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  1. Yes. From page 13 of the Rules reference:
  2. Except there is no "currently engaged ship".
  3. The cooling power of Hall's Plasmalyptus.
  4. But, looking at the ship ability Stygium Array on the Tie Phantom, I see a good example of an ability to which I wouldn't apply this approach to parsing ability text, so I concede the argument. I wonder if/when they clarify this ability's intended operation if it will involve an Errata (if the card text can never work within the desired rule framework), or an FAQ or entry in the RR proper(explaining the finer points of the interaction of some set of rules).
  5. Or my reading is correct and they don’t have to address anything at all? And no I’m not saying you never read the full ability, I’m saying if an ability lists a timing window and you aren’t at that window, then the ability’s text after the specification of that window is irrelevant.
  6. No. My reading makes the rule as written work as (folks seem to agree is) intended and my reasoning isn't arbitrary or due to not reading the upgrade: If you're reading an ability and get to a timing window requirement and you aren't at that window, stop evaluating the rest of the ability. This is true for other abilities, so I think it is true for this one as well. Granted, this ability has another sentence that describes what happens if you get past that first requirement, which makes it something new. But FFG thinks this wording is so solid that they've re-used it for Landing Struts 2 waves later.
  7. @Hiemfire, I read the ability, get to the second sentence, don't meet the trigger requirements I'm not at the specified timing window (I didn't just reveal my dial) so I stop reading further and bail on the rest of the ability. Like I said, we read it differently and disagree with each other. That's okay.
  8. No, they’re separate sentences in one ability. If there were separate paragraphs I would agree with you, but they aren’t.
  9. Yep, we're reading it differently and disagree with each others' readings.
  10. You can’t satisfy the trigger in the second sentence (“After you reveal your dial...”) on the turn you land on the asteroid and I think the third sentence is subordinate to the second.
  11. 33 if you drop one of the Torrents and equip 5 of those remaining with Hull Upgrade. 6 Y-Wings can carry 30 damage cards before one of them dies. Add Hull Upgrades on 4 of them and they can carry 34.
  12. I’m thinking 3 to have 2 Handmaidens guarding a 3rd N-1.
  13. Lil' Orphan Annie: Lil' Orphan Ani:
  14. There shouldn't be anything new to keep track of. When you reveal your maneuver you place it faceup next to the ship's card.
  15. We should get t-shirts with this on it.
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