and I've had a lot of fun with it. As a head to head game its good but a bit intense. The issue with the intensity is as the same time the game pushes for story telling which ironically is it's best mechanic. Thematically the game is also great, however i do have some suggestions and comments. How to murder everyone. My first comment is on the deadliest in game combination which for me, has wiped out an entire map of enemies earning me 20XP on my go. Power armour / combat armour + vault suit = armour 3. Pain train + grim reapers spirit perks. No where does it say you cannot use more than 1 perk and using perks is an action. So we now have a character who can enter an enemy's space, kill them instantly as they have at least lv 3 armour, and then get an additional move for the kill. When enemies are clustered this absolutely murders. Highest kill count is 13 so far. So questions are, is this viable? Pain train grants +1 move point so 3 moves per action. Does this last until the end of thr player's turn? It doesn't say. We say fun first and say yes personally. Second amazingly OP character (less ridiculous) The prewar field medic. Vault suit + rng weapon + relevant stats + labcoat + dogmeat. Armour 2. Auto hits on adjacent tile enemies, at least 2 rerolls and then if you have jet and luckily for me addictol, you can have an extra free hit. Addiction tests are easier with the vault suit / having endurance / being well rested. If you fail, Addictol. Enemy had a ranged weapon? Disarm them with dogmeat. Stort time was a game of far harbour left me trying to establish a ghoul colony in the bottom left corner of the map at robco. I was surrounded by 2 legendary, 1 super mutant, 1 robot and 2 human spawns. Had to kill all enemies within 2 spaces to compelte the quest. Took 45 minutes shooting approaching enemies and farming up XP. Ridiculous but fun as well. Eventually i got myself a sniper rifle, which as a combo with the above idea is even more insane (auto head shot hits). Question. Should the sniper have +1 to its range for sake of immersion? Or would that become OP? Headshots are rare, and with 1 less reroll than the plasma gun i found myself using that for value for money. Sure i didn't get loot from enemy kills but that had little impact. COOPERATIVE gameplay changes So as i noted, the game tries to juggle competition and a story and as it weighs towards story the rushed end seems OP. So like DLCs, the game needs a post mainquest / faction victory game where we can keep going. So the game just doesn't end. Have one faction removed or like a rebellion you can launch to overthrow them. Otherwise we just ignore the triggered end game and abandon main quest line. Side quests. Personally if you'r playing for story with mates you need to let someone do a quest they started alone. Someone planning on murdering Olivia in the side quest wasn't happy when someone else drew thr next encounter and saved her. It ruined their whole plot they had going. So, once a player embarks on such a quest, if you draw their encounters, ADD it and redraw. Duels. A system needs develping so players can fight one another. Perhaps rolling the dice against one another and just using the hits against player health. House Rulings on Quests In the threatened detonation, one player wasn't happy that they had no way to just leave. They had to talk them down or steal something and run. Why not just go without stealing? Just because its not on the card, if you're going for story, let it happen, figure out a reward for the players encounter so it didn't waste their turn. Later, i was vilified and had never visited a town and when i entered someone blamed it on me. Which didn't make much sense. The card could do with some redoing. Finally, resetting the deck is a hassle sometimes. How i wish a tales of arabian nights book style was utilised for encounters. More radaway and addictol are needed. Addicted lacking Addictol can only be fixed with a labcoat so you can carry items. Suggestions for expansions I would have much preferred concept art on some cards. Especially character cards. Expansions or reprints of these would earn my cash. But business first i doubt it'll be done for sake of money. Map size increase. More generic tiles in possible expansions. More enemy types too. Legendaries and robots become predictable fast. Develop a coop system, keep competitive mode, but fix faction progression. Its WAY too fast. New characters miniatures too would be awesome. P.S Planning on using the wargame miniatures for this. But i need a bigger board. So an oversize printing like Scythe would be ACE.
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