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  1. To be clear, in a tournament you'd recommend calling out an opponent who attacked left, rotated clockwise, and then tried to attack front with VTG because they should have rotated counter-clockwise?
  2. KiAdiMoody

    Wave 5 predictions!

    I always assumed that the Moldy Crow title was only in the Rebel Conversion Kit because in 1e you had to have bought the Rebel HWK Expansion to have a copy.
  3. KiAdiMoody

    Fugly, the New Templates Are.

    I read "...range ruler base and four range ruler segments..." as being able to measure to range five. The four range ruler segments have tabs on one end and a slot at the other, the base only has the slot but no tab.
  4. KiAdiMoody

    Agile Gunner

    Lando’s Millennium Falcon Expansion.
  5. KiAdiMoody

    Han Solo Rebel Pilot Ability

    Well, he did take out Boba Fett while blind. Maybe the guy’s just that lucky!
  6. KiAdiMoody

    Han Solo Rebel Pilot Ability

    @meffo - Right or wrong, the argument for Midnight not working against Han's ability is: Per RR, dice modifications are one of 4 things: Add, Change, Reroll, or Spend. Han's ability says "...This does not count as rerolling for other effects." Assumption: Pilot abilities are "other effects" Midnight's ability says "While you defend or perform an attack, if you have a lock on the enemy ship, that ship’s dice cannot be modified." Substituting the 4 possible things a modification can be into Midnight's text: "...that ship's dice cannot be [Added, Changed, Rerolled, or Spent]." What Han is doing doesn't count as a reroll in this context (the context being the "other effect" of Midnight's ability). Since it doesn't count as a reroll and it isn't an Add, Change, or Spend Midnight doesn't work. The core of it being that by not counting as a reroll it ceases to be a modification.
  7. Why would you consider Han's ability a modification? Per the RR, a modification is one of the following: Add, Change, Reroll, Spend. Han's ability says "This does not count as rerolling for the purpose of other effects." Midnight's ability is an "other effect" where "While you defend or perform an attack, if you have a lock on the enemy ship, that ship’s dice cannot be modified." Are you considering Han's ability to be an add, change, or a spend? If it isn't one of those, I don't think it can be counted as a modification for the purposes of Midnight's ability.
  8. KiAdiMoody

    Resistance vs. Rebel yt-1300

    What’s your point?
  9. KiAdiMoody

    Resistance vs. Rebel yt-1300

    There is (only) a 2.0 Customized YT-1300: Lando's Millennium Falcon.
  10. KiAdiMoody

    They're up!!!

    Yep, you can squeeze any 3 of them into a 200pt list.
  11. Thanks so much for linking directly to this discussion. You should put this in its own thread!
  12. KiAdiMoody

    Can You Rotate to same Arc?

    No, you have to pick a different arc. Per the Rules Reference section on Rotate (p.16): And to forestall double turret arc shenanigans, the Rules Reference also mentions:
  13. KiAdiMoody

    Crew with Force ability

    You can use it for attack or defense. Force charges from all upgrade cards are placed above the ship card and treated as a single pool for Force effects. Details are found in the Rules Reference under the Charges section on page 7.
  14. KiAdiMoody

    QQ: Bodhi Rook and E-Wings

    The e-wing’s ability restriction uses the word “cannot” which is special, per the Golden Rules at the beginning of the Rules Reference: Seems your gut is right and under no circumstances will an e-wing be able to acquire locks at range 1.
  15. KiAdiMoody

    Nien Numb

    It’s not tied to a phase, it is always on. The only conditions mentioned are getting a stress when there’s an enemy at range 0-1 in his front arc. There’s no condition around when he gets the stress or from what source.