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  1. Does anybody have the measurements for the round body/base of the head diameter of this model? I do not have this unit, but may pick them up for the R4 astromech as I need a roughly 1/48 version to fit in a Banda 1/48 X-wing
  2. If it's any help, the Tie Bomber was actually built from parts of the MPC Tie Advanced kit The wings had some additional trimming added to them to, but scaling it based on the window frame should work
  3. The problems with the sizes of the Ties stem from the assumption that the Studio Models were all built to a consistent scale (1/24) It depends on whether you consider the studio ties to be 1/16 or 1/24. Forgive me if I am wrong, but if I understand correctly and got my reference materials correct, some interviews in magazines around the time of the films mentioned the ties were built originally as 1/16 models. Later I think they were scaled as 1/24 models mainly due to the pilots in there being 1/24 and the assumption that they were built to the same scale as the X-wings, which were supposedly 1/24. While 1/24 pilots were used, the ILM guys often went with a "close enough" approach, especially since you couldn;t even see the pilots. Fine Molds and AMT seem to have based there sizes on a 1/16 studio model. Based on that there stuff that is close to 1/48 range is in the 1/50 range give or take Fantasy Flight Games came along and "officially" scaled the studio models at 1/24, giving us a larger tie relative to the X-wing and the older tie toolings. This makes the Fine Molds 1/48 tie more like in the 1/65 range Revell kind of did a hybrid, they based the figures off the size of a 1/16 studio model, but then when calculating scale for the box/web site, went the 1/24 studio model route. They released a tie originally labelled as 1/57, that actually had a pilot in it is closer to 1/40 scale. The Level 3 Tie Fighter they said was 1/110, but it is clearly close to the same size as the bandai 1/72 tie Bandai followed suit with the sizes established by FFG, so their 1/72 Tie Fighter's are noticeably larger than the previous Fine Molds 1/72 Tie Fighters (which wind up being closer to 1/to the 1/110 range now) I will say, the Bandai and FFG sizing fit more with the implied room for the pilot that the full size set has, but personally, feels a little large compared to the X-wings and Y-Wings So in the end, it depends on whose source material you think is correct in order to determine whose tie is most true when downscaling from the studio models. With the A-wing the same thing happened. There was one that had the oversized articulated figure in it (that supports that smaller size A-Wing), and another, the same size that had a much smaller figure in it (which lines up with the larger size that Bandai and the FFG seem to have gone with). The full size set seems to be somewhere in between Things get even worse with the Millennium Falcon. The full size set interior can not fit in the space that the studio model would have if it was given a scaled down interior Basically, ILM provided special effects. They probably never dreamed of the day where that stuff would be analyzed with such close scrutiny. In the end I tend to take the scales of Star Wars stuff with a grain of salt. Close enough is often the best you can hope for without driving yourself bonkers trying to reconcile it all
  4. As far was just weathering over the pre-paint/molded in color plastic, I would first dull coat it with a matte varnish, then just use some panel line washes on it and pastels or oil washes/streaking thinned with Weber Oderless Turpenoid. You can get very nice effects without having to paint it that way. The matte varnish will help paint/pastels stick to the plastic, plus it helps get rid of the "plastic" look. You can achieve some nice results just doing that, especially with the Bandai stuff since the parts are all molded in pretty accurate colors to begin with. For example, I did not paint this Revell kit. I just used the steps above to matte coat it and apply oil washes/dry brushing/streaking and Tamiya Weathering Powders for the metallic areas And example of those techniques on a Bandai kit Normally though I paint most things For those Ties, I painted them. I used Army Painter Black Primer, then masked off the solar panels and used Tamiya TS-32 Haze Grey and an light spray of Tamiya AS-5 Luftwaffe Blue over it (both are in spray cans). These days, I tend to use oil paints to give it panel line washes and general filters/wahses. I also shave off some black/grey artist pastels with a hobby knife for weathering powder If you want to remove the Revell pre-paint, you can usually just soak it in rubbing alcohol (like 90% or higher)
  5. I believe the Revell kits are around 1/28 scale. That much bigger than the Legion stuff, but Han's speeder could easily represent a larger vehicle with some mods to it (basically turn it into a 4 seat vehicle instead of a 2 seat) The imperial ones would probably be too large for Legion figures though As far as the Hot Wheels stuff, Rey's speeder is very close to 1/48. The figure on it is a decent match to Legion figures size wise Also for ground vehicles, the Revell Clone Wars Trade Federation tank is around 1/50. A bit on the small side, but not too much. Also, while a bit large at 1/32 scale, the old AMT Trade Federation Tank might be a possibility as well Also, here are the two large Revell ties Note there are smaller "pocket" kit versions which can make it confusing finding the right ones, but you should be able to tell by package/models sizes and the old AMT/MPC/ERTL X-Wing
  6. I've been planning to build an interior for it. It is going to be my poor man's version of the Di Agostini one. I got the Mike Salzo upgrade kit for it which has the replacement side walls and cockpit.
  7. The funny thing is, when they were on store shelves, nobody was really buying them. I got mine when Wal-mart started selling it for a discount. I think I paid $33 It was kind of a weird release in that a lot of the toy collectors at the time were not happy that it couldn't fit the 3/4 figures. Meanwhile a lot of modelers were attracted to it since it was a large, nearly studio scale for the 32" ESB Falcon, fairly accurate shape and fairly accurate details, and was cheap compared to the Di Agostini Falcon. There was even upgrade kits that included a new cockpit cone, interior, exhaust grilles and mandible side walls to replace the stickers. The down side for modelers though was it was made of a nearly unusable plastic for modeling purposes. Nothing sticks to it unless you use a adhesion promoter first (like you would for car bumpers before painting them), plus it does not cut/dremel cleanly Now people are selling them on line like they are made of gold or something You can find a reasonable deal once in a while if you are patient. Also, since you probably don;t care about a mint condition box, you can sometimes find good deals on used ones that have no box good luck!
  8. For anyone interested, here is the Hasbro "Rebels" Millennium Falcon with the Speeder Bike and 1/48 figures and for comparison, the Bandai 1/48 AT-ST
  9. Yes, that's the one https://www.amazon.com/Star-Wars-Rogue-U-Wing-Fighter/dp/B01BYBV2OQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1527814271&sr=8-1&keywords=hasbro+u-wing
  10. The only Legion model I have at the moment is the Speeder Bike, but that should be good enough. For comparison, I also added in a 1/48 Chewbacca (from the Bandai AT-ST) and a 1/48 R2-D2 (from the Bandai X-Wing) While on the small side, I think it could still work And for reference, this is the same AT-AT along with a bunch of 1`/72 scale stuff
  11. Excellent work Cool to see you working with the Legion stuff. I remember all the Bandai 1/12 ones you had on the RPF
  12. blakeh1

    Dwing's AT-ST

    That Test one worked. Looks great! The actual URL links in your first post just seem to point right back to this thread if you inspect the link
  13. Sorry. I had been doing some research on things that were compatible to 1/48
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